History & Culture in Leh

It is needless to say that the extreme climate has influenced the lifestyle of Leh greatly. The desert-like, harsh and arid land is characterized by a unique Buddhist as well as Tibetan culture owing to its close proximity to Tibet. The centuries-old monasteries, prayer chants, flags and wheels leave a lasting, peaceful impact on the tourists who crave silence and tranquility. The culture and lifestyle has also shaped in a way to support tourism in the region and help the locals earn a livelihood. While the sparse population and their simple way of life has promoted peace in this region it is their warmth and smiling faces that greet all travelers alike and make one’s trip here an incredible experience. A visit her during the festivals will give you a chance to engage with the people as well as savor local cuisine which is usually Tibetan dishes like tsampo and thukpa.

Happy Travellers

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