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Is Group Tour A Good Idea?

By Prashant Jha on Sep 11, 2017
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Moving out on a group tour soon? Read the below article that may help you to shield off the situations that could rise while traveling in a group.

Traveling is an activity that provides you a platform to travel and explore your favorite destinations. It indeed brings lots of freshness and recreation in life and at the same time it also takes away all the energies, time and of course a bit of your money. But what to care if you are all left with some beautiful memories to cherish for lifetime isn’t it? Well, there are times when a holiday plan in a group too seems to be welcoming.


For most obvious reasons, you feel grinned as you will be traveling to a destination and exploring its corners either with your friends or family. However, at times, there have always been the situations when people traveling in group find their inner minds conflicting, adjusting and compromising during the trip. To keep it simple, group traveling may have its own share of pros and cons and may give you some sweet and sour experiences during the tour.

Some of the common scenarios in group traveling include:

1. Planning and Organizing


While traveling alone, you are your own organizer and planner. You can take your halts and can start to explore whenever you want. But, this thing becomes impossible when traveling in a group. Most of the time, you have to be with the decisions of group members. Even if you want to have a part of your own time, you simply cannot, as moving with group is always a priority.

2. Hurdles At Accommodations

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Lodging plays one of the pivotal roles in traveling when you can sit back, relax or upload your travel pics and videos in social media channels. However, while being in a group all those moments of privacy, silence and quietness might not be there. Your sleeping may get obstructed by chit chats of your group and even you may have to wait for your turn to use washrooms or mirror to get ready.

3. Shopping


Traveling not only includes exploring the places around, but there are various other activities to keep it more engaging. One of them is the shopping. You may be the one who likes to have more of window shopping than to spend your time analyzing the articles in a shop. But at the same time you may fed up when you are traveling in a group which has some hardcore shopaholics!

4. At The Dining Table


This is the place where everyone likes to have his/her favorite food. Even the twins have different taste buds. It’s not like you may not be asked about your favorite dish by your group members. But, this too involves two cases. If you have the habit to eat fast then you may have to wait for your fellow group members to complete their food. And in case if you are the one who enjoys the food eating slowly, then you may have to make it fast always when you are with them on the dining table.


There may be a point of time when you might be in between horns of dilemma to travel in a group. No doubt, many individuals have this confusion. But traveling in group always includes security. You may always want to avoid those wailing infants, long gossips and lots more, but you always feel protected while traveling in a group at a new place. At least, you will have people around who know you and to whom you know very well.

So what’s your take?

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