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Introducing Penang Island

Penang is the historic charm, and it is also known as the pearl of orient is one of the most touristic locations of Malaysia. If there’s a more thrilling cocktail of eastern cultures than Penang we have to find it. It serves as a great link between Asia’s great kingdoms and an important outlet to the markets of Europe and Middle East. There are lots and lots of activities and sights in the island; hanging around the beaches is also considered as a fine option. It is a great destination absolutely worth visit. Penang is famous for its cultural diversity; get to know more about Penang with our Malaysia tour packages. 


Must Know Facts

Best Time to Visit

Penang can be visited throughout the year, there’s a relatively mild monsoon period between June and September. A usual day at Penang Island consists of sun all through the biggest part of the day, followed by the occasional rain shower at the end of the day. Sometimes it can rain for longer period of time, but it’s normal as it phases tropical climate of Malaysia. 

As a general rule, and as you would expect of the region, it is hot and humid almost all time in Penang and the average year round temperature is fairly steady 28 degrees. However, things really heat up in the months of February and early March. At the same time, however this month are normally blessed with blue skies and also offers great photography opportunities. There is also very less little rain at this time, so this may swing the balance for you. Be a part of this beautiful city with our International tour packages. 

It goes without saying that best weather attracts more tourists, and December – January acts as a very much high season in Penang. Christmas and New year always adds a charm to this island and is termed as the most busy and lively time of the year. 

History & Culture

Before Penang got its government the island was the part of state of Kedah. Kedah was the most important Indian centre of influence and trade. In ancient texts Kedah is mentioned as the area which had first Malaysian establishments. Kedah somehow played an important role in the history of Malaysia and the Indian merchants first time came to Peninsular Malaysia before 1st century. 

The Indians brought their own religion and culture with them; this is how Hinduism and Buddhism were introduced in Penang. Around the ninth century Muslim traders from India and the Middle East set foot ashore Penang and whatever is left of the Malaysian peninsula. They were also mostly there for the operate to Southeast Asia. In contrast to the Indians (Buddhists and Hinduisms) and Chinese, the Muslims invested a great time in spreading the Islamic religion. The Islam spread rapidly in this region.

Penang attracts those who love arts and culture. It comprises many museums like Penang museum that is housed in the former fortress constructed by British. And as a multicultural destination a UNESCO world heritage site, it is difficult to define the culture of Penang in one word. They openly adopted local beliefs and practices, resulting in the unique culture that is solely their own. 

From rituals, cuisines and language to dressing the Peranakan Chinese have created fusion of cultures that stands as a true hallmark of Penang’s rich multi- cultural diversity. And yes Ramdan is a major event that occurs during the ninth month of Islamic calendar.


A turtle shaped island alongside a waterfront portion of Province Wellesley, on the primary land, Penang is bordered by the State of Kedah toward the north and east and by the State of Perak toward the south. The state extends itself over 1046.3 square kilometers and is situated on the north-western bank of Malay Peninsula. The island is secured by narrow beach front fields, forests, coastal plains and hills.  
Geographically the state is isolated into two segments, the Penang Island and the Province Wellesley. Penang Island extends itself more than 293 square kilometers of land and is arranged in the Straits of Malacca. Area Wellesley is a limited channel that extends itself more than 753 square kilometers of land and is limited by Kedah in the north and east, and by Perak in the south. 
Penang experiences equatorial climate with warm and humid weather throughout the year. Days are warm and sunny with temperature of around 30 degree Celsius and nights are quite cool with temperature around 22 degree Celsius. It is dry in the months of January and February. Rainfall is very heavy is experienced especially from August to November. 


Places to visit in Penang Island

Bird Park

Bird Park

Penang Island


Things to Do in Penang Island

Take a trishaw ride through Penang’s heritage streets
Immerse yourself in a true authentic Penang experience with a tour in an ancient traditional trishaw. The famous three-wheeled taxi will take you on a memorable adventure, letting you relish great sights and suspire the atmosphere of Malaysia's streets and bustle. Cycle past the core of the city's UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Cafes have now become somewhat of rage and popular weekend activity. Penang is undoubtedly not short of great cafes, whether you’re a local seeking some coffee and grub on weekends, or a visitor to the city looking for a place to dine in. There is nothing better than kicking back at a mind-blowing cafe spot after a day of exploring this historically and culturally rich city. You’ll notice a distinctive feature of the Penang (or Georgetown) cafe scene is that they are generally housed within restored colonial shophouses, which makes for a refreshing and uniquely Penang cafe experience.  Give the enduring China House a visit for a great ambience – with its live music and good food, you are sure to have a good time. The best-selling is their Tiramisu Cake. Lavish Fusion Bakery is another good option. Situated in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of George Town, the instagoals cafe features a lot of green space and a vertical indoor garden. Besides hot Favorites menu of pasta and brunch dishes. Lavish Fusion Bakery is popular for its over-the-top Cronuts. Coming in flavours from Lemon Booze to Salted Egg, each stack of flaky cronuts is paired with ice cream and a special sauce.Belle and Cream -When you've never had a cheesecake burned before, you'd better get on the train soon. This popular Basque style of cheesecake has taken the Malaysian cafe scene by storm, with many cafes making their dessert renditions Brought next door by the Australian-inspired Chapel Street Cafe in Georgetown, Belle and Cream specialize in two things: cheesecakes and bubble tea. Do not miss on the Rabbit x Hold Up - a fusion model in Georgetown for the iconic Rabbit Softserve, serving coffee and stirring up a fast-moving line of handcrafted ice cream. Or if you want a scrumptious and hearty brunch that won’t disappoint, head towards The Twelve Cups at the WhiteAways Arcade, one of Penang’s oldest and most famous cafe establishments. For Tropical laid back vacation, Matcho Café has the ambience to experience. Decked out in rattan chairs, wooden tables, hanging swings and an abundance of leafy plants café’s menu has a range of savoury bites like Penne Pasta Bowls and loaded Matcho Fries, as well as a wider selection of sweet treats. There must try are Rose or Matcha pancake stacks, which comes with toppings, a scoop of ice cream and a pour-over sauce they also have a selection of cakes and chilled desserts like Matcha Tiramisu. Cafe Narrow Marrow is quite a contrast in comparison to other bright aesthetic cafes. Its gritty industrial style, with bare concrete walls and retro flourishes. This cafe specializes in a freshly made wide variety of creative and colourful Cheesecakes and signature Tiramisu creations   
Make a splash with some water sports
A private water sports centre, Penang Water Sports Center is the hub of water sports. Not only it offers kayaks, canoes and boats for rent, this centre also boasts complete facilities which include shower rooms, camps and hostels. The best part about this place is that the rates are pretty reasonable and affordable. Thiscentre has also played host to a number of water sports events such as the Dragon Boat Festival. Beach volleyball, beach soccer and spot fishing are also some of the interesting activities that are available at the centre.


Happy Travellers

Thanks to FLAMINGO It Was Our Excellent Dream Trip
Thanks to FLAMINGO It Was Our Excellent Dream Trip

Thanks to FLAMINGO It Was Our Excellent Dream Trip

This was our first trip at abroad, we were having lots of questions with us how will be the company, will get Jain food and many more but with flamingo the answers was yes we got best company and excellent food all over the trip. We didn't only get Jain food but we got full Gujarati dish "Shikhand Puri", "Pani Puri", "Puran Puri", and many Indian dishes, it was really very surprising for us. The hotels provide by them for stay were also so good. The tour manager Devarshi Mam itself was so supportive. We never realized that tour manager is with us she was like our family member. She was so friendly by nature and knowledgeable person to guide us. Thanks to FLAMINGO.It was our excellent dream trip. I would rate 5 stars out of 5.
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I had unique combination with having a smallest age member of my family and two senior citizen. So i knew from start that this is going to be very difficult for me and also my infant daughter doesn't eat anything other then some specific food. 

But i was relieved much by the way our Tour Manager Vishal was handling us and the rest of the group. With all his experience and wisdom he gave us the right instructions and with all specific important things to be taken care of be it immigration, check in, lunch sightseeing etc. 

The food part was always very good and with all varieties of food.  My only disappointment was despite of my information while tour booking about my daughter who is only 3 years food necessities like milk, banana, etc was not taken care of I think the cost of these basic small needs was not much and would not have hurt flamingos profit, in fact flamingo could have asked for extra charge which would have borned by me.

My entire family with me enjoyed the tour and the sightseeing very much and I think it's a great team work and extra effort of people like Vishal who make you win our hearts and mind. 

I am attaching some of our pics which I would say is the best tours of my life and flamingo made this happen for us. 

So Congrats to flamingo and special thanks to vishal and Devraj. Devraj was able to convince me for booking the tour at the moment where I had only come for comparison between you and your Competetitors both for cost and features of the tour. 

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