Geography in Miami

Situated at the mouth of the Miami River on the lower east shoreline of Florida, Miami is bordered on the east by Biscayne Bay, an arm of the Atlantic Ocean. Further east, the islands of Key Biscayne and Miami Beach shelter the bay from the Atlantic Ocean, consequently furnishing Miami with a normally protected harbor. When pine and palmetto flat lands, the Miami zone flaunts sandy shorelines in its beach front zones and offers approach to insufficiently lush distant regions. A man-made waterway associates the city to Lake Okeechobee, found 90 miles northwest of Miami. 

Miami's all year semi-tropical atmosphere is free of extreme in temperature, with a long, warm summer and plenteous rainfall pursued by a mellow, dry winter. Summer humidity levels—as a rule in the 86 to 89 percent go amid the day—make Miami the second most humid city in the United States. 

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