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A List Of 10 Best Places To Visit In India In January With Your Family!

By Nikita Karia on Oct 3, 2022
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A new year, new beginnings, and a new list of places to visit! Isn’t it ideal for planning your trip schedule for the following year and making reservations as soon as possible?

In that vein, if you are looking for the best destinations to explore in January, It’s a good thing you found us. There are numerous places to visit in India in January. You won’t break the bank doing it and will also have a terrific time.

Given the pleasant weather, January is an ideal month to plan your trip. Most tourist attractions will be open for you because it won’t be too hot or rainy.

Do not be stuck and confused about where to travel in India in January. Be it Nainital in Uttarakhand or Kochi in Kerala, there are infinite places that you can travel to in January. Set off on the best adventure of your life with your tickets, luggage, and a bucket list.

Places to Visit in January In India

Though there must be several places in India to visit around the year, the best places to visit in January in India 2022-23 are as below:

1. Diu

Image Source : https://res.cloudinary.com/

For those seeking a pleasant getaway away from the busy crowds, Diu tourism is still a major lure. The area was once a calming retreat for the Portuguese. The picturesque sea beaches, mild weather, and calm surroundings of January perfectly set up this place, and it ranks among the best places to visit in India in January.

Around this time of year, Asia’s longest beach festival, the Festa De Diu, takes place. During this time, the entire island of Diu is dressed to the nines.

The picturesque landscape, wonderful weather, and numerous tourist places in Diu will attract you. Explore Diu and its surroundings with our Diu with Sasan Gir tour packages.

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How to reach Diu?

You can reach Diu by air, road, and rail. You can fly to Diu airport from most Indian cities. Alternatively, you can travel by train to Una – the closest railway station to Diu. If you wish to drive to Diu, you can travel by public bus or private car from Ahmedabad.

Places to Visit in Diu

  • Nagoa beach
  • Diu museum
  • Zampa Gateway
  • Diu Fort
  • Gangeshwar temple

Things to do in Diu

  • Bonfire on beach
  • Attend Festa De Diu
  • Party at Casa Luxo bar
  • Go bird watching
  • Indulge in water activities

2. Jawai – Rajasthan

Image Source : https://www.thournatureresorts.com/

Jawai in the Sumerpur Tehsil of the Pali district is more or less an undiscovered place. It provides much more than one could imagine. For tourists looking to get away from it all in rural India, Jawai offers scenic beauty, wildlife, and nature. It’s not surprising that Jawai leopard safaris are one of the most popular things to do there.

Between October and April is the best time to travel to Jawai. A variety of migrating species arrive throughout the winter when the weather is dry and less humid. Leopard sightings are also very common during these months.

All in all, Jawai is spectacular.  BookJawai Hotel Deals 2 Nights Packages and visits it for the mesmerizing natural beauty, unique landscape, wildlife, and excellent food.  Know more about this rustic place with our video – A Land of Wild Leopards Jawai With Flamingo Transworld.

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How to reach Jawai?

Jodhpur and Udaipur, the closest airports, are within easy reach of Jawai. You can travel by train from Delhi. It is an overnight ten to twelve hours ride. You can opt for Falna or Mori Bera train station.

Places to Visit in Jawai

  • Jawai Bandh
  • Jawai Hills
  • Dev Giri Temple
  • Abhinav Mahaveer Dham

Things to do in Jawai

  • Bird watching
  • Crocodile spotting
  • Leopard safari
  • Camel Ride
  • Take in the stunning Jawai Bandh

3. Polo Forest – Gujarat

Image Source : https://www.gujarattourism.com

The Polo forest of Gujarat stretches over an area of 400 square kilometers near the village of Abhapur in the Sabarkantha district. It is on the banks of the enduring river Harnav in the Aravalli mountain foothills.

Polo forest lies near the Rajasthan border on Gujarat’s northern side. There are no entry fees – zero ticket price for the Polo Forest.  Enjoy the walk into the wild. Explore the Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary. Among the architectural wonders of the 15th century are the Polo monuments, which give a glimpse into the history of that century. Choosing our Udaipur and Polo Forest Special Tour Package will enable you to explore the best of both worlds.

How to reach Polo Forest?

The easiest way to get to the Polo Forest is via vehicle. The closest places to the Polo forest are Ahmedabad and Udaipur, which are separated by 160 km and 120 km, respectively. You can use a bus to get to Idar as well as private cars and jeeps.

Places to Visit in Polo Forest

  • Shiv Shakti temple
  • Vanaj Dam
  • Idar Forest
  • Sharaneshwar temple

Things to do in Polo Forest

  • Caving
  • Rappelling
  • Forest Trekking
  • Campfire
  • Bicycle races

4. Meghalaya – Nagaland

Image Source : https://images.hindustantimes.com/

The state of Meghalaya is one of the most beautiful in North-East India offering a wide range of sights, activities, food, and festivals to tourists. When combined with the white clouds, Meghalaya’s hills, valleys, lakes, caves, and waterfalls can mesmerize you.

Double-decker Root Bridge, Mawsynram, and Mawlynnong are just a few popular tourist places in Meghalaya.

It is a great time to enjoy autumn as well as winter between October and February. This is the best time to visit Meghalaya. Enjoy the stunning beauty of nature at its best as you explore the best of Meghalaya with Flamingo Transworld.

How to reach Meghalaya?

Meghalaya has great road connectivity to most major cities of our country. You can reach Shillong via Guwahati on the national highway. You can opt for private or government buses or choose to drive by yourself.

The closest railway station is Guwahati. From the station opt for a cab to reach Shillong. The closest and most feasible airport is the Guwahati Airport.

Places to Visit in Meghalaya

  • Mawsynram
  • Baghmara
  • Tura
  • Dawki
  • Mawsmai Cave

Things to do in Meghalaya

  • Immerse in the Jowai’s sublime beauty.
  • Visit Williamnagar
  • Explore the Balpakram National Park.
  • Camping and water sports at Umiam Lake
  • Walk Among Amazing Living Root Bridges

5. Kaziranga – Assam

Image Source : https://i0.wp.com/

Known as one of India’s national treasures for its flora and fauna, Kaziranga National Park is the largest sanctuary for one-horned rhinos on earth. This park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has been the pinnacle of wildlife conservation in India. This national park, which receives a substantial amount of rain every year, is known for its grasslands, marshlands, and tall tropical broadleaf forests. It is officially declared a tiger reserve and boasts one of the largest tiger populations in the world. As a result, it has become one of the must-see places to visit in India in January 2022-23. Opt for our Assam-Meghalaya tour packages and explore this beautiful and underrated state.

How to reach Kaziranga?

Roads are easily accessible, and there are numerous airports and train stations close by in Kaziranga. The closest railroad station is Furkating, and it takes just one hour to get to Kaziranga from there. There is an airport, 97 kilometers from Kaziranga, called Jorhat Airport. The region’s well-developed road systems make it simple to travel to Kaziranga by car.

Places to Visit in Kaziranga

  • Orang National Park
  • Tea Gardens
  • Kakochang Waterfalls
  • Orchid Park
  • Manas National Park

Things to do in Kaziranga

  • Jungle Jeep Safari
  • Explore Orchid National Park
  • Bird Watching
  • Elephant Safari
  • Visit Kaziranga Orchid National Park

6. Kochi – Kerala

Image Source : https://static.toiimg.com/

The true essence of Kerala can be experienced by visiting Kochi tourist places during a trip to Kerala. Kochi is one of the most well-liked tourist attractions in Kerala because of its stunning backwaters. There is nothing quite like the rich mix of cultures and architecture found in Kochi Tourism, which has been influenced by British, Arabs, Portuguese, and Chinese influences.

Every iconic landmark is worth a visit in Kochi, whether it is a tea farm, a spice farm, a coastal area, or other sights. Learn more about the history, art, heritage, and features that make Kochi a treasure of Kerala with our Kerala tour packages.

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How to reach Kochi?

You can fly in at Kochi at Cochin International Airport. Most of India’s major cities provide daily flights to Cochin. Most trains from across the country that travel to Kerala make a stop in Kochi. Kochi is also well-connected to major Indian cities and other states.

Places to Visit in Kochi

  • Mattancherry
  • Fort Kochi
  • Marine Drive
  • Areekkal Waterfalls
  • Bolgatty Island

Things to do in Kochi

  • Take a Fort Kochi Heritage Walk.
  • Walk Kathakali performance
  • Go Birdwatching at Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary
  • Watch a Kalaripayattu performance
  • Explore the ancient forts and palaces in Kochi

7. Nainital – Uttarakhand

Image Source : https://i.pinimg.com/

Nainital is one of the best places to visit in India in January for a honeymoon. If you are looking for a quiet, relaxing vacation, this hill station in Uttarakhand is a must-see. Nainital has a pleasant climate all year, making it a popular hill station for couples, families, and even solo travelers.

Nainital has everything you might want for a leisure trip. There are plenty of Nainital hotels and resorts on the hillside.

We offer Traveler’s Paradise – Nainital and Corbett Tour Packages that cater to all your travel needs, whether you intend to boat in Lake Naini, enjoy Garhwali and Kumaoni cuisine, or soak in the Himalayan beauty from Snow View Point.

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How to reach Nainital?

Choose Pantnagar Airport to reach Nainital. The airport is around seventy kilometers away from the city center. The closest train station is Kathgodam, twenty-three kilometers away from the city. Alternatively, you can also take public transportation.

Places to Visit in Nainital

  • Naini Lake
  • Nainital Zoo
  • Mall Road
  • Aerial Ropeway
  • The Mall Road.

Things to do in Nainital

  • Experience Nainital’s ropeway cable cars.
  • Go paragliding
  • Go on an exciting hike at Tiffin’s Top.
  • Stroll on the Mall Road
  • Explore Eco Cave Garden

8. Panchmarhi – Madhya Pradesh

Image Source : https://www.mptourism.com/

The only hill station in the state is Pachmarhi, which is Madhya Pradesh’s highest point. At 1,067 meters above sea level, It is said that Pachmarhi is the Queen of the Satpura Range. Leopards and bison can be seen in this region of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, making it one of the popular places to visit in Madhya Pradesh.

The Panchmarhi Hill Station is often cited as Madhya Pradesh’s greenest vacation spot. Visitors can experience tranquility on this gorgeous hilltop, which adds to its charm. The region has rich and unique flora and fauna, explore the exotic wilderness of this beautiful place with our Pachmarhi Tour packages.

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How to reach Panchmarhi?

It takes 2 hours to get to Jabalpur and around an hour to get to Itarsi from Pachmarhi, 47 km from Pipariya on the Itarsi-Jabalpur rail line. Another option is to travel from Bhopal, which is around 210 kilometers distant, using public transportation. The Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation has begun running deluxe buses that take eight hours to go to Pachmarhi from Nagpur. There are no nonstop flights to Panchmarhi. The closest airport is located 238.4 kilometers away in Bhopal.

Places to Visit in Panchmarhi

  • Jata Shankar Caves
  • Bee Falls
  • Satpura National Park
  • Chauragarh Temple
  • Apsara Vihar

Things to do in Panchmarhi

  • ATV Ride
  • Jeep Parasailing
  • Explore the Pandava Caves
  • Watch Wildlife
  • Visit Dhoopgarh

9. Mumbai – Maharashtra

Image Source : https://w0.peakpx.com/

Dreams are made and fulfilled in Mumbai!

Mumbai is truly unique, from the jam-packed railway platforms to the famous Dabbawalas, from suburban slums to multi-millionaires, and from Bollywood to vada pavs. If you are planning a trip to this city, make sure you visit the best tourist places in Mumbai to experience the bustling effervescence of the city.

In October and March, when it’s not too humid or hot and there have been no rains, it is the best time to visit Mumbai. Mumbai has no shortage of places to get away from the daily grind of life, whether it’s with a group of wild friends, a devoted family, or a romantic couple. Mumbai is one of the apt and must-visit places to visit in India in January.

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How to reach Mumbai?

Air travel is the quickest method of reaching Mumbai. Numerous flights connect the city to nearly all major and minor cities throughout the world. The Santa Cruz domestic airport is the one to opt for if you are flying from any Indian city. It has two main railway hubs: the Chatrapati Shivaji Terminal and the Mumbai Central Railway Station, which serve express trains and trains from other parts of the country. From Mumbai, there are road connections to every region of the nation. It has better roads than the rest of the nation.

Places to Visit in Mumbai

  • Gateway of India
  • Marine Drive
  • Hanging Gardens
  • Colaba Causeway
  • Jehangir Art Gallery

Things to do in Mumbai

  • Gorge on Mumbai street food
  • Visit Mumbai Film City
  • Enjoy wildlife viewing at Sanjay Gandhi National Park.
  • Watch the sunset at Juhu Beach
  • Observe the stars at the Nehru Planetarium.

10. Ajanta Ellora Caves – Maharashtra

Image Source : https://www.indiaimagine.com/

The Ajanta and Ellora caves near Aurangabad are two of the best instances of ancient caves with rock carvings. The caves of Ajanta and Ellora are famous for their paintings, frescoes, beautiful sculptures, temples, and Buddhist monasteries. The UNESCO-listed Ajanta and Ellora caves are very well-liked among tourists from all over the world.

Ajanta Caves are predominantly Buddhist structures that are 99 kilometers north of Aurangabad, serving as a retreat for Buddhist monks. There is a better balance of Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist sites in Ellora, which is only 15 km west of Aurangabad. Thus making both the Ajanta and Ellora caves one of the popular places to visit in Aurangabad.

How to reach Ajanta Ellora Caves?

The distance between Ajanta and Ellora caves is roughly 100 kilometers. The nearest airport, Jalgaon, is 50 kilometers from the Ajanta Caves and has connecting flights from Mumbai and Ahmedabad. The city that is closest to Ellora Caves is Aurangabad. Ajanta is around 100 miles away, while Ellora is about 30 kilometers away. Most major cities in India have flights to and from Aurangabad Airport. India’s two railway junctions with the best connections are those at Aurangabad and Jalgaon.

Places to Visit in Ajanta Ellora Caves

  • Ajanta Caves
  • Ellora Caves
  • Grishneshwar Temple
  • The Buddhist Caves
  • Bibi Ka Makbara

Things to do in Ajanta Ellora Caves

  • Explore Buddhist culture
  • Visit the Kailasa Temple
  • Trek up to the Daulatabad Fort
  • Shop at the open-air markets

Travel to one of these destinations in January to give yourself the break you need to put 2022 behind you. Refresh, revitalize, and start 2023 off on the right foot. Visit Flamingo Transworld to plan your January 2023 holidays.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Places to Visit in India in January

Where in India should tourists go in January?

Visit Jawai, Diu, Kaziranga, Meghalaya, Panchmarhi, etc.

Which hill station is best to tour in January?

Panchmarhi, Mahabaleshwar, Matheran, etc.

Which locations have the most beautiful winters?

Kaziranga, Panchmarhi, Jawai, Diu, etc.

Which state experiences the best winters?

Uttarakhand, Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, etc.

Where can I go in January that is both affordable and enjoyable?

Nainital, Kaziranga, Diu, Jawai, Kochi, Polo Forest, etc.

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