Best time to visit in Chicago

Chicago is primarily known for its beautiful summers and cold winters. Every season here offers a compelling reason to spend some time in neighborhoods of the city. So best time to visit Chicago depends on what you are looking for. Spring is typically the wettest season of Chicago, winter chills often stick around through March and to April. It is somehow the best time to enjoy perks of Chicago with our U.S tour packages from Ahmedabad. 

The summer months offer Chicago’s most beautiful weather but you still have to deal with beating sun and bit of humidity. You will see people floaking to giant events like taste of Chicago and enjoying the weather on rooftops. And yes beginning of falls is the best and perfect time to visit Chicago with our International tour packages. 

This City greets winter with average cold snap in the Mid west or east coast, temperature drop at 30’s and below during most of the winter. 

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