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Central Europe

Introducing Iceland

The land of fire and ice, Iceland is one of world’s top destinations for thrill seekers as well as nature lovers looking for something unique. The destination is growing popular as a tourist destination day by day. Isolated from the rest of Europe, the destination features a unique cultural heritage of literature, music and cuisine that anyone would find captivating. Get a chance to discover active volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, ice fields, glaciers and fjords. The destination offers a travel experience unlike any other place on earth like the Northern Lights in the winter and the midnight sun in summer. Take off to this destination full of wonders as Iceland shines in any season and offers an experience like never before.


Must know facts

Best time to visit
Honestly the best time to visit Iceland depends on what one actually wants to experience. Iceland is a magical destination and it has something for everyone in all its seasons. You need to decide what...
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History & culture
The principal individuals known to have occupied Iceland were Irish priests or hermits who came in the eighth century, yet left with the arrival of the agnostic Norsemen, who deliberately settled Icel...
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The volcanic island Iceland is located on the North Atlantic Ocean. It is 300kms east to Greenland and 900 kms west to Norway. It is almost the same size of Hungary and Portugal. It is the 2nd largest...
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