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5 Best Beach Destinations in Europe: Beach Lovers, this one’s for you!

By Ketika Shah on Feb 27, 2023
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In Europe, you will find some of the most gorgeous cities on the planet. Millions of tourists visit Europe each year to discover its capital cities, like Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Vienna, to mention a few. Europe Tourism is gifted with some of the most beautiful seashores on earth.

The continent is well-known for its thousands of kilometers of beautiful coastlines and the best beaches in Europe. Some of these beaches cater to families with a range of activities for kids and parents, while others have stunning cliffs and remote bays for people who want to escape the tourist crowds. A beach trip should include everything else aside from the actual beaches. Few tropical paradises can compete with the charm of Europe’s seaside enclaves, bohemian lifestyles, and barefoot-chic island mindset.

Europe tour packages feature beaches to suit every taste, from the untouched and vast surf beaches on Portugal’s Atlantic coast to the serene beaches in Croatia and Greece.

Beaches in Europe

Amongst the vast coastline of Europe – short listing here the top five beach destinations in Europe.

1. Dubrovnik – Croatia

Image source: https://oddviser.com

It goes without saying that Croatia has some of the most stunning beaches in Europe, and the southernmost city of the nation does not differ. The stunningly beautiful beaches of Dubrovnik are a true jewel of Croatia. Here, you may take in wonderful coastal scenery with gorgeous pebble bays, spotless concrete beaches, and hip beach clubs. The beaches in Dubrovnik are ideal for swimming, tanning, and seeing the awe-inspiring natural beauty of the surroundings. With our Croatia Tour Packages, you may explore gorgeous beaches in Dubrovnik whether you are looking for a location to cool down in the sea or to relax by the water’s edge with a cocktail.

A few best beaches in Dubrovnik are as below:

  • Banje Beach
  • Sunset Beach
  • Pasjača Beach
  • Betina Cave Beach
  • Copacabana Beach

2. Ibiza – Spain

Image Source: https://a.cdn-hotels.com

Ibiza is home to charming villages, friendly locals, the stunning azure color of the Mediterranean Sea, and hidden bays lined by palm trees on all sides. When ranking the top party and beach destinations in Europe, Ibiza in Spain comes out on top. Millions of tourists from around the world visit this location every year because of the pure white sand, turquoise waters, and stunning granite cliffs. There are more than fifty beaches on the island, from quiet coves to busy, crowded strips. Ibiza’s beaches fit a range of interests, from lovers of water activities to families with young children. Ibiza is famous for its stunning beaches as well as its thriving party culture, with beach clubs and nightclubs hosting renowned DJs and music festivals all year long. For those planning a Spain tour package, Ibiza is a must- offering an unforgettable mix of beach and party vibe.

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A few best beaches in Ibiza are as below:

  • Ses Salines
  • Punta Galera
  • Cala d’Hort
  • Cala Llonga
  • Ses Balandres

3. Barcelona – Spain

Image Source: https://image.arrivalguides.com

Barcelona is Catalonia’s capital, and while you might not think of beaches when you think of Barcelona, the city offers much more than cathedrals and street markets. While all of those places are fantastic to see, Barcelona also has miles of lovely coastline and some of the most beautiful summer weather around. With its stunning beaches, balmy Mediterranean climate, and dynamic culture, it’s no surprise that this city is often included in Spain tour packages. A large part of Barcelona’s coastline is bustling with a carnival-like atmosphere. Vendors selling beer, street performers compete for the attention of visitors, and much more. Beaches in Barcelona are fantastic because they are only a 15-minute walk from the downtown center. If you are considering options for the best beach destinations in Europe – Barcelona should definitely be on your list.

A few best beaches in Barcelona are as below:

  • Bogatell Beach
  • Barceloneta Beach
  • Mar Bella
  • Sant Sebastià
  • Ocata Beach

4. Sagres – Portugal

Image Source: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com

Sagres a stunning coastal town in Portugal may not be on the top of the best beach destination in Europe – but you must go there to appreciate it. The town’s breathtaking beaches are its main draw, especially Mareta Beach, which is renowned for its golden sand, blue waters, and excellent surfing conditions. Most beaches in Sagres are within walking distance from the city center. Each of these beaches provides a unique experience and is great for swimming, surfing, and sunbathing. Sagres has much to offer, whether you are seeking a quiet area or a busy beach. Sagres is a perfect addition to your Portugal Tour Packages for a beach holiday.

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A few best beaches in Sagres are as below

  • Tonel Beach
  • Mareta Beach
  • Beliche Beach
  • Martinhal Beach
  • Ingrina Beach

5. Myrtos – Greece

Image Source: https://www.thisislandlife.com

Myrtos Beach is a semi-circular white sand beach lined by lush hillsides and the famous Ionian Sea, with lots of room for sunbathing and sand play. Do you know that Myrtos beach is among the most clicked in Greece? It makes sense why it is often crowded with visitors throughout the season and is also ranked as one of the best beaches in Europe. Due to a law that forbids the construction of permanent structures on this land, this mile-long expanse of sand has been spared urban development. The Myrtos Beach Resort is in the center of this natural paradise. It offers guests the ideal combination of elegant accommodation and direct beach access. Myrtos Beach is the best spot for a peaceful and enjoyable beach vacation, whether your goals are to relax in the sun, swim in the water, or simply take in the gorgeous surroundings.

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A few best beaches in Myrtos are as below

  • Myrtos Beach
  • Assos Beach
  • Agia Kyriaki Beach
  • Antisamos Beach
  • Lourdas Beach


Some of the world’s most stunning beaches may be found in Europe, each with its special charm and personality. It provides tourists with an unlimited array of beach spots to discover. Europe has beaches for every taste and desire, whether you are seeking a wild party scene or a quiet getaway. These sandy locations in Europe can be ideal for every traveler to get some tan because there is so much to see and experience here. So do not hesitate and prepare to go with Flamingo Transworld to explore these turquoise corners of Europe.

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