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Introducing Bangkok

Bangkok welcomes numerous visitors throughout the year and you don’t even realize why. Bangkok is the city of contrasts with action at every turn. Marvel at the gleaming temples along with bustling china town and long tail boat through floating markets. Food is the highlight of Bangkok but rooftop bars in Bangkok plays a vital role and will surely draw your attention. Bangkok, Thailand’s capital is large city known for highly decorated and vibrant street life. It is truly color and majesty. 

The city of Angles has funky streets, vibrant nightlife and riverside full of surprises. And do you know what is the great part of Bangkok?  Say a big good bye to traffic Jams!! Thanks to city’s modern Sky train and underground system that cover a large area. Whether your trip is Business or pleasure, Bangkok bursts with exciting opportunities. And perhaps, best of all Bangkok has got to be one of the best- value dinning destinations in the world, explore it with our Thailand tour packages


Must know facts

Best time to visit
Bangkok appreciates a tropical atmosphere which implies its warm year around and can likewise be humid and rain. The best time to visit Bangkok is among November and February. This is Thailand's cool ...
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History & culture
Bangkok is a country that is based on a few unmistakable columns, including Buddhism and Monarchy. Current Thailand is affected by religion, despite the fact that since the turn of the twentieth centu...
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Bangkok city covers a region of 1,568.7 square kilometers (605.7 sq mi), positioning 69th among the other 76 territories of Thailand. Of this, around 700 square kilometers (270 sq mi) frame the develo...
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