History & Culture in Langkawi

Langkawi's history is joined with numerous legends and historical events. The most famous legend is that of Mahsuri, a youthful lady wrongly sentenced to death for adultery by her rivals and who left a curse on the island. Mahsuri's crypt is a famous and solemn vacation spot on the island. The island was defeated by the Siamese in 1821 and the Thai impact is obvious today moreover. The area was a piece of the Pacific auditorium amid the Second World War and turned into a frequent for ocean faring privateers in the mid-twentieth century.

Langkawi was historically home to seafarers, such as the oranglaut or sea people originally from southern part of Malay Peninsula, as well as pirates and fisherman. It has been heaven for pirates which affect the northern part of Strait of Malacca. 

Exploration of traditions and culture of nearby individuals can transform into a fascinating procedure. Be a part of Langkawi’s culture with our Malaysia tour packages from Mumbai. They have their very own nature and brilliant festivals, which are directed indistinguishable path from they were hundreds of years prior. The hibiscus flower is considered as the local symbol.

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