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Things To Do In Melbourne

 Melbourne is a hip, dynamic metropolis, with exciting city center, unique characters, lush green parks, and mountain ranges. It is a city with best with amazing streets arts which makes the city much more beautiful. Have fun, make memories and cherish it all your life with our International Tour Packages. 
It is often believed that if you want to explore the actual essence of your travel destination, it is necessary to step out on foot and wander around the local lanes of the given city. When in Melbourne, it is inevitable to set off on a pedestal trip to look for amazing street art which can be found on various walls of the city. This street art is so exemplary that there are special street art tours organized for the same. You can hire a guide which has extended local knowledge in order to take you around the hidden underground treasures and also give you information about its artists. Not only this, but the tour guides will give you social and political context which inspired these artworks.
Apart from its wildlife and stunning places, one of the things Australia is extremely famous for and that too on a global scale is the expertise it has attained in the sport of cricket. A popular and iconic spot in context with the same is the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). Trendily known as "The G", this venue is basically is a stadium for all Australian sports. The massive size of this venue along with the impressive history it holds will surely intrigue you. Don't forget to visit its cafe, museum, and take an overall MCG tour when here.
If you are one of those travelers who are looking for something unique to do in every travel location which you visit, then you should take a river cruise when in Melbourne. The river cruises here aren't just a set of huge boats that take you around a water body, they are much more lavish than that. It gives you a glimpse of the Melbourne skyline from another perspective all together, all while floating. The best way to make the most of this lavish cruise is to enjoy a meal while on the surface of water. If you don't want to do anything fancy, just sit back and relax while watching the world go past you.
Who would have thought that you could experience authentic Chinese cuisine in its absolute element that too in the Australian city of Melbourne? This area hidden in an Australian city will take you to the lanes of China itself. The entrance consists of grand red gates on passing of which you will enter an entirely different world. This world has fashion boutiques, karaoke places, cocktail bars, and most importantly, Chinese cuisine. This is why it is inevitable to try out the lip-smacking dumplings over here. 
Certain things have their charm only in its natural phenomenon. And keeping this in mind, the agencies at Yarra valley know exactly how to make sure that you can make the most of this experience. This is why they offer going around the place in a hot air balloon. This hot air balloon ride approximately lasts for one hour during which takes you around the region of Yarra valley. This ride will give you the feeling as if you are literally floating in the air, it's like your childhood fantasy of flying amongst the clouds is coming true. This marvelous ride is followed by a complimentary breakfast. 
It is a waste if you come all the way to Australia and not make the most of its coastal beauty. And the best way to do so is to set off on a road trip and drive leisurely parallel to the coastal border outside of Melbourne. Put aside a day for this road trip as the Great Ocean Road is said to be one of the most scenic coastal drives in the entire world. This scenic road spans across 400 kilometers between the towns of Torquay and Nelson.

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