Circle Around Statue of Liberty tour

"New York’s fabulous skyline comes alive as you stare up from the water at the awesome skyscrapers during this 75 minute Liberty Cruise. A scintillating trip along the famous Hudson River will enthrall you with the fascinating story and development of this diverse cosmopolitan city as you see sights such as the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the historic immigration centre and the striking skyscrapers of the World Financial Centre.

Known as the Land of the Free, the American shores drew people from all over the world to live the American Dream. The image of a better life of political freedom and the opportunity for individual advancement and prosperity attracted those with an entrepreneurial spirit. For many who desired to begin a new life, this area of the Hudson marked their entrance into the new world. The symbol which perhaps best captured the hopes and dreams of so many is the Statue of Liberty, also known as our lady of Liberty.

You can sail the very waters that brought 12 million immigrants to the shores of the US, gaze in awe at the statue that symbolised a new life for so many and see Ellis Island, which for some would be the closest they would get to realising their dreams. Then catch sight of the skyscrapers of the World Financial Centre reflected in the same water, perhaps the modern day symbols of enterprise and success.

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