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8 Famous Vietnamese Foods to Try On Your Trip!

By Sanjay Shah on Feb 28, 2023
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What’s the purpose of visiting a new country if you don’t experience the local cuisine? The best approach to exploring the nation is to try the local cuisine. The cultural influences of that location are reflected in the food. Likewise to this, you must experience Vietnamese cuisine when in Vietnam.

Vietnamese cuisine is renowned for its fragrant herbs and unique flavors; making is a must-try while visiting Vietnam. Vietnam Tourism serves numerous dishes with global recognition for their distinct cooking methods and tastes. While visiting this country – do visit a Vietnamese restaurant to indulge in the famous foods in Vietnam. From fine dining restaurants to the vibrant street food scene – Vietnam offers a range of delicious culinary experiences that will surely tempt your taste buds.

Opting for Vietnam tour packages – you can explore the culinary and cultural delights of both countries. In this blog, I will highlight the eight most famous Vietnamese foods that you should definitely try during your trip to Vietnam.

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Famous Vietnam Food

Vietnamese cuisine is well-known for a reason. The flavors are unique, the ingredients are nutritious, and taste amazing. Read about some of the best delicacies to try on your upcoming vacation to Vietnam

1. Phở

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Amongst the list of popular food items to try in Vietnam – the numero uno and the quintessential Vietnamese dish is the Phở. First things first – the word is pronounced as -fuh. To simplify it further, Phở is a soup made with noodles and flat rice. It also contains delicious herbs, blanched vegetables, ginger, and a meat source like beef or chicken. It contains delicious herbs, ginger, blanched vegetables, and a meat base like chicken or beef. Every city has numerous temporary stands that offer pho. It is a tasty dish reasonably priced and is the most famous Vietnamese food.

2. Cơm Tấm

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If Pho in Hanoi is well-known, Com tam in Saigon is famous and popular with domestic and foreign tourists. It means – broken rice, this term refers to rice unfit for sale. Farmers frequently stored this rice for their use or sold it at a discount during challenging times in Vietnam’s economy. Nowadays, there is a Cơm Tấm restaurant on almost every street in this nation. This Vietnamese rice dish is served with fried eggs or grilled pork. It also contains fresh herbs, lime juice, and spring onions, as in other Vietnamese dishes.

3. Bánh Mì

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When it comes to food to try on a Vietnam Trip, the most obvious choice would be the Vietnamese Bánh Mì. One dish stands out above all others while driving through the streets of Vietnam early in the morning: the amazingly straightforward Bánh Mì. This popular Vietnamese street food is a French baguette sandwich made in the Vietnamese style and is well-known worldwide. This crunchy baguette is filled with meat slices, usually pork, coriander, pickled vegetables, fresh chili, and pâté. Eggs, meatballs, chicken, and other toppings are also options. They are easily available on the streets of Vietnam!

4. Bánh Xèo

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The Vietnamese equivalent of the French crepe is this dish. The sizzling sound created when the batter is onto the skillet gives this meal its name, Vietnamese for hot cake. Vietnamese street food vendors prepare a thin delicious batter-based meal with shrimp, pork, spices, and herbs. To our surprise, turmeric is the spice that gives these Vietnamese Crêpes their most distinctive flavor. After being cooked, the crepe is rolled in rice or lettuce paper, cut into slices, and presented as tiny bite-sized treats. Try this street snack in Vietnam to experience it.

 5. Xoi Chay

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A popular food in Vietnam is rice. Xoi Chay, or sticky rice, goes well with both meat and veggies. Xoi Chay is a vegetarian Vietnamese food that you should definitely try. Cooking rice and cutting it into flat, circular forms is how rice dishes in Vietnam are prepared. Steamed rice slices are fried in hot oil until they are bright and crisp after this dries. Typical ingredients for the vegetarian version of Xoi Chay include chickpeas, coconut, sugar, mushrooms, broccoli, pepper, red chili, and onion.

6. Banh Mi Chay

Image Source : https://www.vietnamvisateam.com

The famous Vietnamese snack Banh Mi has a vegetarian counterpart called Banh Mi Chay. It is a tofu, cheese, or fried egg sandwich on a baguette in the French style. Even better, you can stuff your Banh Mi with simply veggie salad. Especially if you decide to get it filled with vegetarian filling, Banh mi is reasonably priced. A vegetarian version of the iconic Vietnamese street dish Banh mi is available from one or more vendors. Do taste this vegetarian Vietnamese food.

7. Che Chuoi

Image Source : https://img.taste.com.au

If you enjoy all things sweet, Vietnam has a wide selection of sweet food combinations to choose from. Begin with Che Chuoi – a Vietnamese Banana Tapioca Pudding. It is a pudding-like sweet soup made with sago pearls, coconut milk, and banana. This is the go-to dessert to try on a Vietnam trip because it is simple to prepare and has a comforting flavor. A small amount of the roasted peanut topping balances the creamy flavor and gives the dessert a pop of color.

8. Che Bap

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Che Bap – Vietnamese sweet corn pudding is a popular dish in most Vietnamese homes. It can be eaten hot or cold and is made with tapioca pearls, sweet corn kernels, and creamy coconut milk. A mouthwatering sweet treat is created when the natural sweetness of maize is blended with the creamy coconut milk in the chewy texture of glutinous rice. The natural sweetness of maize mixes with the rich coconut milk in the chewy glutinous rice texture to create a tasty sweet delight. Go ahead and indulge in this comfort food to try on a Vietnam trip; you will fall in love with its appealing simplicity.


Traveling is usually more pleasurable when there is good food. One such country with a wide variety of delicious food choices is Vietnam. Thus, when traveling there, taste and enjoy the best Vietnamese cuisine. On this note, I like to wish you – Chúc ngon miệng! In Vietnamese, it means – enjoy your meal. So, be prepared for a culinary adventure when traveling to Vietnam with Flamingo Transworld!


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