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Introducing France

France is a romantic sunset view. It amazes travelers with its familiar culture; café terraces villages, Square markets. It is all about world class art and architecture. France is a top tourism destination with some 89 million visitors every year to feast on its extraordinary wealth of museums, galleries and hands on cultural experiences. Embrace the advantage of basic regular ceremonies being changed into remarkable minutes. Its great outdoors are thrilling, with endless opportunities and next adventure beginning. And this is where the beauty of la belle France lays is.  

It is one of Europe's biggest nations as it is circumscribed by six nation’s different countries: Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg toward the upper east, Switzerland and Italy toward the southeast and Spain toward the southwest. The United Kingdom borders France through the English Channel. The nation is viewed as the door to Europe as there are a few substantial global air ports (two of these can be found in Paris), ferry terminals and the French rail service. Fall in love with this beauty with our France holiday packages. 

Top Cities of France


Must Know Facts

Best Time to Visit

France has always captivated traveler’s heart thanks to its culinary arts and glorious architecture, but it is also known for its rainfall.  January is somehow the best month to visit France because of the festivity and fun of holiday season lingering in the air, there’s no better way to start the New Year than on the elegant Champs-Elysees in Paris. If you are hoping for to arrange best Valentine’s Day of your life, then you must visit France in February. As Paris is termed as the most romantic city of the world, France is the home to another hidden gem. Spend a great time with your loved one at this romantic destination with our International holiday packages. 

France is great to visit in March especially around Easter, because France it celebrated its holiday with huge enthusiasm. It’s the most important religious festival, so you will find a range of lively Easter markets and events. And with amazing Christmas markets offering gourmet tastings, festivities and fun across the country, December is a wonderful time to visit France. Every year visitors flock in from over the entire world to admire its illuminations. It is best place for clicking dazzling photographs. 


History & Culture

France was one of the main European nations to move from a government state towards a country state, in spite of the fact that for the greater part of the most recent 1,000 years it has seen wars with neighboring nations. Customarily, its armed forces were taught and proficient with fit pioneers, which prompted numerous triumphs in spite of the fact that the monetary and labor costs were high. 

France's acclaimed 'Sun King', Louis XIV, raised the position of authority amid the 30 Years' War from 1618 to 1648, in the meantime spending immense measures of cash developing France's craft scene. Extending Versailles from a straightforward chasing cabin to a grand castle was his most amazing endeavor. Post-war France saw the separation of its staying provincial stations, first in Vietnam and later in Algeria. The Algerian clash almost spilt the country until the then President Charles de Gaulle found a way to end the war and give Algeria autonomy. Accordingly, France surrendered its different possessions, finishing with Vanuatu. The nation, by then dedicated to financial association and a brought together Europe, was at the front line of the establishing of the European Union and the Euro zone.

Until the 18th Century the area has its own distinct customs and traditions even nowadays the nations is a mass of multiple ethnicities and regional diversities. Social class here plays a vital role, as are the regional aspects of cuisine dialect and language and traditions as well. And France is proud of their National identity.  Family values form a major part of culture in France, though they are romantic the France have a practical view of its marriage and survival. Cultural events such as Opera, ballet, classical concerts, theater performances and other traditional events are highly valued. 

People of France are very polite and etiquettes play a strong role here, and the dress code tends to be formal and elegant especially when people dine at some good restaurant or ancient churches and cathedral. France takes a great pride in their language and appreciates you just not expecting them to speak in English. Be a part of France culture with our France holiday packages. 



Metropolitan France is the part of France that is situated in Western Europe toward the southeast of the United Kingdom along the Mediterranean Sea, the Bay of Biscay and the English Channel. The nation additionally has a few abroad domains which incorporate French Guiana in South America and the islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique in the Caribbean Sea, Mayotte in the Southern Indian Ocean and Reunion in Southern Africa.
 Metropolitan France has a differed geology that comprises of level fields or potentially low moving slopes in the north and west, while rest is left of the nation is bumpy with the Pyrenees in the south and the Alps in the east. The most noteworthy point in France is Mont Blanc at 15,771 feet (4,807 m).
The atmosphere of Metropolitan France fluctuates with one's area however a large portion of the nation cool winters and mellow summers, while the Mediterranean district has gentle winters and sweltering summers. Paris, the capital and biggest city of France, has a normal January low temperature of 36˚F (2.5˚C) and a normal July high of 77˚F (25˚C).




Things to Do in France

The Musée du Vin Paris is a social setting in the sixteenth arrondissement situated at 5, square Charles Dickens, Paris beside the Trocadero and the Eiffel Tower. The closest metro station is Passy. The museum opened in 1984, and vouches for the lavishness and assorted variety of the French art of wine making through an exposure to devices and items used to work the grapevine and the wine. This museum pays tribute to evoke their callings. It offers guests the chance to perceive or find conventional devices, now and then unconventional, frequently overlooked, which are presently part of French legacy. 
After a spectacular ascent in glass-walled lifts you are finally here. 276 m up with only the antennae above you, Paris lies at your feet. The noise of boulevards can’t reach you here but a wind surely catches you and your heat begins to race. Witness to the thousands of promises of undying love, the Eiffel tower stirs your emotions. At the top of the tower explore Gustave Eiffel’s office which has been restored to its original condition. 
Seeing the romantic city of Paris by boat is one on the must do list of most visitors to Paris and a Seine Cruise is a very popular way to see Paris. These short cruises allow you to take in many of highlights of the city. However deciding on the right cruise may be tough as there are several companies that provide perfect tours along the Seine River. 
Berthilion- They say its Paris’ best ice cream. It is the most famous and oldest ice cream manufacturer in Paris. It is located in the St. Louis Island, this shop offers a wide variety of ice cream choices to choose for from take away or relax. Its Persian ice creams are made up of Sugar, cream, eggs, and flavoring which derived from natural sources like cocoa, vanilla bean, fruit etc. Choose to have your cone filled with your favorite flavors. 
The Opera de Paris or Paris Opera has had multiple names including “Royal academy of Music and dance”. The foundation of Paris Opera House is made of concrete. The interior is equally decorative with many sculptures and has curved designs. The grand staircase is impressive feature in the interior; they lead into the theatre which seats 1979 people. The ceilings are painted and are lit by chandeliers. 
For glory and majesty, this is the most famous avenue in the world. Basically Champ Elysees means “Elysian fields” which indicates that someone thought this street was heaven on earth. The moments and the history connected to this avenue are worth more than the reality of this place today. This place is worth strolling because of its massive sidewalks with their elegant facades and leafy plane trees. 
See the “City of Lights” lit up for the night on a 1-hour illuminations cruise of Paris. Glide down the River Seine past fabulous monuments ablaze against the night sky. Pass under the shadows of romantic bridges while music serenades you.


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