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Sri Lanka


Introducing Sri Lanka

Srilanka is the island of serendipity and it is all about full of romantic landscapes, stirring mountains, endless beeches, timeless ruins, welcoming people, fun trains, famous tea and flavorful food which makes it incredible in its own ways. The country has no shortage of beautiful inspiring spots, natural, historic and cultural so get ready to get perfect pictures than the next. It is also well known for elephant safari as elephants are important part of Sri Lankan culture. And it has so many natural wonders to offer, just enjoy your trip and make your visit worthwhile with this amazing destination with our Srilanka holiday packages. 

Sri Lanka

Must know facts

Best time to visit
The weather of Sri Lanka is dictated by two monsoon seasons which brings rain to the west and southwest coast from May to September, and the east coast and northern region between October and February...
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History & culture
The Sinhalese individuals settled on Sri Lanka in the sixth century and led over the region for 10 centuries. The Sinhalese government was disestablished with the entry of European settlers, as the Po...
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Srilanka lies practically in the centre of Indian Ocean and thus has climate and cultural links with three continents. Monsoon winds driving against Srilanka’s peaks, support lush vegetation on the so...
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