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TOP 5 ways to remain TROUBLE-RESISTANT during your monsoon travel!

By Flamingo Transworld on Aug 5, 2016
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Can you resist traveling when monsoon spins the best of its magic and makes the world look like a gorgeous miracle? Velvety green landscapes to soothe your senses; dense clouds to make the scene look fairytale-ish; rain drops to stir a moist aroma in the air; gushing waterfalls, rushing rivers and the roaring oceans – can the traveler in you really keep away from feeling awakened and wooed? Nah! “But then, a monsoon travel comes with its own tricky side.” Oh yes, we know that. And, that’s why these smart travel tips from Flamingo for your hassle-free monsoon voyage!

1. MONSOON DRESS CODE – keep it sensible, keep it practical.

Let the common sense guide the fashion lover in you! Avoid wearing light colored clothes during international trip as they tend to look dirty a lot quicker in this typically wet and messy weather. Carry some synthetic clothes as they dry out faster in case if you happen to get drenched. They won’t stink when you pack them back in a short time. Long sleeved tops and bottoms made out of comfortable and quick-to-dry material will protect you from dirty water, mosquitoes and other insects.

2. A small list of ‘Don’t’s to avoid health hazards

  • Don’t drink water if you aren’t confident about its quality. Go for sealed bottled mineral water. Or, boil the water before you drink if mineral water bottles are not available. You can also carry the water purifying tablets; they might make the water taste a little weird but that’s better than falling sick!
  • Don’t feel tempted to eat food that’s kept uncovered for too long in public spaces. Avoid eating sliced fruits and random cold drinks from roadside.
  • Don’t feel shy to carry a bit of your own home cooked food. You will thank yourself later!

3. Pack what’s practical, carry the monsoon essentials.

Along with the usual stuff like umbrellas, raincoats and monsoon footwear, also carry a few zip lock bags and silica bags – always handy to keep your valuables protected from water and moisture.  Carrying a torch, first aid kit and a mosquito repellent will make you a confident traveler during rainy days. A good book, cards and a few board games are always a good idea; just in case if you get stuck somewhere and venturing out gets delayed!

4. Stay techno savvy.

Keep your Google Maps updated, GPS fully functioning and weather apps installed.  Keep yourself informed about the weather and road conditions of the area you are travelling to. A mobile charging bank is always a street smart thing to carry especially in this season.

5. Stay safe. Stay sensible.                      

Well, nothing wrong in dropping a text to your family or friends telling them about the details of location on everyday basis. Yes, you have weather apps and all but nothing can beat the unpredictability of nature this season. In case of land-slides, storms or heavy rains, your folks got to know where to look for you to help, just in case!



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