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Central Europe

Introducing Copenhagen

What Copenhagen offers to its tourists is a rarely found in the rest of the world. The beautiful landscapes, rich and cultural heritage, memories of the past and much more stays in the heart of Copenhagen. It was Viking fishing village in the 15th century, thereafter it became the capital of Denmark. This beautiful city has its moments of glory in European history, and it has received the feature of “the best city to live in”. Copenhagen is the colorful creativity and an epitome of scandi cool so explore it with our Denmark tour packages.  

Must know facts

Best time to visit
Copenhagen comes alive with sidewalk cafes, festivals, and tourists. Ideal time to visit this super cool destination is from September to October as the days are long, bright and sunny, and with clear...
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History & culture
The historical backdrop of Copenhagen goes back to the principal settlement at the site in the eleventh century. From the center of the twelth century it developed in significance in the wake of comin...
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Copenhagen is the capital and most crowded city of Denmark. Starting at July 2018, the city has a populace of 777,218. It frames the center of the more extensive urban territory of Copenhagen (populac...
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