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Hungary is one of the few countries in Europe bordered on all sides by land. This landlocked country is enclosed by Slovakia, Ukraine, and Romania. Travel to Hungary from India is a must if you travel to Central Europe. It is surprising to know that Hungary is older than France and Germany. Folk Art, architecture, thermal spas, and the most exciting capital of Europe – are just a few vital drawing cards.

Hungary Tourism is a classic fusion of modern and ancient Europe. This European gem is home to several UNESCO biosphere reserves, World Heritage Sites, one of the largest churches and synagogues in the continent, and the largest thermal lake across the globe. To explore this beautiful European country, opt for our Hungary tour packages. Do not worry about the Hungary Tourist Visa, as we take care of it with our other travel products. Whether you wish to explore the picturesque countryside or wish to savor Hungarian cuisine, or are a history buff, there are so many must-explore things in Hungary to suit every traveler.

How to Reach Hungary

There are a few ways to reach Hungary from India. You have the option of flying nonstop from major Indian cities or connecting through other European nations. You can, however, take a rail or bus from any major European country.

Traveling to Hungary by Air

There are many options for flights from India to Hungary. Traveling by air is the most convenient choice for Indian tourists. Many airlines offer connecting and non-stop flights to the capital city – Budapest and other cities. The most common route is through other European cities like Vienna, Istanbul, and Frankfurt. India to Hungary flight price depends on several factors such as the tourist season, traveling dates, etc.

Places to visit in Hungary

Hungary has so much to offer all types of travelers, with its magnificent landscapes, art, history, ancient landmarks, and culture. The capital city features thermal baths, the famous Danube River, and other landmarks. Apart from the capital, explore the wine region of Tokaj, ancient towns like Pecs and Eger, etc. Each of these places has its appeal, making them popular tourist places in Hungary.


One of the most popular places to visit in Hungary – Budapest aka Little Paris is the largest city in the country. The city bestrides the Danube River. On the west bank of the Danube is historic Buda and on the east is vibrant Pest. Now, these two regions are connected by iconic bridges. Budapest, one of the best places to visit in Hungary, features thermal baths, stunning architecture, a rich cultural scene, the Danube River, affordable charm, and delicious cuisine. With a wide range of hotels in Budapest to suit every pocket, tourists can immerse themselves in the city where modernity and history blend in perfect harmony.


Eger, a historic and picturesque town in the northern part of the country, is a charming addition to your list of Hungary tourist attractions. Eger is around two hours away from Budapest by road. Every tourist will find something to enjoy in Eger, from regional wines in lovely vineyards to exploring historic castles and Baroque architecture. This hidden gem in Hungary promises an immersive and unique experience for culture seekers and history buffs.


A day trip from Budapest will offer you a time travel experience in the old village of Holloko. One of the top attractions in Hungary – Holloko is a UNESCO world heritage site. With a rich cultural heritage and well-preserved ancient architecture, this village offers a glimpse into the past of Hungary. Explore the historic homes and beautiful cobblestone streets and discover the unique local traditions. Visit the Village Museum, St. Martin Church, Weaving House, and more. It is a must-visit destination for all those seeking an authentic cultural experience in Hungary.

Aggtelek National Park and Caves

If you like exploring caves, you should visit one of the most interesting places to visit in Hungary – Aggtelek National Park. This park offers a remarkable underground adventure with the most beautiful dripstone caves. These extensive caves stretch between Slovakia and Hungary and are a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The unique landscape, dramatic rock formations, and sinkholes are evidence of nature’s artistry. The Baradla Cave – a part of this extensive cave system features stunning stalagmites and stalactites. Do visit this world site to have a glimpse into the geological wonders of Hungary.


Esztergom – draped across hills by the Danube River, is one of the oldest towns in Hungary. This royal town boasts a rich tapestry of culture and history. The majestic Neoclassical Basilica of Esztergom is one of the largest cathedrals and tallest structures in the country. It symbolizes the spiritual significance of Esztergom. Delve into the royal past of the country by exploring the Esztergom Castle and its museum. This castle is a thrilling blend of Renaissance and Medieval architecture. With its scenic beauty and historic significance, Esztergom is one of the must-visit places to visit in Hungary.

Lake Balaton

Popularly known as the Hungarian Inner Sea, Lake Balaton is the largest lake in Hungary. This lake is home to the picturesque countryside surrounded by vineyards, underwater cave galleries, ancient fortresses, and towns. This fifty-mile-long lake is one of the largest freshwater lakes in Central Europe. It is one of the most visited places in Hungary. Tourists generally take a day trip from Budapest to visit this beautiful lake. Lake Balaton is a haven for water lovers and nature enthusiasts. With its crystal-clear waters, it offers sailing, swimming, and numerous Watersports opportunities. You can also explore the charming vineyards and the small villages in the Balaton wine region.

Things to do in Hungary

There is so much more to Hungary apart from Budapest. Explore the ancient sites, delve into its rich culture, and savor the tasty regional food. Engage in the vibrant festivals, immerse in thermal baths, and go for scenic hikes. Whether you are a foodie, a history buff, or a nature lover, there are loads of things to do in Hungary.

Have a Cave Bath

One of the most fascinating tourist activities in Hungary is experiencing a cave bath. When in Hungary, you cannot miss this interesting experience. Hungary is globally renowned for its thermal baths, but cave baths will enhance this experience altogether. These baths are hidden inside the natural caves creating a surreal ambience and heals with mineral-rich waters. Surrounded by the ancient rocks, soaking in the therapeutic warmth is an experience you would not want to miss. There are many places wherein you can experience these cave baths.

Explore the streets of Sopron.

Amidst the list of things to do in Hungary, a stroll through the magical streets of Sopron is a must. It is one of those mystical hidden towns in Europe, near the Austria border. This charming town radiates a vintage charm through its cobblestone alleys, ancient architecture, and scenic squares. Walk through the beautifully preserved Old Town, discover the stories along the ruins of the ancient city wall, and check out the Firewatch Tower. Sopron is not just a place to visit; it is a reflection of the diverse cultural traditions of Hungary. It is a must-visit if you like time travel and crave history and authenticity during your trip.

Catch Panoramic Views of Budapest

Your trip to Hungary is not complete without appreciating the panoramic views of Budapest. It is one of the most gorgeous European cities with the best landmarks and beautiful architecture. On top of it, many spots across the city offer incredible panoramic views of the city. Buda Castle and Gellert Hill are the most popular ones. They offer breathtaking views of the iconic landmarks and the River Danube. Experience this popular tourist activity in Hungary from a giant Ferris wheel – the Budapest Eye. Whether you visit these spots during the night or daytime, these vantage points paint a memorable picture of this beautiful capital city.

Go on a Danube river cruise.

A visit to Hungary is incomplete with a cruise on the Danube River. A river cruise is the best way to explore the fascinating sights of Budapest. It offers a different perspective on the famous landmarks of the city, like Buda Castle, the Parliament Building, etc. The duration of these cruises varies as per the itinerary. Some cruises are just for an hour and cover prominent sights of the city, while some may be for a couple of houses, with a stop at some popular location. Evening cruises generally include entertainment and dining options. Enjoy the local cuisine while watching the stunning views. Whether you opt for a romantic evening or a daytime cruise, the Danube River Cruise is one of the must-do things in Hungary.

Go for a hike at Lillafured.

Hiking in Lillafured is one of the most interesting tourist activities in Hungary. Set amid the Bukk Mountains, this fairy tale place features cascading waterfalls, serene lakes, and lush forests. Some popular attractions in this region are the Hamori Lake, the Anna Cave, a zoo, the Castle Hotel, waterfalls, and forests. Many hiking trails suit for all levels of hikers. These hikes offer hikers a chance to enjoy the beautiful landscape and connect with nature. Whether you wish to escape from city life or you love being amidst nature, Lillafured offers the ideal setting for relaxation and exploration.

Explore the caves of Aggtelek Karst

One of the most extraordinary things to do in Hungary is to visit Aggetelek National Park. Explore the unique dripstone caves in this park. The park features more than seven hundred caves that are a part of the UNESCO World Sites. It is a relatively intact, diverse, and complex cave system. One of the most famous caves is Baradla Caves. Tourists can avail of guided tours that will lead you through the geological marvels beneath. Discover a surreal world of mystery, beauty, and history formed millions of years ago. These caves feature a unique combination of tropical and glacial climatic effects.

Best Time to Visit Hungary

Hungary is a year-round vacation destination, but the best time to visit Hungary from India depends on individual preferences. Hungary offers something for each season. From winter wonderlands to pleasant weather and vibrant festivals. Whether you prefer the autumn charm, summer warmth, spring flowers, or winter festivities, Hungary welcomes tourists year-round.

Summer Season

Summer in Hungary is filled with sunshine, warmth, and a plethora of outdoor activities. The summer months of Hungary begin in June, with a bit warmer in July and August. This season features sunny and warm weather with refreshing showers. It is the perfect time to go hiking, fishing, sightseeing, and much more. Hungary comes alive in Summer with open-air concerts, vibrant festivals, and cultural events. Enjoy a riverside picnic at the River Danube, chill at Lake Balaton, or hike in the Bukk Mountains. The longer daylight hours offer a chance to explore the historic sites of Sopron and Eger.

Winter Season

Winter in Hungary transforms the landscape into a winter wonderland. It spans from December to February. The popular River Danube and other rivers are covered with ice. Cities sparkle with glowing lights and Christmas markets. The amazing weather during the winter months in Hungary makes it an ideal time to warm up with mulled wine and indulge in local cuisine. It is also the best time to engage in winter sports, and do not miss the experience of thermal bathing.

Monsoon Season

Monsoon in Hungary is not a significant season. The rainy season generally occurs during the early summer and spring months. During these months, you can predict storms and excessive rainfall. Moreover, Hungary has a continental climate, so the monsoon is comparatively moderate compared to other countries.

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