Best time to visit in Jaipur

The month of winters starting from November to March is the best time to visit Jaipur and other regions of Rajasthan. During this season the weather ranges between 8 degrees to 32 degrees Celsius. Summer season in Rajasthan is extremely hot and sightseeing is not enjoyable due to the weather conditions. On the other hand monsoons are quite hot and humid which is not suitable for travelling. January is a best month to visit Jaipur because of some festivals like Kite festival, Jaipur literature festival. In the month of March Jaipur celebrates the Elephant festival, a day before Holi is celebrated. 

Winter in Jaipur (October to March):

Winter season is the best time to visit Jaipur as the temperature in this season is comparatively pleasant. The cold evening temperatures may dip to 5 degrees Celsius and one must carry warm clothes. As winter is considered as the best time to visit Jaipur, the city area might be crowded as tourists from all over the world travel to Jaipur in this season. Festivals like kite-flying festival in January and the Jaipur Literature Festival attracts a lot of travelers to the city. 

Monsoon in Jaipur (July to September):

Monsoon is a good time to visit Jaipur in its natural hue. Jaipur doesn’t experience much rainfall and so sightseeing doesn’t get disturbed. The temperature during this time ranges between 27 degrees to 34 degrees Celsius which is slightly cooler than summer. Some rain makes the surroundings look fresh and radiant, adding to the beauty of the pink city. 

Summer in Jaipur (April to June):

Jaipur is a semi-desert city. Summer months starting from March to June are known to be extremely hot. During this period the temperature ranges from 34 degrees Celsius to as high as 40 degree Celsius. Exploring the city in scorching heat gets a little difficult and tiring. Travelers need to keep themselves hydrated as the heat can be really bothering. However, summer season is when the Elephant Festival is celebrated in Jaipur. It is held in the month of March. During this festival the entire city is loaded with entertainment and happiness.

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