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Find Out Everything You Need To Know About Gardens By The Bay In Singapore!

By Mukti Shah on Mar 9, 2023
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One of the most renowned and not to be missed features of Singapore tour Packages is to visit the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. This garden is an integral part of Singapore Tourism. Your tour of Singapore is incomplete if you do not go to see the Gardens by the Bay.

As the name suggests – you must be wondering – What is the hype all about – it’s just another garden in a foreign land! But let me clear the air – it is not just an ordinary garden. The Gardens by the Bay was created by the Singaporean government as a futuristic park. This botanical park not only symbolizes the country but also helps in conservation. This garden with its dense foliage and a range of plants is an example of how nature ought to be.

The towering vertical gardens of the Gardens by the Bay are easily noticed from a distance, and they look like mystical trees. But once you get close to them, you will discover that this globally renowned, award-winning botanical marvel is much more than that.

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Why is the Gardens by the Bay famous?

Delving a step ahead – let me elaborate on the reason why the Gardens by the Bay is one of the most famous Singapore gardens and places to visit in Singapore. This garden is in the Marina Bay district, surrounded by a stunning skyline. The park is spread across two hundred and seventy acres of land with three main areas – Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden, and Bay Central Garden. The cloud forest, flower dome, and floral paradise convey Singapore’s tropical charm. The Gardens by the Bay tickets may be purchased online.

Some highlights that reflect why the Gardens by the Bay is famous are as below:

  • It features a Flower dome – the largest international glass greenhouse in 2015.
  • It has the tallest indoor waterfall.
  • One of the ideal vacation spots for families – is the Far East Organization Garden features an outdoor playground and a water park with spray jets and water tunnels.
  • It has a beautiful collection of sculptures from around the world.
  • The four themed gardens reflect the link between gorgeous flora and the vibrant culture of Singapore.

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How to Reach Gardens by the Bay

By Bus

Bus 400 arrives at the Gardens by the Bay bus stop directly. The best place to board this bus is at the International Plaza, Anson Road Bus Stop, next to Tanjong Pagar MRT station’s C Exit.

By Train

Gardens by the Bay’s nearest MRT stop is Bayfront. On the circular line or downtown line is Bayfront Station. Once you arrive, leave through Gate B and proceed through an underground passageway.

By Road

Take the pathway beneath the East Coast Parkway (ECP) to Bay South Gardens. If you are at Marina Bay Sands, use the underground passage or the Lions Bridge through the Bayfront MRT station at Exit B.

Best Time to Visit Gardens by the Bay

Any time of year is a terrific opportunity to visit the garden. The best time to visit Gardens by the Bay is based on what you wish to see and do. The gardens are best visited in the late afternoon, from 4 pm till the finale of the Garden Rhapsody. The opening hours of the Gardens by the Bay are from 0500 to 0200 hours.  Although visiting the Gardens by the Bay at night is a surreal experience as all the attractions and Supertrees are lit with beautiful colors and lights.

Places to Eat close to Gardens by the Bay

After exploring this magical garden and walking all through it, you must be hungry for sure. Quench your thirst and fill your tummy at some of the top restaurants close to Gardens by the Bay. They are as below:

  • Nando
  • Bay Leaf Indian Curry House
  • The Social Kitchen
  • Café Crema
  • Supertree Food Hall

Tips on visiting Gardens by the Bay

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  • To prevent long lines, buy your tickets online in advance.
  • Plan your visit accordingly so; as to not miss the night shows.
  • You may need to walk a lot because the park is so big, so wear comfortable shoes and clothes.
  • To avoid crowds, visit on weekdays in the early morning or late afternoon.
  • Bring your camera to photograph the beautiful sights.
  • Get the Gardens by the Bay app on your iPhone or Android device for a more engaging and informative self-guided tour.


A trip to Singapore wouldn’t be complete without visiting the garden. Take time to explore the gardens and click pictures for your Instagram feeds. Visitors to Gardens by the Bay can immerse themselves in nature, art, and technology in this unique world of its own. With the assistance of the Flamingo Transworld team, plan your Singapore tour with an enlightening experience at the Gardens by the Bay.

FAQs Regarding Gardens by the Bay

Why is the Gardens by the Bay so famous?

Gardens by the Bay is renowned for its futuristic design features conservatories, supertrees, and themed gardens. It is a striking engineering feat to preserve green spaces.

What time is best to visit Gardens by the Bay?

To explore the various themed conservatories and gardens – The daytime would be the ideal time to visit. Whereas, to enjoy the stunning light displays after dark – visit the garden in the late afternoon or the early evening.

How much does Gardens by the Bay cost?

As such, there is no fee to enter the outdoor areas of the garden like the World of Plants, Sun Pavilion, and the Supertree Grove. However, some areas do require entrance tickets, like the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest – the cost for children is around SGD 15, and for adults, it is around SGD 28.

How long to spend in the Garden by the Bay?

The time spent at the Gardens by the Bay depends on your tastes and the areas you wish to explore. It may take anywhere from 2 to 6 hours to explore the entire park and its attractions.

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