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6 Treks in Scandinavia That’ll Take Your Breath Away!!!

By Gopi Solia on Aug 8, 2017
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The Scandinavian trio is known for its exquisite beauty. Norway, Sweden and Denmark are known for peace and serenity, fun and frolic, excitement and adventure. So, let’s take a look at some of the best of trekking routes in Scandinavia.

Scandinavia Holiday Tour Packages are known for offering trip to picturesque panoramas and majestic Fjords and all the fun and openness that it comes with! Let’s take a look at some of the best hiking trails in Denmark, Norway and Sweden:

1. Kungsleden (Sweden):


Literally translated as King’s Trail, Kungsleden is one of the most famous trekking routes in Sweden. The land has remained away from the wrath of human in habitation and so the beauty here remains intact.  You can take a hike from the Abisko Mountain Station to the Saami Village of Nikkaluokta. This trail passes through one of Europe’s largest wilderness areas. If you are visiting Sweden and wish to go on an excursion in the far north, then Kungsleden is your place!

2. Besseggen Ridge (Norway):


Besseggen Ridge is one of the most famous hiking places in Europe. It is home to the highest mountain peak in the Northern Europe. The Besseggen Ridge is a trek that is surrounded with some of the tallest mountains in North Europe and has alpine diversity. It is a beautiful region with some amazing lakes like Gjende and Bessvatnet. The trek might seem too steep in the beginning, but you’ll get through in 5-7 hours. Enjoy!

3. Keipen (Norway):


Your trip to Norway is incomplete without visiting the Geirangerfjord. The Keipen summit is comparatively difficult, but it will give you the best view of the entire fjord. It takes at least 8-10 hours to be back. The best part of this trek is that there aren’t many people around, so you can be one with nature. If you are up for the hike, then capture this UNESCO World Heritage fjord from Keipen peak, you will not regret it!

4. Camønoen (Denmark):


When in Scandinavia, if you are looking for some easy hiking, then Camønoen is just the ideal trail for you. The highlight of this trail is the Mount Klint. These limestone peaks lie in the eastern end of the Baltic Sea. The difficulty level is almost negligible and the view is just amazing. It is just ideal for all ages and hiking enthusiasts.

5. Padjelanta Trail (Sweden):


Located in the north-western lands of Sweden, this trail is one of the bests you will find! It is a trail that is spread across 93 miles. It has uniquely amalgamated culture and natural beauty in a way that this trek looks like heaven. While hiking on this trail, you will have a chance to visit various villages. The area in the Padjelanta trail is one that is a part of the earliest inhabitation by the Sami people. This trail is rich with history, culture and of course natural beauty and it is a must!

6. Øhavsstien (Denmark):


This is known to be the longest hiking trip that you will have in Denmark. The best time for trekking in this region is in June. The Hike is usually divided into seven parts to make it easier. This 220-kilometre long trail will lead your way through some beautiful panoramas and poppy fields. Major trekking events take place in this part of the country. Although, it is a longer route, it isn’t too difficult. It’s easily enjoyable!

Happy hiking, Happy Travelling!

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