Geography in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city based on a beach front plane settled between two mountain ranges and a sloping landmass. Beneath the mountain peaks are valleys, deserts, streams, lakes and sea shorelines. Los Angeles, really a colossal city made up of 80 unique neighborhoods, possesses each alcove and corner of this unbelievably various geography, from the high cold pinnacles of the San Gabriel Mountains to the sands of Venice Beach.

Lying between mountain ranges framed a huge number of years back; the 503-square-mile city is amidst an enormous sand bowl that came to be known as the L.A. bowl. Although a large portion of it is dry land, there are really a few lakes in the L.A. territory. The biggest are Castaic Lake in Castaic and Pyramid Lake close Gorman. A genuinely amazing element in the city's geology is on Wilshire Boulevard along the alleged Miracle Mile among Hollywood and Beverly Hills. 

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