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Things To Do In Paris

Paris is instantly recognizable, it is majorly known for its artistic galleries, world class monuments and museums. This city holds its own charm and hence it is also known as the most romantic city. Spending time at this beautiful city will make your trip memorable and cherish it all your life with. Explore it with our International tour Packages. 

Seine River Cruise ticket
Seine River is a prime commercial waterway within Paris Basin in the north of France. It is a 777 kilometers long river considered as the one of the longest rivers flowing completely in France. This gently flowing river has captured the world’s imagination as one of Europe’s most romantic and inspiring rivers. The river route covers several UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Le Havre, Banks of the Seine, Palace and Park of Versailles, Chartres Cathedral, Palace of Fontainebleau and Provins. There are somewhere in the range of 37 connects inside Paris and handfuls all the more crossing the stream outside the city.

Wine Museum
The Musée du Vin Paris is a social setting in the sixteenth arrondissement situated at 5, square Charles Dickens, Paris beside the Trocadero and the Eiffel Tower. The closest metro station is Passy. The museum opened in 1984, and vouches for the lavishness and assorted variety of the French art of wine making through an exposure to devices and items used to work the grapevine and the wine. This museum pays tribute to evoke their callings. It offers guests the chance to perceive or find conventional devices, now and then unconventional, frequently overlooked, which are presently part of French legacy. 
Eiffel tower
After a spectacular ascent in glass-walled lifts you are finally here. 276 m up with only the antennae above you, Paris lies at your feet. The noise of boulevards can’t reach you here but a wind surely catches you and your heat begins to race. Witness to the thousands of promises of undying love, the Eiffel tower stirs your emotions. At the top of the tower explore Gustave Eiffel’s office which has been restored to its original condition. 
Persian ice cream at Berthilion
Berthilion- They say its Paris’ best ice cream. It is the most famous and oldest ice cream manufacturer in Paris. It is located in the St. Louis Island, this shop offers a wide variety of ice cream choices to choose for from take away or relax. Its Persian ice creams are made up of Sugar, cream, eggs, and flavoring which derived from natural sources like cocoa, vanilla bean, fruit etc. Choose to have your cone filled with your favorite flavors. 
Paris Opera House
The Opera de Paris or Paris Opera has had multiple names including “Royal academy of Music and dance”. The foundation of Paris Opera House is made of concrete. The interior is equally decorative with many sculptures and has curved designs. The grand staircase is impressive feature in the interior; they lead into the theatre which seats 1979 people. The ceilings are painted and are lit by chandeliers. 
Segway turns the city into a playground so experience the Paris in a unique way. It is somehow a childhood dream that you never knew you had. This scooter justifies your strength of security with 9’’ wide tires, low riding platform and hydraulic disk brakes. It gradually turns the city into an amusement park, so experience the Budapest in an awesome way. This scooter is a proper beast, with wide wheels. 
Champ Elysees
For glory and majesty, this is the most famous avenue in the world. Basically Champ Elysees means “Elysian fields” which indicates that someone thought this street was heaven on earth. The moments and the history connected to this avenue are worth more than the reality of this place today. This place is worth strolling because of its massive sidewalks with their elegant facades and leafy plane trees. 
chapel of sacred heart
The Chapel is literally and figuratively at the central point of both the University grounds and its locale of students. It possesses a unique position that is difficult to miss from practically any course. The building materials were transported on trucks drawn by bulls and bovines as of nearby stone quarries. The special stepped area with its different blessed figures was likewise made by a neighborhood occupant named Konrad. Back then, the Schulz domain was known as "s' Draiers". 
Paris illumination cruise
See the “City of Lights” lit up for the night on a 1-hour illuminations cruise of Paris. Glide down the River Seine past fabulous monuments ablaze against the night sky. Pass under the shadows of romantic bridges while music serenades you.

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