Geography in Udaipur

The city of Udaipur is surrounded by beautiful green lofty ranges of Aravalli Mountains. The Northern piece of the locale comprises by and large of raised levels, while the eastern part has immense stretches of raised fields. Furthermore, the southern part is covered with rocks, hills, and dense forests. There are two significant sections in the Aravalli ranges Viz. DesuriNal and Saoke which fills in as a connection among Udaipur and Jodhpur District.

While talking about the topographical area of Udaipur it is located on the southwest of Pink city Jaipur, very close to the boundaries of Gujarat. Being arranged in a desert territory alongside lakes, Udaipur for the most part stays humid. The varied nature of the climate has also played animportant role in the development of Rajasthan. The climate of the Udaipur plain is experienced by extremely high range of temperature which rises above 40°C (the maximum occasionally reaching 50°C) and sometimes dips down to below freezing.

The soils of Rajasthan plain are generally characterized as sandy. This windblown sand, hashindered soil formation, is derived partly from the surface rocks and a large part of it is blown in from the coastal regions. The following types of soil are found on the plains of Rajasthan

- Desert soil 

- Red deserted soil 

- Yellowish brown sandy soils and 

- Alluvial soil

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