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Introducing London

London is the capital city of both England and the United Kingdom (UK). It has a lot to offer to those who care to navigate in the right way – beyond the Buckingham Palace, the London Eye and the Madame Tussad’s Wax Museum. Of course these instantly recognizable and most famous landmarks, including the Big Ben and the Westminster Abbey to name a few others, form a captivating and historical narrative of the ancient city. But enhancing the architectural character further are modern additions such as The Shard and the Wembley Stadium. London offers densely packed urban centers as well as open vistas and serene landscapes with some amazing pubs and cafes, some by the picturesque River Thames. The tube, that is the city’s underground railway service, is the oldest in the world. The public transportation network here is considered to be one of the best in the world. From being home to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre to becoming a major financial capital in the world – London has done it all.


Must know facts

Best time to visit
London has temperate maritime climate with moderate temperatures during most of the year. During summers, the average temperature is around 21–24°C. Winters can get really cold with average temperatur...
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History & culture
London is deeply soaked in history which can be seen in the antique buildings and landscapes. In the 17th century, London lost one-fifth of its population in the Great Plague and then the Great Fire o...
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London is situated on River Thames in the south of England and it is one of the most important urban centers in all of Europe. Geographically, the tidal river runs from East to South-West and is the m...
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