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Central Europe

Introducing France

France is a romantic sunset view. It amazes travelers with its familiar culture; café terraces villages, Square markets. It is all about world class art and architecture. France is a top tourism destination with some 89 million visitors every year to feast on its extraordinary wealth of museums, galleries and hands on cultural experiences. Embrace the advantage of basic regular ceremonies being changed into remarkable minutes. Its great outdoors are thrilling, with endless opportunities and next adventure beginning. And this is where the beauty of la belle France lays is.  

It is one of Europe's biggest nations as it is circumscribed by six nation’s different countries: Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg toward the upper east, Switzerland and Italy toward the southeast and Spain toward the southwest. The United Kingdom borders France through the English Channel. The nation is viewed as the door to Europe as there are a few substantial global airports (two of these can be found in Paris), ferry terminals and the French rail service. Fall in love with this beauty with our France holiday packages. 

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Must know facts

Best time to visit
France has always captivated traveler’s heart thanks to its culinary arts and glorious architecture, but it is also known for its rainfall.  January is somehow the best month to visit France beca...
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History & culture
France was one of the main European nations to move from a government state towards a country state, in spite of the fact that for the greater part of the most recent 1,000 years it has seen wars with...
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Metropolitan France is the part of France that is situated in Western Europe toward the southeast of the United Kingdom along the Mediterranean Sea, the Bay of Biscay and the English Channel. The nati...
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