History & Culture in Paris

Paris’ history dates back to the 3rd century when a Celtic tribe Parisii set base and fought with the Romans before succumbing. Known as Lutetia then, Paris flourished under the Roman rule and was followed by the rule of Franks, Vikings, Capetians, and a hundred year war between France and England. Some notable events in history include the French Revolution and the Great Depression. Paris boasts of not only a rich history but also rich cultural heritage. The arts and architecture adorn every corner of the city in the form of museums, monuments, libraries and galleries. From historical structures like Arc de Triomphe to wonder of the world Eiffel Tower, from Le Louvre museum to palaces like Le Palais du Luxembourg – there’s plenty to see, soak and savor. The iconic landmarks take you back in time, while the more modern museums, galleries and theatres look ahead of our times; take for instance the egg-shaped concert venue La Seine Musicale or Paris’ Museum of Modern Art. In terms of food, the whole world hails the glory of French bakeries and cheese shops. Wine bars, bistros, cafes and fine dine havens – Paris offers a stunning range of gastronomical delights for the tourists to indulge in. Shoppers take a peek into the world of haute couture while art enthusiasts step into the worlds of painters like Monet and Van Gogh who lived and worked in Paris. And for everyone else there’s street graffiti and goofy installations as you walk in and out of Paris’ many enclosed spaces, getting lost in its grandeur and livin’ the good life. 

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