Best time to visit in Cape Town

Cape Town enjoys the temperate climate with warm dry conditions from October to April. Temperatures peak between December and February which is the most popular time for Cape Town beach holiday. But expect busy beaches, a vibrant nightlife and gloriously sunny festive cheer. By February the winds calm and most visitors head home, making late January to April absolutely fantastic. 

December, January and February are therefore the best time to visit Cape Town all thanks to the classic weather conditions. You will find temperature around 25-27 degree Celsius and there are 11 sunshine hours during the day. Hence, these months are perfect holiday makers so what are you waiting for enjoy make your holidays memorable with our South Africa tour packages from Mumbai. 

 But please pen down that the months of October, November, March and April are not summer months in South Africa but still it serves as an alluring time to visit this classic destination with our International tour packages. 

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