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The Green Planet in Dubai – An Indoor Rainforest on the Arabian Desert

By Siddharth Shah on Feb 27, 2023
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Dubai – you would have thought about uber-luxury, desert safari, very high temperatures, endless fun, and shopping. But, can you imagine a tropical rainforest in Dubai? On second thoughts – if Dubai can have a Miracle Garden, Ski World in the desert – then a rainforest – why not?

Today in this blog – the focus is on the Green Planet in Dubai! It is an indoor rainforest set up; right in the heart of the desert! You could say that it is an indoor paradise focusing on sustainability, nature, and biodiversity. It is based on the unique and innovative concept of the Bio-Dome. Tourists can get close and personal with nature in this desert land. A visit to the Green Planet Dubai with our Dubai tour packages will teleport you to the Amazon!!

Highlights of the Green Planet in Dubai

The model of the Green Planet

One of the fascinating things about the Indoor rainforest is the Green Planet complex itself. Its green canopy is home to around 3000 creatures and plants. One of the attractions of this place is a massive 25-meter artificial tree that serves as the centerpiece and a symbol for a tree that sustains life.

There are four levels to the Bio-Dome of the Green Planet in Dubai. The four levels are categorized as the Canopy, the Forest Floor, the Flooded Rain Forest, and the Midstory. Each of these levels explains the value of rainforest and its place in the natural world. All animals at the Green Planet are imported from private breeders and zoos. For the park, none of the animals were ever captured in the wild. Every animal has its own open space to walk around freely inside the facility. The vast array of flora at the Green Planet is selected so that they live peacefully with one another. It is a refreshing approach to the Middle Eastern ecosystem. The superb service and interactive digital displays work to provide a distinctive educational experience.

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Diversity of an Indoor Rainforest

You can find more than a thousand varied animal species; at this Green Planet in Dubai. You will get to view a diverse range of reptiles, fish, sloths, parrots, and other animals. Visitors can freely explore the area since the animals are kept on the opposite side of a glass barrier. Visitors are free to stroll and explore while seeing the animals. The rainforest’s highest point, the canopy, is where you can see birds flying close to the dome.

The lowest floor of this rainforest is the flooded rainforest. It has an aquarium that displays the rich ecosystem of marine life. Various levels of this rainforest offer an in-depth look at its flora and fauna. 

Variety of Tropical birds and animals

One of the best reasons to visit Dubai with your family and children is to see the tropical birds of the Green Planet. There are a variety of tropical birds that you can check out up close. From brightly colored macaws to sloths, you will come across a beautiful array of magnificent birds. The indoor rainforest atmosphere creates a pleasant habitat for the birds. See wildlife and birds in their natural surroundings – watch how they play, fly, roam around, and feed. When they fly around – enjoy the vivid colors of these beautiful tropical birds. While it is uncommon to get up close with such species of birds and animals, this is also one of the most popular locations for photographers. Bring your camera along so you may take pictures for Instagram feeds.

Excellent infrastructure

Well – the Green Planet is all about its setup and architecture. The infrastructure is a modern engineering wonder that seamlessly brings together innovative technology with the beauty of nature. With a biodome of 25 meters, it creates a stunning experience for tourists to explore the lush greenery in Dubai. It has a tailored watering setup that resembles a water cycle in nature. It also has a smart air system that regulates humidity and temperature. At a place where the temperature hovers around fifty degrees Celsius, creating a structure that protects the plants and animals and provides the required sunlight is definitely engineering magic. You can walk along raised walkways or the forest floor to get a closer look at exotic wildlife, pythons, sloths, and other creatures.


The Green Planet is an impressive example of the country’s commitment to sustainable practices. It is a beautiful way to protect the crucial ecosystems of our planet earth. A fantastic place for families to visit, explore, and get away from the desert heat is The Green Planet in Dubai. Along with the many wonders of this Arabian land – explore this tropical rainforest with Flamingo Transworld. With our Dubai tour packages from Ahmedabad, you can explore the beautiful city and its attractions like Green Planet at an affordable price.

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