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Introducing Mauritius

The mesmerizing destination Mauritius has plenty to offer to tourist from across the world. It is a quintessential island holiday destination offering alluring tropical waters to its landscapes flanked by green sugarcane and it’s literally got something for everyone. Visitors are completely sold by peace and tranquility by it’s amidst natural beauty. It is a very famous spot for honeymooners because of its beaches, islands, forts, parks, museums, shopping hubs and monuments. Pictures are never enough to describe this destination, so plan your holiday now!

Must know facts

Best time to visit
Mauritius is located in southwest Indian Ocean and enjoys a tropical climate which is affected by southeast trade winds. The weather here is pleasant throughout the year and water temperatures are als...
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History & culture
While Arab mariners found the uninhabited woods island of Mauritius during the ninth century, and then by the Portuguese in 1505, it was the Dutch who initially started to colonize the island, taking ...
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The island Mauritius is located 1,200 miles off the southeastern coast of Africa in and has a surface area of 720 square miles, which is situated just above the Tropic of Capricorn in the south of Ind...
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