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Best time to visit Switzerland - From April till October, the average temperature of Switzerland ranges from 3°C to 15°C. It is the best time to visit Switzerland. While planning for the Switzerland tour packages, keep in mind that the country has three distinctive seasons: Summer, Monsoon & Winter each having its attractions to entertain visitors. However, from July to August is the peak tourist season where most tourists prefer to travel & the warmest season of the entire year. 

  1. Summer in Switzerland: Summer in Switzerland roughly ranges runs from early May till September. During summers in Switzerland, the average temperature in Switzerland ranges from 18 to 28 °C making it comfortable weather for tourists to travel the destination. Therefore, summer is referred to as the Tourist Season of Switzerland. If you are planning a trip to Switzerland during the summers then visit our website to book our Switzerland Tour Packages
  2. Monsoon in Switzerland: During Monsoon in Switzerland, it receives about 1000 mm of precipitation every year. The rainy season in Switzerland falls between May and August. If you love the rain, then the monsoon is the best time to visit Switzerland. June is the wettest month in Switzerland. Indoor activities such as museums, swimming pools, thermal baths, trampoline parks, indoor leisure parks, gaming zone, and aquariums are some of the highlights of the Switzerland tour package during monsoon season. 
  3. Winter in Switzerland: The majorities of people visit Switzerland during the winter season to experience Northern lights, take part in adventure activities/winter sports, enjoy winter festivals, taste lip-smacking winter food, and shop around winter markets. Winters in Switzerland are the best time to visit if you wish to experience snow. The average temperature during winter in Switzerland ranges between -14 degrees Celsius and -1 degrees Celsius. Switzerland snowfall months roughly fall between Mid December - Mid March. 

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