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About East Europe
East Europe tour Packages– Book your East Europe Holiday Package with Flamingo Transworld. Tourism is definitely starting to build in this corner of the world. A trip to East Europe should be on your list as it is surprisingly modern, packed with people, and is budget friendly.

On your East Europe Trip, you can enjoy looking at top notch art, binge on some delicious dishes, and experience the swath of Europe which is largely undiscovered by many American travelers. It offers rich culture and medieval architecture to gaze at. Major highlights here are Bucharest in Romania, Bratislava in Slovakia, Dubrovnik in Croatia, Budapest in Hungary and more.

Flamingo Transworld offers you East Europe tour packages from Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur and other major cities of India. We try our best to serve our customers with utmost comfort through our communication and network of offices around the nation. Most of our team members have already been to the destination and that will surely add value to your East Europe holiday. Our strong suit is we serve vegetarian as well as Jain food on all our group tours. So hurry up, and plan your East Europe holiday trip with us so that you can create fresh and warm memories to cherish, while we take care of the rest!

Popular East Europe Tour Packages

Package Name



Charming Croatia

7 Nights
/ 8 Days

₹ 69,670

Amazing Eastern Europe By Rail

7 Nights
/ 8 Days

₹ 58,610

Tantalizing Turkey

9 Nights
/ 10 Days

₹ 1,38,680

Elegant Eastern Europe

10 Nights
/ 11 Days

₹ 2,01,300

Enchanting Eastern Europe

10 Nights
/ 11 Days

₹ 1,12,530


Frequently asked questions about Eastern Europe Tour Packages

How many countries are in Eastern Europe?

Eastern Europe comprises of nations on the eastern side of Europe. UN Statistics Division lists Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Scotland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia, Russian Federation, Slovakia, Romania, and Poland as countries in Eastern Europe.

What is Hop on Hop off Tour in this Eastern Europe Package?

Hop on Hop Off bus tour is one of the most impressive ways to discover the attractions during your Europe tour. It is accompanied by audio interpretations and tourists can even get down at different places and continue their journey later on from designated spots.

What is the best time to visit Eastern Europe?
Shoulder season (spring: March-May) and (autumn: September-November) is often preferred as the best time to visit Eastern Europe. The crowds aren’t as heavy as in peak season. The climate of Eastern Europe during these months is more temperate and prices are lower than in the summer months, but some attractions, restaurants, and hotels may operate on reduced schedules during this time.
What are the best Eastern European countries to visit?
With a rich history, gorgeous architecture and a variety of cultures, Eastern Europe offers a wealth of destinations to explore. Some of the best countries to visit during your Eastern Europe tours are:

 Czech Republic 
 Ukraine and many more
Why is Eastern Europe colder than in Western Europe?
Atlantic Ocean is great at keeping the temperatures mellow and calm throughout the year as a result of the Gulf Stream that pours enormous amounts of warm water towards the European west coast. As Eastern Europe is far from the ocean, this results in the continental climate with hot summers and cold winters.
What are the best things to do during the Eastern Europe tour?
What are the best places to visit during the Eastern Europe tour?
Some of the best places to visit during the Eastern Europe tour are as below:

Is Eastern Europe safe for solo female travelers?
Travelling solo to Eastern Europe is not a bad idea but then you need to be more cautious and responsible. You need to be aware of how to stay safe, how to keep your belongings from getting stolen, and which spots are the best even if you’re traveling alone.
What are the best East Europe tour packages offered by Flamingo Transworld?

East Europe Tour Guide - Places To Visit / Best Time To Travel / Things To Do / Activities
For years, Eastern Europe was the undiscovered half of the continent. But now things have changed. The diverse highlights of East Europe Tours are now drawing travelers from all over the globe. Here you will find idyllic coastlines, picturesque mountains, captivating architecture, a buzzing nightlife and exceptionally warm and welcoming locals. 

Here are a few places if you are thinking of East Europe Tour:  

  • Ljubljana, Slovenia: Ljubljana is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe. It is nestled in an alpine valley and straddling Ljubljana river. This 2000-year-old Roman outpost if an unbelievably green city, compact and traveler friendly.   

  • Budapest, Hungary:  The pearl of the Danube is actually two cities in one. Linked across the rolling Danube River via an iconic bridge, both sides of this city offer incredible cultural discovery. Budapest museums and galleries will fill the days but the nightlife is thrilling as well. 

  • Dubrovnik, Croatia: Dubrovnik is the holiday town famed all over the world for traveling. It is an incredible destination, packed with art and history museums, picturesque views and some of Europe’s best beaches. 

  • Prague, Czech Republic: Prague is known as the romantic city which is a must visit. The city’s skyline is spectacular, boasting almost a thousand spires, domes, and towers. Here you can stroll through the streets of the old town and explore some of the best culture and cuisine.

  • Krakow, Poland: Krakow is cashing on its newly-found tourist appeal including highlights like wonderful architecture, the atmosphere, and excellent nightlife. It is considered as Europe’s most exciting and active city centers as well as Poland’s most somber historical spot.  

Conclusion: So, That’s how we will make your East Europe tour memorable. For tour package related any queries or questions, reach us at world@flamingotravels.co.in / +91 9825081806

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