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Top 7 Interesting Places To Visit In Spain

By Harsh Joshi on Apr 4, 2018
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Planning a vacation to Spain? Read this article to know more on 7 interesting places to visit in Spain.

We all are looking for new experiences in life. Don’t we? Traveling is one of the best ways in which we can add great experiences and memories to life. Spain is a wonderful holiday destination that is sure to add some beautiful, unique experiences to your life. Spain has a very rich heritage and is also one of the oldest cultures of the world. Europe Holiday Tour Packages are popular for the variety of activities and destinations that this lovely Country has to offer.


Here are top 7 interesting places you could explore when in Spain.

1. Madrid:


Madrid is the Capital of Spain and is a treat for people who love art. There is a lot of heritage and art that you can explore in this city. Picasso’s famous work is in Madrid at Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia. You can also enjoy shopping and entertainment in this city and not to forget its bubbling nightlife. A trip to Spain would be incomplete without having explored Madrid.

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2. Barcelona:


Barcelona is one of Spain’s most loved cities. It is among-st the most frequently visited places in Spain and has a lot to offer. With amazing nightclubs to scenic natural beauty and from architectural marvels to everything else this city by the sea has to offer, Barcelona is truly fun and travelers are sure to enjoy time spent here.

3. Seville:


Seville is among-st Spain’s beautiful compact cities. This place is a great destination for short visit. Seville is famous for its orange trees, tapas bars and its flamenco. You could enjoy some time spent by the banks of Guadalquivir and admire the view of different architectural beauties around the city.

4. Malaga:


Malaga is the place in Spain to head to for the perfect Mediterranean vibe. This is city is quite laid back and is a great place for you to relax and enjoy. Malaga is almost happening through out the year and has a lot to offer. One of the most beautiful things about it is the beach. You are sure to fall in love with the beaches and the food in Malaga.

5. Valencia:


Valencia happens to be the third largest city in Spain and years of development has made this place to be a very dynamic city. With impressive modern and ancient architecture and a lot of different activities, Valencia is a fun to be in city. You could enjoy the nightlife here or visit the interesting museums. You could go around shopping or simply walking in the city and all of it is enjoyable.

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6. Granada:


Listed among-st the top most beautiful places in Spain, Granada is a spectacular destination offering unique and wonderful experiences. There is a perfect traditional and cultural balance that you would find in this city. It is home to the world famous Alhambra and also has abundance of great architectural sights. Granada is a great experience to have from your Spain trip.

7. Ibiza:


Ibiza has one of the finest European beaches and offers a great experience when it comes to food, nightlife and outside excursions like seeing the hilltop or visiting the island of Formentera. A destination with a lot of energy, Ibiza can be a good place to head to on Spain tour packages.

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