Best time to visit in Kerala

Lined by the Western Ghats and the ocean, Kerala appreciates an equable atmosphere notwithstanding being near the equator. It is a tropical state favored with a wonderful environment consistently, making it ideal to visit whenever. The more noticeable seasons here are the storm and summer. The dry season keeps going from December to February and the sweltering, damp summer endures from March to the furthest limit of May.

Kerala in summer (March- March)
The summer season starts in the period of March-May. The temperatures during day time drift around 38 degree Celsius and can arrive at a stunning 40 degree Celsius toward the evening. The atmosphere during these months generally gets very muggy, making it a sweat-soaked undertaking for sea shore darlings. In any case, you can witness the celebrations like Thrissur Pooram, Kanathurkava Uthsavam, and Lokanarkavu. So regardless of whether the temperatures are high there will be something intriguing to see and experience.Hence, summer can be termed as the best time to visit Kerala.

Kerala in Monsoon (June-August) 
July to August is named as monsoon season in India. Most locale of the state get powerful precipitation, and on account of that the level of moisture is at its apex. Yet, the temperature is very wonderful additionally as the backwaters are seen spouting to their fullest. During these months you can witness the celebrations like Ramdan, Pongal, Id-UI-Fitr Kalampattu Festival and some more. It sure will be a nice experience to enjoy the festivals on your Kerala tour packages.

Kerala in winters (October- February) 
Winters usually being in Kerala after mid-September and proceed till February. The temperature and moistness drop down during this season which makes it an agreeable opportunity to investigate the close by places. It is the best an ideal opportunity to visit Kerala as you can visit a portion of the asylums for an untamed life safari or go touring around the state.

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