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Turkey is a country that has been enchanting tourists for ages with its vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and rich history. If you are considering an international holiday to a destination that is a blend of Europe and Asia, then Turkey is just right for you. The country straddles between these two continents featuring lively bazaars, ancient ruins, mountain ranges, natural panoramic landscapes, quaint villages, and a rugged coastline. Turkey tour packages from India offered by Flamingo Travels are inclusive of all this and much more.

We strive to create personalized and group Turkey tour packages based on your choices, duration, and budget. Whether you wish to explore the Grand Bazaar or the famous Cotton Castle or unwind on the serene beaches of Antalya. At Flamingo Travels, we aim to help you create lasting memories on your Turkey holiday that you will cherish forever. We cover all the aspects of a wonderful holiday with our Budget Turkey tour packages. We take care of your flights, visas; stay options, sightseeing, and transfers with competitive Turkey trip costs. With the expertise of being in the trade for more than 25 years, we are renowned in the market for the best Turkey tour packages from Ahmedabad with Maharaj – an Indian chef. Explore the Eurasian country at affordable price while relishing Indian meals.

Enjoy a Turkey group tour package with complete peace of mind as a knowledgeable tour guide will escort you throughout your trip to Turkey. You can also avail of the best Turkey tour packages from Mumbai with all the same features and the best deals in the market. Contact Flamingo Travels today to begin planning an unforgettable Turkish holiday!

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  • Popular Turkey Tour Packages By Flamingo Travels
  • How to reach Turkey
  • Get Your Turkey Visa with Flamingo Travels
  • Places to visit in Turkey tour
  • Things to do in Turkey trip
  • Best time to visit Turkey
  • Foods to eat in Turkey
  • Shopping in Turkey
  • Honeymoon in Turkey
  • Turkey Trip Experience with Flamingo Travels

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    Tasteful Turkey With Indian Chef (Summer Special)

    11 Nights
    / 12 Days

    ₹ 2,80,690

    Turkey Extravaganza On Private Basis

    7 Nights
    / 8 Days

    ₹ 80,170

    Highlights Of Turkey On a Private Basis

    8 Nights
    / 9 Days

    ₹ 88,020

    How to reach Turkey

    The most feasible and suitable way to travel to Turkey from India is by taking a flight. Avail of our Turkey tour packages with flights from major Indian cities. The most popular airlines to fly from India are Etihad, Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Emirates, and other airlines that fly frequently to Europe. Book Turkey flight tickets with Flamingo Travels to avail of the best prices. The average duration is around seven hours, which may vary depending on the airlines and the stopovers in between. You will receive seamless travel arrangements with our Turkey tour packages. Opt for a Turkish adventure with ease through our Turkey tour packages for couples from India including flights, making your dream getaway hassle-free and affordable.

    Get Your Turkey Visa with Flamingo Travels

    While planning your trip to Turkey, your flights, and your travel itinerary, one of the primary things to do is to seek your Turkey tourist visa. Applying for this vital entry permit you will have to gather all important documents, fill out the form, and many other important details. Save yourself from all these hassles, by seeking assistance from Visa consultants at Flamingo Travels. We are well-versed with the entire process for a Turkey Visa for Indians. Right from collecting your documents, till the time you receive your visas, we cover everything. Avail your Turkey visa conveniently and affordably with Flamingo Travels, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free application process at an affordable price.

    Places to visit in Turkey Tour

    Turkey is a country that has preserved modern lifestyles and diverse cultural and natural treasures effortlessly. Whether you wish to discover ancient sites or relax on its beaches, Turkey Tourism never disappoints you. You will be mesmerized by the museums and mosques, the Grand Bazaar, fairy castles, and many other exciting places to visit in Turkey. Discover these places with our Turkey tour packages from India, offering an enriching experience for every traveler.

    • Istanbul
    • Konya
    • Pamukkale
    • Antalya
    • Ephesus
    • Goreme


    Often confused as the capital city of Turkey, Istanbul holds the heart of the country. It is one of the most prominent cities on two continents – Asia and Europe. Istanbul is the core of our Turkey tour packages. The city is globally renowned for its iconic landmarks like Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, the Grand Bazaar, and the Blue Mosque. Strolling the city, the Grand Bazaar will give you insights into the authentic Turkish lifestyle. Ferry rides across the Bosphorus, stroll the seaside promenades, and enjoy the local street food. With intriguing hammams, museums, vibrant nightlife, and stunning architecture, Istanbul enchants tourists with its magical aura. Explore the vibrant city of Istanbul with Turkey family tour packages, where you can immerse in rich history, vibrant culture, and exciting activities suitable for all ages.


    Just three hours south of Ankara, Konya is a city of historic mosques and whirling dervishes that will leave you with lasting memories. The city seamlessly blends historical and religious sites with modern surroundings. Konya is home to the enchanting Mevlana Museum, which shares information about the mystic poet Rumi. Stroll through the dynamic markets, immerse in the spiritual vibe of Sufi whirling dervishes, and be in awe of the Seljuk architecture. It ensures a soul-stirring Turkish experience. Explore the cultural treasures of Konya with Turkey travel packages, offering a glimpse into its rich heritage and spiritual significance.


    In the Turkish language – Pamukkale means Cotton Castle. It is a mesmerizing wonder of terraces filled with mineral-rich thermal waters. It is a UNESCO world heritage site with a surreal landscape of white hot water spring terraces. It is a natural site with carbonate mineral deposits of the flowing water of the hot springs. There are around 17 hot springs in this region. These waters are renowned for their therapeutic properties. Dip into the mineral-rich warm pools and soak in the healing vibes. Explore the natural beauty of Pamukkale with our Turkey tour packages, promising an unforgettable experience.


    Antalya is a beautiful coastal city along the Turkish Riviera. It is one of the ancient yet modern cities in Turkey. It is a popular Turkish resort city featuring many stunning beaches lined with lavish resorts. Antalya is an ideal destination for families looking for a memorable trip and couples looking for a romantic escapade. Experience the romantic charm of Antalya with Turkey tour packages for couples, where you can stroll hand in hand along pristine beaches, explore ancient ruins, and indulge in delicious cuisine together. The city also features Ottoman architecture, Roman-era ruins, and a landmark clock tower. You can enjoy rafting, hiking, and boating. With its immense history, sunny climate, and fun activities, Antalya is a prominent Mediterranean destination not to be missed with your Turkey tour packages.


    Ephesus is an ancient Turkish city in the Aegean region that features ruins of monuments, temples, and historical sites. Ephesus is in the region of what is now known as Izmir. The city was a vital financial and cultural center under Roman rule. This is reflected in the well-preserved landmarks like the Library of Celsus, the Temple of Artemis, and the Great Theater. Stroll through these well-preserved ruins and discover the daily life of that era. Visit the Temple of Hadrian and the House of the Virgin Mary, stroll the ancient city, the markets, and more. Discover the historic marvels of Ephesus with Turkey trip packages, where you will explore ancient ruins and learn about the captivating stories behind them.


    Goreme is a town in the ancient region of central Turkey – Cappadocia. The town is renowned for its unique geological formations. It features a unique landscape of fairy chimneys. These chimneys are conical and tall rock formations. The Goreme National Park is home to several rock-cut monasteries and cave churches reflecting the Byzantine era. The famous Goreme Open Air Museum displays ancient rock paintings. You should not miss a hot air balloon ride over the valleys, hiking between the fairy chimneys, and exploring the underground cities. Experience the magic of Goreme with our Turkey travel packages, promising an unforgettable trip.

    Things to do in Turkey Trip

    With its diversity of cultures and landscapes, there is an array of exciting things to do in Turkey. From colorful markets to ancient wonders, each section of this magical country offers a unique charm. Savor diverse cuisines, sip Turkish tea, and dive into the rich history. From gastronomy to adventure, nature to cultural experiences, Turkey Tourism offers infinite options to create lasting memories.

    • Experience the warmth of thermal hot springs in Pamukkale
    • Hot Air Balloon Ride at Cappadocia
    • Discover the beauty of Dolmabahce Palace firsthand
    • Roam the historic lanes of Kaleici
    • Hike through the Valley of Love
    • Learn to cook in Istanbul-Turkey

    Experience the warmth of thermal hot springs in Pamukkale.

    Pammukale – one of the most popular places to visit in Turkey is renowned for its white-hot spring pools filled with thermal waters. You can experience the refreshing benefits of bathing in these springs. Soak in the hot soothing blue pools with a view of the cotton castle. The mineral-rich waters are renowned for curing your skin conditions and improving blood circulation. Soak in the hot waters, gaze at the unique calcite formations, and feel the warmth of the sacred springs. Indulge in the soothing embrace of thermal hot springs in Pamukkale with Turkey holiday packages. Here you can relax and rejuvenate amidst the natural wonders of this unique destination.

    Hot Air Balloon Ride at Cappadocia

    One of the magical experiences that you should not miss with your Turkey tour packages for family is a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia. This activity starts at dawn. Dozens of colorful balloons take off and float in the air offering a stunning birds-eye view of Cappadocia. The ride is for an hour. Watch the unique landscape of the rock formations and fairy chimneys, while floating in the basket. Watch the sunrise over this beautiful and surreal landscape from the top. With its unique scenery, checking out Cappadocia in a hot air balloon ride is surely on the bucket list of many tourists.

    Discover the beauty of Dolmabahce Palace firsthand.

    A 19th-century royal palace – Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul is on the shores of the Bosphorus Strait. The palace was built in ornate European style. The palace features a massive reception hall adorned with heavy crystal chandeliers. It preserves the traditional layout of a Turkish house wherein the hall is in the middle of the house and the other rooms surround this hall. You can opt for guided tours to explore the stunning rooms like the silk bedroom, ceremonial hall, and harem section. The palace also has a clock tower and beautifully manicured gardens. The architecture of the palace blends Turkish and European styles, offering insights into the Ottoman Empire. Explore the majestic Dolmabahce Palace up close with our Turkey packages, immersing yourself in its grandeur and rich history for an unforgettable experience.

    Roam the historic lanes of Kaleici.

    The old city center of Antalya, Kaleici, is set inside the ancient city walls next to the Mediterranean coast. Take a walk back in time while you enter the narrow lanes lined with Ottoman-era wooden houses and cobblestone streets. Walking beneath the iconic Hadrian's Gate, built during Roman rule, leads to the vibrant marina. The ancient houses in this town offer glimpses of traditional Turkish life. While strolling this historic quarter, you can unwind at local cafes, shop for souvenirs, and explore the local spots in the town.

    Hike through the Valley of Love

    The Valley of Love is in Cappadocia. It is a picturesque hiking trail through a narrow valley with unique, colorful rock formations. The trail is created by volcanic eruptions passing through fairy chimneys. The valley features rock-cut churches, cavernous spaces, and stone arches. The valley gets its name from the numerous heart-shaped cave entrances along the trail. They are believed to symbolize fertility. This 5 km hike features enchanting scenery amidst the unusual landscape in Cappadocia.

    Learn to cook in Istanbul.

    One of the exciting things to add to your customized Turkey tour packages is to participate in a cooking class in Turkey. Learn to cook the delicious Turkish cuisine. In these classes, you will learn to explore ingredients like nuts, fruits, spices, etc. You will learn to create dishes like hummus, handmade Baklava pastries, Turkish coffee, and kebabs under expert guidance. Classes are generally held in the ancient Ottoman-style homes, enhancing the cultural experience.

    Best time to visit Turkey

    With its geographic diversity, Turkey offers a year-round appeal. The best time to visit Turkey depends on the places you wish to visit and your interests. Consider the weather in Turkey while planning your holiday.

    Summer Season

    The summer season in Turkey spans from June to August. It features dry and hot weather with temperatures around 30°C with peak crowds. This season is ideal to enjoy beach holidays along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. Enjoy activities like sailing, sunbathing, and scuba diving. Prefer to do sightseeing in the evenings and mornings. Carry sun protection and wear light breathable fabrics. Enjoy popular festivals like the Istanbul Arts Festival, Istanbul Jazz Festival, and more.

    Winter Season

    The winter season in Turkey spans from December to February. The temperatures range around 10°C in cities and lower temperatures in the mountainous regions. Many cultural attractions in the interior of Cappadocia and Istanbul are less crowded, thus, they are ideal for sightseeing. Northern regions like Ankara receive heavy snowfall. This is the best time to indulge in skiing. Try local winter specialties like Turkish coffee and more. Enjoy the winter sun along the Mediterranean coast. With reduced hotel rates, New Year celebrations, and festivals, winter in Turkey has much to offer.

    Monsoon Season

    There is no specific monsoon season in Turkey. However, it rains during the spring, autumn, and winter seasons. The spring season spans from March to June; the autumn season spans from September to October. Generally, it rains a lot during the winter season in Turkey.

    Foods to eat in Turkey

    Experience the gastronomic delight in Turkey, where you will be mesmerized by different flavors. Food in Turkey is a perfect blend of diverse influences and rich history. Savor the freshness of Mediterranean vegetables and succulent Kebabs, and indulge in Turkish desserts. Every bite represents the cultural tapestry of Turkey. Experience the warmth of Turkish hospitality through a range of food options that reflect the true essence of this enchanting country.

    Famous foods in Turkey
    • Baklava
    • Meze
    • Lahmacun
    • Döner kebap
    • Börek
    • Pilav
    • Dolma
    • Menemen

    List of Indian Restaurants in Turkey
    • India Gate Indian Restaurant
    • Musafir Indian Restaurant
    • Tandoori Indian Restaurant
    • Taj Mahal Hint Restaurant
    • Dubb Indian Restaurant
    • Bombay Masala Indian restaurant
    • Namaste India
    • Pukka Indian Restaurant
    • Haveli Restaurant
    • Masala Magiic Indian Restaurant

    Shopping in Turkey

    Turkey offers diverse shopping opportunities ranging from bustling bazaars to high-end boutiques. Shopping in Turkey is definitely one of the must-do things while you are exploring the magical streets of this country. Istanbul is the hub for shopping in Turkey with its numerous shopping malls, outdoor markets, and bazaars selling everything from spices to carpets and jewelry. You will find many renowned A-list shopping malls in the country; the true experience of shopping in this country is by visiting the street markets selling authentic local products.

    Shopping places in Turkey
    • Grand Bazaar
    • Bagdat Street
    • Spice Bazaar
    • Mall of Istanbul
    • Arasta Bazaar
    • Nisantasi Shopping Center
    • Kemeralti Market

    List of things to buy from Turkey
    • Carpets
    • Ceramics
    • Spices
    • Lamps
    • Jewelry
    • Ornate evil eye beads
    • Copperware
    • Dried fruits and nuts

    Honeymoon in Turkey

    With its classic blend of European and Oriental aspects, ancient sites, turquoise waters, stunning landscapes, and colorful bazaars, a honeymoon in Turkey is an ideal choice. Do not miss the hot air balloon ride at sunrise with stunning views from the top – a perfect experience for newlyweds. Indulge in a Turkish bath and treat yourself to a couples massage. Stay at one of the cave hotels in Cappadocia. Soak up the sun and enjoy serenity at one of the exquisite beaches in Bodrum and Antalya. Savor Turkish delights and go on a shopping spree in Grand Bazaar. From cave suites to private cruises, Turkey offers many indulgent experiences for honeymooners.

    Honeymoon Destinations in Turkey
    • Istanbul
    • Pamukkale
    • Cappadocia
    • Fethiye
    • Kusadasi
    • Bodrum Peninsula
    • Antalya
    • Bursa
    • Marmaris
    • Antalya

    Turkey Trip Experience with Flamingo Travels

    Make your Turkey vacation truly exceptional with Flamingo Travels. From hot air balloon rides over Cappadocia to the bustling bazaars of Istanbul, travel consultants at Flamingo Travels ensure just the best-fit Turkey tour packages for you. Our experts will craft a customized holiday to match your interests. We are renowned in the market for our Turkey group tour packages with Indian Maharaj. This is our USP; an Indian chef accompanies the tour to serve fresh and delicious Indian meals throughout the journey. This way, you will enjoy Turkey holidays with the comfort of Indian food. Our expert tour guides assist you during the trip right from start to end. Whether you are seeking a group tour or a customized one, a luxurious honeymoon, or a fun family holiday, trust Flamingo Travels to plan every detail meticulously. With the best facilities, services, and on-tour assistance, we strive to make your holidays effortless. Let Turkey Tourism amaze you with its landscapes, history, and flavors with our stress-free Turkey tour packages by Flamingo Travels.
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