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Introducing Copenhagen

What Copenhagen offers to its tourists is a rarely found in the rest of the world. The beautiful landscapes, rich and cultural heritage, memories of the past and much more stays in the heart of Copenhagen. It was Viking fishing village in the 15th century, thereafter it became the capital of Denmark. This beautiful city has its moments of glory in European history, and it has received the feature of “the best city to live in”. Copenhagen is the colorful creativity and an epitome of scandi cool so explore it with our Denmark tour packages.  


Must Know Facts

Best Time to Visit

Copenhagen comes alive with sidewalk cafes, festivals, and tourists. Ideal time to visit this super cool destination is from September to October as the days are long, bright and sunny, and with clear blue skies. Temperatures are bitter from November to February but prices remains low during this time. Cherish visiting this place all your life with our Copenhagen holiday packages from India. 

Copenhagen celebrates this time with classic Danish Christmas meals, lots of Christmas air Christmas markets, and seasonal festivities at attractions like Tivoli. In short, the shoulder season is from March to May and from September to October. This serves as a good time to visit this soulful destination with our International tour packages if you prefer to avoid peak season and don’t mind cold weather. 


History & Culture

The historical backdrop of Copenhagen goes back to the principal settlement at the site in the eleventh century. From the center of the twelth century it developed in significance in the wake of coming into the ownership of Bishop Absalon, and the city was braced with a stone divider during the thirteenth century. 
The harbor and the excellent possible outcomes for herring fishing added to Copenhagen's development and improvement into a vital exchanging focus. It was over and again defeated by the Hanseatic League as the Germans ended up mindful of its development. In 1254, it got its agreement as a city under Bishop Jakob Erlandsen.

The town was altogether extended under Christian IV of Denmark after his royal celebration in 1596 by the expansion of new city areas and present day fortresses with earthworks and bastions. The ruler charged German and Dutch modelers and specialists to develop brilliant structures intended to upgrade his renown. When of Christian IV's death in 1648, Copenhagen had turned into Denmark's main citadel and naval port, and the town shaped a structure for the organization of the Danish kingdom and as a focal point of exchange Northern Europe.

Copenhagen is the meaning of an advanced realistic city with a balance of demonstrable and contemporary. Through it’s exceedingly anticipated and went to yearly celebrations the city praises music, craftsmanship, engineering, nourishment, and sexuality.A portion of these are - Storm celebration, Copenhagen Pride, Copenhagen Cooking and Food Festival, Roskilde Festival, and so on. Copenhagen is known for architect shopping and has the longest shopping promenade in Europe. 

Aside from the workmanship displays and exhibition halls Copenhagen has some one of a kind social attractions - the 100-year-old figure of the Little Mermaid at Langelinje Pier, the hipster town Christiana in Christianshavn, the 431 years of age Dyrehavsbakken or Bakken - the world's most seasoned entertainment mecca, and the Tivoli Gardens.



 Copenhagen is the capital and most crowded city of Denmark. Starting at July 2018, the city has a populace of 777,218. It frames the center of the more extensive urban territory of Copenhagen (populace 1,627,705) and the Copenhagen metropolitan region (populace 2,057,737). Copenhagen is arranged on the eastern bank of the island of Zealand; another little part of the city is situated on Amager, and is isolated from Malmo Sweden, by the strait of Oresund. The Oresund Bridge associates the two urban areas by rail and street. 
Initially a Viking fishing town built up in the tenth century in the region of what is presently Gammel Strand, Copenhagen turned into the capital of Denmark in the mid fifteenth century. Starting in the seventeenth century it united its situation as a local focus of intensity with its establishments, guards and military.



Places to visit in Copenhagen


Things to Do in Copenhagen

Copenhagen on a classic food tour
This guided walking tour in Copenhagen combines eight extraordinary tastings of the best food in Copenhagen with intriguing stories and insights into Copenhagen’s food culture and history. And find out why in recent times, Nordic food has been one of the hyped cuisines in the world. So explore Copenhagen’s amazing food scene with a local host. They gradually start with traditional Danish food. So enjoy the spectacular taste of Copenhagen. 
NyhavnResize1280 x 780.jpg
Nyhavn is top choice canal and the royal charter, and there are very few places to be on a sunny day than sitting at an outdoor table at a café on the quayside of the Nyhavn canal. Basically Nyhavn was a place for sailors coming to Copenhagen and port was splitted into two parts: one Naughty and another one is the nice side. It has beautiful waterfront with lots of boats and hints of Amsterdam. And the colorful building here draws everyone’s attention. It goes without saying that don’t  forget to click selfies and also take a sip of coffee at this exceptionally beautiful place. 
oldest rollercoaster at Tivolli Gar
Feel the thrills and scream with delight as you fly above the bumps. It is called as one of the oldest running wooden roller coasters in the world. It was built in 1914 and it is known as one of Tivoli’s most popular rides. It is suitable for all ages so that they can enjoy this experience at any age but kids should be accompanies by adults. Tivoli Garden surely has “old school” atmosphere and it definitely makes it a special place. Enjoy and have a good time at Tivoli Gardens. 
canal tour Copenhagen
Canal tour in Copenhagen is an idyllic way to explore the city. Experience the classic harbours and canal of Copenhagen with canal tour. The tour guided in both Danish and English and some departures have a third language, varying between German, Italian, French, Portuguese and Spanish. This tour approximately takes an hour. As Copenhagen’s harbor rarely struggles with ice, as it runs boat trips all year around.
Rent a bike and explore the city at your own pace
City bikes are specially designed for exploring Copenhagen’s streets and they are perfect for enjoying an easy ride. It is the most relaxed bicycles when it comes to cycling and is available in standard and small sizes. These city bikes have 3 gears and also contains basket to transport your bag. And before renting these bikes a deposit is required to pay through credit card or cash pay will also do
Enjoy Copenhagen’s Nightlife
Put on your dancing shoes and party till the sun says hello again! Copenhagen’s nightlife offers everything from mainstream discos through glamorous venues, hip bars and underground clubs. It goes without saying that it has a great nightlife and every neighborhood has something unique to offer. A classical concert, sophisticated cocktail bars draws everyone’s attention. Here, everyplace is in party mode with bars and clubs open well into the early hours.