Best time to visit in Leh

The best time to visit the magnificent region of Leh (and Ladakh too) depends on whether you want to brave the cold and be rewarded with dreamy, heaven-like landscapes in winter or rather pick summer when the temperatures are more bearable and the land is buzzing with movement and activity. To summarize, summer sets in in April and this is the most comfortable time to visit – also the peak season for tourists.

By late April, the Ladakhi lakes of Pangong Tso and Tso Moriri start to melt and clear skies become backdrops to stupas and monasteries in May. The roads start to open up in June when the Srinagar-Manali-Leh circuit is active. During the months of July and August the temperatures become even more favourable and a lot of festivals like Hemis and Sachukul are celebrated during this time. In September, tourists start to thin out and accommodation prices dip. Slowly, winter sets in in October and cold completely takes over in November – peaking in December and January as everything is covered in snow until February. In March the days become brighter, beckoning sunnier days. 

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