Best time to visit in Penang Island

Penang can be visited throughout the year, there’s a relatively mild monsoon period between June and September. A usual day at Penang Island consists of sun all through the biggest part of the day, followed by the occasional rain shower at the end of the day. Sometimes it can rain for longer period of time, but it’s normal as it phases tropical climate of Malaysia. 

As a general rule, and as you would expect of the region, it is hot and humid almost all time in Penang and the average year round temperature is fairly steady 28 degrees. However, things really heat up in the months of February and early March. At the same time, however this month are normally blessed with blue skies and also offers great photography opportunities. There is also very less little rain at this time, so this may swing the balance for you. Be a part of this beautiful city with our International tour packages. 

It goes without saying that best weather attracts more tourists, and December – January acts as a very much high season in Penang. Christmas and New year always adds a charm to this island and is termed as the most busy and lively time of the year. 

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