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Middle East

Introducing Jordan

Jordan has a unique tradition of welcoming visitors and it has delighted visitors for centuries for its world heritage sites, friendly towns and inspiring desert landscapes. Jordan is a fascinating destination loaded with history, still being stable and peaceful even after the ongoing conflicts of neighboring places Syria and Israel. It is a nation located in the heart of the Middle East surrounded by the countries like Syria, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Iraq. Jordan is truly a delightful destination; visit it with our Jordan holiday packages. 


Must know facts

Best time to visit
The weather and climate in Jordan can vary considerably depending on location and altitude. In the summer the weather in Jordan, especially in deserts of Jordan valley is blisteringly hot while at oth...
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History & culture
The historical backdrop of Middle Eastern nations is frequently very mixed-up and Jordan's is no exemption, telling a story of occupation and the fight for control between world forces. To complicate ...
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Jordan is a moderately little nation arranged at the connection of the Levantine and Arabian regions of the Middle East. The nation is verged on the north by Syria, toward the east by Iraq, and by Sau...
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