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When you hear the mention of the country of the United States of America, the first thought that pops up in all our heads is that of it being a superpower of the world. But apart from its commendable progress, this country has such a wide variety of beautiful holiday destinations to choose from, that one’s USA tour will end up becoming the most vibrant and intriguing one of their life!

Leading destinations that can be enjoyed with USA Group Tour Packages

The USA has a lot of unique travel destinations one can opt for, right from some of the most well-developed cities in the world to immense natural beauty! We have put together a list of must-visit places that should be included while selecting the USA group tour packages.

New York City

People from all across the globe are highly intrigued about the biggest and most glamorous city in the world and it deserves all the hype! The skyscrapers one will come across in New York are unparallel to any other city and the morning sun just adds to its beauty. You will witness a lifestyle unlike any other over here.

Los Angeles

If the glam of Hollywood is something that has intrigued you, then Los Angeles is a must-have during your USA tour. Not only will you get a glimpse into the starry life, but will also witness some iconic spots here.


For people who are looking for some fun and adventure during their trip, then Orlando is something that will definitely impress you. The world-famous Universal Studios are also situated here.

Washington DC

The capital of the USA, this is the place from which one should ideally start their USA tour. This city is filled with museums and other such reflections of the rich history of this nation.

Most Popular USA Group Tours 

Package Name



American Eminence

22 Nights
/ 23 Days

₹ 5,73,780

American Eureka

21 Nights
/ 22 Days

₹ 5,32,300

American Experience

15 Nights
/ 16 Days

₹ 4,34,430

American Escape

12 Nights
/ 13 Days

₹ 3,31,970

American Experience East

5 Nights
/ 6 Days

₹ 1,63,940

Why choose our America Group Tours Packages?

The USA is such a vast country in terms of size and also the variety of holiday destinations it has to offer that planning a trip over here might get overwhelming as well as confusing for travel enthusiasts. This is why the smarter thing to do is to trust the experts with this. Flamingo Transworld has a proper understanding of the customers’ needs due to its immense experience and expertise in travel planning. The group tours USA offered by us are of varied kinds taking into consideration the different types of travel priorities and wishes people have with the utmost convenience possible.

Best time to visit the USA

Due to the great expanse of this country, the weather varies tremendously from state to state. And unfavorable weather can hamper the fun of the America group tours. The seasons of Spring and Fall are considered to be the right time to visit this country. The duration of May to September of the year is a pleasant time to head off on the USA group tour packages.
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