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Things To Do In Switzerland

  1. Shop till you drop at Bahnhofstrasse: Shopping at Bahnhofstrasse is one of the most happening things to do in Switzerland. Bahnhofstrasse is located in the main downtown street of Zurich and the world’s most expensive shopping avenue of Switzerland. Book the best of Switzerland tour packages and get a chance to shop at Bahnhofstrasse – a luxurious shopping street in Zurich. Here, you get shopping options for fashion, art, and specialties of residents, accessories, and many more. 
  2. Explore the amazing Swiss National Museum: Swiss National museum located in Zurich, which features a unique collection of the cultural history of Switzerland and displays craftsmanship and artworks of local artisans. Swiss national museum is the most favorite tourist attraction of Switzerland for history lovers. Book your Switzerland tour package and get to explore the amazing Swiss National Museum.
  3. Stand high above Europe’s largest Rhine Falls: Rhine waterfalls in Switzerland, known as the most powerful waterfall in Switzerland. While booking the Switzerland tour package, do not forget to include Rhine Falls. It is the best thing to do in Switzerland. There are various places to visit near Rhine Falls like museums, fort, castle ruins, Naturpark, and Adventure Park. 
  4. Explore the oldest part of the city- Old Town: Explore the old town of Switzerland. It has a rich history preserved for more than 5000 years. Zurich’s old town called “Chur” is a treasure of the deep history of Switzerland. Explore Switzerland by booking the best of Switzerland tour packages and indulging in the deep history of Switzerland. 
  5. Visit the FIFA World Football Museum: Opened on 28th February 2016, the FIFA world football museum was opened to celebrate the rich heritage of football and depicts how football continues to inspire and connect the world. Do not forget to add the FIFA football museum to your itinerary while designing your Switzerland tour package
  6. Old Botanical Garden: Old botanical garden in Zurich is famous for its palm house which can be used for concerts, theatre, and exhibitions. Old Botanical Garden is rated as one of the top things to do in Switzerland. Do not forget to miss out on including the Old Botanical garden while designing your Switzerland tour package
  7. Explore the city with a Tram ride: Go on a city tour of exploring beautiful Switzerland on a Vintage tram ride. A tram ride in Switzerland will help you discover the city with a completely different perspective which focuses on both ancient and modern times. This 2-hour vintage tram ride is the best thing to do while in Switzerland. While designing your Switzerland tour package itinerary, do not miss out on Vintage Tram Ride.
  8. Experience white water rafting at Lütschine River: White water rafting at Lütschine River is one of the best adventure activities in Switzerland. Explore scintillating Switzerland with an Apartment stay by booking the best of Switzerland tour packages. White water rafting at Lütschine River is the best thing to do in Switzerland. 
  9. Stay down to earth but still above all at Jungfrau: Mt. Jungfraujoch is the highest mountain destination in Switzerland situated at the height of 4158 meters above ground level. While booking the Switzerland tour package do not forget to miss out on witnessing the most famous European peak which is one of the best things to do in Switzerland. Also, Jungfrau is a UNESCO world heritage site. 
  10. Pleasure boat cruises on Lake Thun: If you are planning to go on a cruise boat excursion in Switzerland, Lake Thun is called Alpine lake in Switzerland. The shores of Lake Thun are surrounded by old towns built in the 12 century that exhibits pre-historic and medieval artifacts. Taking a pleasure boat cruise ride on Lake Thun is of the best things to do in Switzerland. Cruise at Lake Thun should be on top of the list while planning your Switzerland tour package.
  11. Cruising on Lake Brienz: Cruising on Lake Brienz's boat tour is like lying in the wonderful nostalgic atmosphere surrounded by turquoise water and set amid the spectacular mountain scenery of Bernese Oberland. Lake Brienz's cruising price starts from CHF 68 and further depends on the class of travel. While booking a Switzerland tour package, do not miss out on cruising at Lake Brienz.
  12. Explore St Beatus Caves: While on your Switzerland tour, visit St. Beatus caves that feature lit pathways that lead through tunnels, chambers, and a museum. The best time to visit St Beatus caves is between March – November. Places which you can visit around St Beatus caves are Lake Thun, Harder Klum, Schilthorn, Lake Brienz, and trummelbach. Do not forget to visit St Beatus caves while on your Switzerland tour. 
  13. Go hiking at Mt. Pilatus overlooking Lucerne: Mount Pilatus is known as a hiking spot in Switzerland. Mount Pilatus is situated at a height of 2132 above sea level which overlooks Lake Lucerne. If you are looking for an adventurous trip while booking your Switzerland tour package, then do not forget to add this hiking spot to your itinerary. 
  14. Say goodbye to everything and hello to Mt Rigi: Surrounded by three different water bodies, Mt. Rigi is the mountain of the massive Alps which is why it is called the queen of mountains. Mt. Rigi is located in the heart of Central Switzerland, which makes it easily accessible from every location. While booking the Switzerland tour package, make sure to add Mt. Rigi which is referred to as one of the best things to do in Switzerland. 
  15. Explore the Swiss Museum Of Transport: Swiss Museum of Transport is a historical place in Switzerland located in Lucerne. If you are a history lover, then the Swiss museum of transport would be the best thing to do while in Switzerland. Book your Switzerland tour package in such a way that you get ample time to explore the Swiss Museum of Transport.
  16. Find a kid in you and explore Lucerne through Bike Ride: Explore the scenic Lucerne through a bike ride within the city. Lucerne Bike trip is one of the exciting adventurous activities in Switzerland. While cycling or walking, you will encounter many must-see attractions on the way. Book Swiss splendor tour packages and explore the best things to do in Switzerland. 
The main shopping zone is centered in the downtown area, which makes it perfect for people on foot. The applauded Bahnhofstrasse - a standout amongst the loveliest shopping territories in Europe - is an unquestionable necessity. Rich design stores, retail chains, boutiques with best quality items (shoes, hides, adornments, porcelain, gems and watches), banks and baked good shops.
The national museum which stands to Zurich main train station is reminiscent of a fairytale castle. It resides within a historic- castle like building in the northern tip of kreis 1. The exhibition hall reviews Swiss workmanship, history and culture from as far back as the fourth century B.C. Shows cover everything from medieval and religious frescoes to weapons and Swiss furnishings. There are likewise a few fancy rooms to explore amid your visit.
The biggest waterfall in Switzerland is the Rhine Falls provides a magnificent spectacle of this 23m tall water plunge. In addition to the falls, one can visit the medieval Laufen Castle, Munot Fortress, souvenir shops, Rhine Fall Park, etc.

It remains one of the most atmospheric parts of the city with its historic buildings and enchanting architecture. It is known for its charming cafes and also termed as the cultural epic centre. As soon as the sun sets, the old town sets the scene for a bustling night life scene with numerous bars and cozy restaurants. Zurich’s Old town is a cultural and surely a social and historical melting pot. 
The FIFA World Football Museum was made out of appreciation for the most popular group activity on the planet. The gallery introduces the entrancing history and advancement of worldwide football, thinks back on real competitions and shows how football has affected as well as enhanced the lives of a wide range of individuals.
Established in 1837, the Old Botanical Garden is still a standout amongst the most charming spots in Zurich. Its focal area makes it open for the two local people and guests who wish to venture into a captivating green space. The Garden’s main goal is to provide a systematic representation of the world’s flora.
You can explore the Zurich city by trams. Through the old city, mechanical zone and the two sides of Zurich Lake. The simplest way to get around Zurich is on foot together with public transport vehicles, trams, buses and trains. 
The mighty Lütschine offers some of the best white water rafting in the Swiss Alps. Here you will find everything from fast flowing Alpine river to thrilling water actions. Interlaken is internationally renowned for its variety of rivers and also for its white water river rafting tours. It is all in one an exhilarating rush from start to finish. You will be amazed and stunned by the beauty and uniqueness of your experience. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to experience the same and cherish it all your life. 
Standing on the Jungfrau at 3,454 meters above sea level, you will definitely feel it with your first step that altogether this is a different world. And surely without any doubt this will be a once in a lifetime kind of an experience. Gentle icy winds across your face, snow crunches under your feet and the stubbing view will take your breath away. Just breathe and feel all the senses and good vibes that reside within you at this exceptionally beautiful place. 
Lake Thun near Interlaken and Bern is one of the best lakes for enjoying cruise boat excursions in Switzerland. Pleasure cruises on Lake Thun easily unite with excursions. Cruising the full length of Lake Thun and i.e. from Thun to Interlaken West just takes over two hours. This could be experienced year around destination.
Lake Boat cruise on the Brinzersee between Interlaken and Bern with marvelous views of Alps and easy access to many sights.  Cruising here is possible on Lake Brienz from early April to late October. The beauty of this area is magical; enjoy premier vistas to the surrounding mountains, forested hills and waterfalls.
Incredible Saint Beatus apparently picked St. Beatus Cave for his shelter in the wake of driving a fire-breathing monster into Lake Thun. This obviously is just a legend; however what is clear is that the cave in includes wide corridors, gorges, dreadful limestone structures, just as confounded stalactites and stalagmites close to the underground cascades. In addition to the fact that waterfalls flow inside, they spill out of the outside of the mountain, surging underneath an old Swiss-style house roosted on the mountain, and enhanced with stone just as ivory and coppery detail. 
Mt. Pilatus is a jagged mountain that overlooks Lucerne. Cable cars and Cog railway whisk visitors to the top. Here you can go hiking and take in the view from handful viewpoints. There is so much to do in Pilatus that you can spend your entire day here and have fun with your friends and family. And of you are looking for a short, scenic walk, along the jagged peaks, this is a good one to. 
One of the mark encounters in Switzerland is to ride the cog- railway from the shores of Lake Lucerne to a rise of 1,798 meters on Mt Rigi. This is Europe's first cog railway and you can ride in reestablished cars going back similar to the railroad's start. It is located in the heart of Switzerland, and Mt. Rigi is perfectly accessible from all four points of the compass. The mountain railway will take you up at the right into magnificent Alpine world, where you just get off and enjoy life. As simple as that.         
Switzerland's most-visited gallery is a place to encounter the historical backdrop of street, rail, water-and air-borne versatility, just as that of room travel. Its intelligent attractions are certain to prevail upon you – whatever the climate. Switzerland's biggest film screen in the Film theatre presents narrative movies in XXL organize.
This fourth largest lake lies in the  well-preserved town of Lucerne where the River Reuss flows out of the lake. It is also known as 'Lake of Four Cantons' because it has four arms spread at sharp angles surrounded by fjord-like beauty with mountains on all the sides. One can board from Luzern Bahnhofquai to Fluelen in one of first five 20th century's paddle steamers for cruises on the lake where you can enjoy a three course meal and many other attractions. Also, a small Lake Lucerne panoramic sightseeing cruise allows visitors to explore alpine peaks and history of the town on a yacht with indoor and outdoor seating. Adventurous tourists can hike or bike around the lake. Biking around the lake is very convenient and preferred for most of the tourists. 

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