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Introducing Russia

Russia or the Russian Federation is one of the most populated countries in Europe, the largest city in the world, and is the 9th most populated country in the world. Russia is also a transcontinental country covering Northern Asia and Eastern Europe and occupies 1/10th of the total land on Earth. The capital city is Moscow and is also the largest city of Russia, while St. Petersburg is the second-largest city. The country has 11 different time zones and is surrounded by three oceans – the Pacific Ocean, the Arctic Ocean, and the Atlantic Ocean. The official language spoken in Russia is Slavic and the official currency of Russia is the Russian ruble. Russia is the world’s most urbanized and scantily populated country. Russia tourism has so much to offer to its tourists from beautiful landscapes to rivers forests, the largest freshwater lake to important pilgrimage sites, architectural monuments to old Russian cities, and much more

Russia tour packages can have a wide range of sightseeing to explore. The highlighting part of the country will be its rich culture and heritage and is slowly and gradually developing in terms of the latest trends, technology, and infrastructure. The country shares its borders with Asian as well as European countries & so enjoys a unique culture. It is a place for history lovers with around 26 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and tourists thereby end discovering the stories of the monuments and sites. The country is also for architectural lovers and each region has its own story and exploration. A Russia Tour will be most of the time occupied visiting the heritage sites, but it is also mandatory to visit the local street markets and enjoy the local food. 


Must know facts

Best time to visit
Russia is a huge country and so the weather of Russia depends on where you are in the country and during what time of year. So the temperature varies from being chilly -30°c during the winters to extr...
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History & culture
Russian history is very intriguing and interesting to learn. During A.D. 500, the first human crowd started to settle in Russia, and the people from Scandinavia moved towards the southern areas near t...
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The geographical location of Russia comprises a major part of North Eurasia and stretches and covers a large area of Europe and Russia or the Russian Federation is one of the most populated countries ...
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