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The images of Russia on the mind of a tourist are the colorful onion domes of the cathedrals, the splendor of the Czars, the legendary masterpieces, and the fierce Soviet administration. But in recent times, Russia Tourism has been changing the country's image and evolving as a contrast to its past. Russia is formally known as the Russian Federation. Russia tour packages are well-known, as the destination is a land of diverse cultures and customs. Russia is one of the largest countries in the world, covering approximately one-tenth of the global land area. Russia has a vast coastline on the Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic Oceans. The country stretches from Northern Asia to Eastern Europe, making it nearly twice the size of the United States.

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Based on its topographical location of Russia, the culture of Russia is a melting pot of Asian, Oriental, and European traditions. This diversity can be seen in Russian art and architecture and the lifestyles and personalities of its people. Russia has around 120 different ethnic groups that speak around 100 different languages. The history of Russia is ancient and quite enchanting. Moscow's capital city is home to a plethora of monasteries and churches. The Kremlin, the heart of the city, is reminiscent of the 15th-century era of tsars and royal princes. At the same time, it is one of the world's fastest-growing cities, heavily influenced by the West. The Window to Europe – St. Petersburg is a classy city founded by Peter the Great. The city has many splendid palaces and estates. Apart from these two remarkable cities, the country has a vast countryside lined by country estates, villages of small wooden dachas, and historic monasteries.

Russian tourism boasts various artistic traditions, many great musicians, composers, and ballet dancers. These art forms are a must explore on the Russia holiday tour package. The country is also well-known by its world-famous writers like Fyodor Dostoevsky and Leo Tolstoy. It has many famous and vital opera and ballet stages, such as Marinsky and Bolshoi theatres. 

Due to its vast size, Russia supports a variety of ecosystems, including steppes, tundras, and woods, which are home to numerous unique animal species such as snow leopards, polar bears, and Asiatic black bears. It is also home to the famous Siberian tiger, the largest feline in the world. Do not miss the chance to experience and explore things in Russia with our Russia holiday tour packages.

If you are planning a vacation that includes a trip to Russia, you must select a travel agency that will work for you and your family. You and the travel agent must be on the same page while discussing the Russia vacation. This way, you will avoid any miscommunication and unnecessary stress.

At Flamingo Transworld, we offer Russia tour packages from Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, and other major cities of India that will fit your requirement.

How to reach Russia

Because of the increase in trade between Russia and India, there are now several direct flight options between the two countries. It paved the way for how to reach Russia from India. The majority of these direct flights originate in major cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai. The capital city is served by three major international airports: Sheremetyevo, Vnukovo, and Domodedovo. There are around 280 flights that operate regularly between India and Russia. Flights from India mostly land at SVO or Sheremetyevo International Airport. The official carrier is Aeroflot. Below are some commutation options for your Russia holiday tour packages.

By Air:

The best option to reach Russia from India is by Air. With around 300 flight options, it is easier to visit Russia. There are numerous flights from India to Russia, but the direct and main flight departs from IGI airport, New Delhi. The distance from India to Russia is approximately 4400 km. The approximate flying time is around 7 to 8 hours. The airline carriers that cater flights between India and Russia are Aeroflot, Jet Airways, Air Arabia, Air India, Emirates, and Etihad. 

Apart from the direct flights, many other options are cheaper. One can opt for a flight route having one stopover in an Asian City between India and Russia. Many connections have one-stop such as Air Arabia with a stop at Sharjah, etc. Overall, there are many options for India to Russia flights depending on an individual’s budget and itinerary. It is an important point to note while planning your Russia tour packages. We offer excellent deals for Online Flight Booking for Russia on our portal. 

By Road:

Russia is bordered by many countries and, hence travel from India to Russia by road is also feasible. One can drive from India to Russia by passing through many countries. It can be accessed through a coach or a bus from countries like China, Belarus, Norway, Finland, Ukraine, and Estonia. Many Eurolines bus options are comfortable and cheaper. Do remember there is a tight security check at each border crossing. Russia tour packages comprise packages through the air; however Russia road trip packages; can be customized through meticulous planning.

By Rail:

Similar to road travel to Russia, travel from India to Russia by train is possible from most European cities. Traveling by train is the most ecological option to travel all around the world and, it applies the same for traveling to Russia as well. The capital city receives extensive trains from Europe and few connections from the Asian side. There are direct trains to Russia from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Italy, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, and Belarus. The best option is Eurail Trains. We have several options of Russia tour packages using these train options.  

By Water:

One can reach Russia by waterways from countries; like Finland, Estonia, Denmark, South Korea, and Japan. Moscow and St. Petersburg are the main maritime spots to receive most of the international ferries. There are many other international cruises to reach Russia as well. Tourists should ensure that they carry a valid visa and documentation before entering the country. Most ferries and cruises operate during summer, as in winters, the seas freeze and are rough at some places. Consider this point while planning your Russia tour packages. 

Places to Visit

It won’t be surprising that a vast country like Russia has many bucket list places to travel to. Russia has immense beauty and natural splendor. Russia has immense beauty and natural splendor. Numerous sites, ranging from ocean-sized lakes to ancient mountains, picturesque landscapes to the rough wilderness, influence the traveler. Apart from Moscow and St. Petersburg, many other oldest cities have retained their grandeur, architecture, parks, markets, and many places to visit in Russia. Other regions and cities in the Far East and Siberia, such as the gorgeous Tundra region and the hypnotic Northern lights, volcanoes, and one of the best sites for skiing, are other fantastic possibilities. Russian tourist places have everything right from splendid palaces to natural spaces; one can choose to create an itinerary as per their taste and preference.

Some of the best places to visit in Russia or must-visit locations of Russia are as below:


Moscow, the capital city of Russia and one of the country's most important cities, is the destination for most tourists. There are several options for direct flights from Russia to India. Do book your flight from Ahmedabad to Moscow through us. The city has a splendid mixture of striking architecture, greenery, and rich history, many ballet theatres, symphony orchestrations, art galleries, and onion-shaped domes. The imperial Kremlin and an extraordinary Red Square – one of the largest squares in the world should not be missed at all on your Russia holiday tour package. While exploring Moscow, check out all the renowned Moscow attractions. Visit the Kremlin Armoury Museum for its unique collection and the Bolshoi Theatre-the biggest opera and ballet theatre in Russia. Try to incorporate all the famous places to visit in Russia. Do opt for a walk on the shopping street StaryArbat, which is pedestrian-only, and do not miss the boardwalk along the Moskva River. 

2.St. Petersburg: 

The second most famous city of Russia, Leningrad, is also known as St. Petersburg. It served as the country's imperial capital. The city has a more European feel to it. Here you will find exquisite designs and fine art intertwined with history. Most cruise ships dock in the city because it is located on the Neva River. The type of architecture found in this city is very baroque and neo-classical. Check out the Moika Palace and St. Isaac's Cathedral, two of the many St. Petersburg tourist attractions. Visit the Hermitage Museum, the world's largest arts and culture museum, which houses over three million exhibits. Most of our Russia tour packages include this city.

3.Golden Ring: 

One of the upcoming locations while traveling to Russia is this Golden ring. The Golden Ring of Russia is not just a single city but a collection of many old towns and cities that create a route in the shape of a ring. It is one of the main places to visit in Russia. This entire region has breath-taking beauty, Instagrammable countryside, with small cottages, cherry orchards, fortresses, and churches. The Golden Ring of Russia starts and ends in Moscow. The places included are Suzdal, Kostroma, Vladimir, Rostov Velikiy, SergievPosad, and Pereslavl-Zalesskiy. One will get to see traditional local homes, lakes, local lifestyle, and white stone churches as well on this route.


One of the most popular and not to be missed places to visit in Russia in Sochi. It is a coastal village on the Black Sea. A beach with sand and pebbles may be found in Sochi. It is the best destination for rafting in the summer months; and skiing in the winter months. Just 50 km away from Sochi; is the famous UNESCO world heritage site - Caucasian State Nature Biosphere Reserve that has unique species of fauna and flora especially, the rare Persian leopard. Do include Sochi while planning the Russia tour package.


East meets west –version of Russia, or the Istanbul of Volga are synonyms to Kazan. It is because, in Kazan, one will notice the beautiful amalgamation of Asian and European cultures. You will hear church bells blending seamlessly with the Azhan calls. The popular spots in Kazan are the Kazan Kremlin, Bauman Street, and the Kul-Sharif Mosque.

Things to do 

Apart from visiting the must-see places in Russia, one should also explore a few of the things to do in Russia to enrich your travel experience. Right from experiencing White Nights, exploring Kremlin to drinking Vodka, there are other tourist attractions in Russia that you should check out before you exit this majestic country.

1.Go for Skiing

Russia has loads of cold snowy winters that are apt for skiing. Skiing in Russia is one of the popular activities. From October till April, the ski resorts attract many winter sports enthusiasts. The Red Valley is one of the skiing destinations in Russia. Red Valley is the location for skiing, snowboarding, and sledding. It had also hosted the Winter Olympics in the year 2014. The slopes are finely powdered and perfect for skiing. One of the other popular options is at Baikal Lake as well. Don’t miss out on this experience in your Russia tour package.

2.Museum Visit: 

A trip to Russia is incomplete without visiting the Russian museums. While the country has numerous iconic museums like the Hermitage, Pushkin museum, it also has many famous Russian museums. Museums that are unusual and whacky like the Museum of Hygiene at St. Petersburg, and the Museum of Soviet Arcade Games, wherein one can play with ancient era kopek coins. One of the must-do things to do in Russia is a visit to the museums in the country. 

3.Explore the City of Dead:

One of the mystifying villages in the country is the City of Dead. This place was previously known as Dargavs, and it has a history of death and life. This village has many empty houses and a cemetery. According to Russian history, a plague swept the village around 400 years ago, as depicted by the hundreds of stone crypts, folklore, and myths of this place that will undoubtedly give you goosebumps. The entire region was affected by the 18th-century plague, which resulted in several deaths. Those who survived were sick and awaiting their turn to go to the grave. The empty houses resemble the bygone era. If you are keen to explore this village along with other things to do in Russia, do let us know to include it in your Russia tour package. 

4.Canal tour

One of the local activities to be experienced while in Russia is a canal tour at St. Petersburg. There are around 800 bridge crossings with an approximate length of 300 km of artificial canals. Take a ride on this canal cruise to explore the city from a different perspective. Tourists rejoice with this activity amongst the other things to do in Russia. 

5.Zero Gravity Flight 

From the rich history of Russia, leap into the future. Experience weightlessness in a zero-gravity flight at the Star City. Star City is situated around 40 km away from Moscow city. It is a cosmonaut training center. In the past, this was a secret military facility that was not listed on the map as well. Today, one can experience weightlessness by boarding a modified cargo plane that soars to around 6000 meters. It will be a memorable experience during your stay in the capital. While planning your Russia tour, do add this activity to the list.

Best time to visit

Russia is so vast being the largest country area wise that it has different types of climates. While the overall country has a continental humid climate, the huge lakes, mountains, valleys do affect the humidity, temperature, and wind that is variable for each city. Siberia and the northern part of Russia have a subarctic climate with extreme temperatures that may reach around -70 degrees Celsius in certain places. Towards the south, near the Black Sea, the region has hot humid summers with mild winters without much or no snow at all. Having such a wide range in weather, it can be tricky to figure out the best time to travel to Russia. For some, it may be in October during the fall season as the temperature decrease. This mostly depends on an individual preference as to what does he or she wish to see and explore and the adjacent cities to be visited for the same. This will be the key to deciding on the perfect season for your travel. 

Spring (March to May)

Spring in Russia arrives in March along with the thawing of winter snow. It is a transitional season when the country transitions from a white wonderland to a spring dwelling. Trees have added greenery, but this may not be the best time because the streets will be slick due to snow meltdown until April. The temperature in May would be around in the ’20s and has a good atmosphere and soothing climate. Tourists and Muscovites enjoy several Russian spring festivals like Crimean Spring, Easter Gift festival, Moscow Spring A Cappella, etc. Planning Russia tour packages considering travel to Russia during the spring season. 

Summer (June to August)

The formal high season to travel to Russia is during the summer months from June till August. The temperature during the Russian summer months is around 30°C. The snow has completely melted, the farms and meadows are in full bloom, and the weather is pleasant and warm everywhere. This is the best time to visit Russia, particularly to explore the cities go berry picking, see a play, or go hiking. At the end of August, the temperature drops by about 5°C, signaling the end of summer in Russia. Our Russia tour packages during the summer months are popular amongst our clients.

Autumn (September to November)

From September to November, autumn reigns in Russia. Russia autumn has a mixed climate, mostly an unpredictable season. September may be cold whereby; the trees undergo the color change from green to red-gold. The air is damp whereby there may be some occasional rains. During the autumn in Russia, the locals began to prepare for the harvest, prepare for the harsh winters, enjoy celebrations in the open before the cold forbids them.

Winter (December to February)

The winters in Russia are very harsh. One will be able to gauge if he or she would have seen movies or read novels based on this region. It is quite known that the winters are so cold that even if a splash of water is thrown outside, it freezes immediately even before falling on the ground. The range of temperature is around -20 to -50°C as you travel northwards. Though the cities are covered under the blanket of snow, the beauty of some of the monuments and palaces do seem to be enhanced by the snow. Traveling during the winter months is quite cheaper if you can sustain the cold and the frost. Depending on your choice and preference, plan your Russia holiday tour packages accordingly.

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