5 Magnificent Temples to Visit in Bali

Bali is known for its Balinese form of Hindu culture. They practice a different custom and belief, which is not a part of the Hindu origin place India. Yet, Balinese temples are a must-visit in any of the Bali Tour Packages. These are lake temples, sea temples and beautiful temples in the rain-forest of the Bali Island. Bali is a tourist-friendly place in Indonesia. We have listed here the top 5 magnificent temples to visit once in your Bali vacation.

Bali has gradually gained the top 5 positions in the destination list which is most visited by tourists from all over the world. Previously, Switzerland, Thailand and Mauritius were one such locations which was the most favorite of all tourists. But now Bali has been added in the list which is highly rated for tourist friendliness, tourist spots, temples and cultural spots, etc.

If you are looking for some place where you can spend some lone time with family or friends to revive your mind and body then Bali is one good location. The temples across Bali are not only offer peaceful and healing experience but also it interesting know about the Buddhist religions. Here are some of the must visit temples in Bali that you would not want to miss.

1. Tanah Lot Temple

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This is a magnificent ancient sea temple in Bali. During high-tide, one must take a boat to reach this temple. However, it is accessible by walk during the low tide on knee level seawater. This temple is dedicated to sea goddesses. It is known to build by a Hindu saint, who meditated here in the ancient time. This temple looks like an architectural marvel on the Indian Ocean. It is built over a huge monolith sea rock. It looks exotic with huge trees and coral life surrounding this temple. A Bali tour without visiting this temple will be incomplete.

2. Uluwatu Temple

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It is a magnificent ancient sea cliff-top temple in Bali. Visiting this temple is through hiking its 25-ft sea cliff. It will be an amazing hike as you can see the vastness of the Indian Ocean from this place. It is the best place to take photos with drowning sun and this temple as a backdrop. You must be here till the evening to see the Kecak dance. This is performed by the young Balinese girls with live traditional music band inside the temple premises. Most of the Bali packages for honeymooners include this temple for hiking the sea cliff.

3. Ulun Danu Beratan Temple

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This is a mind-blowing lake temple in Bali. It is the best place for romantic couples and nature lovers to visit and enjoy its aquatic vistas. The temple is present amidst the lake water, which is surrounded by colorful water flowers. You can find the shadow of rolling hills, which is surrounded by this lake area. You can do boating and hike the lake-shore. This temple is a cute example of Balinese architecture. Bali tour package from Mumbai is the best to book through online travel channels.

4. Tirta Empul Temple

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This is a magnificent rain-forest temple in Bali. It will be a natural wonder to see this beautiful temple amidst the tropical plants and coconut trees. It is known for its sacred waters. It is advisable to take a dip in the temple pond to get salvation from your sins. This temple water is used for many holy rituals by the Balinese Hindu people. It is the best temple to perform a ritual bath and get a peaceful mind with its natural surroundings. Bali land packages include this temple attraction for all age of people.

5. Besakih Temple

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Bali honeymoon packages without Besakih Temple visit will be incomplete for the romantic couples. You both will feel like reaching a paradise as you step up to reach this mountain temple. You can see the blue skies and gateway to this temple as a mystery as you step up. On reaching the gate, you will find a magnificent Balinese Hindu temple. This temple is surrounded by streams and tropical flowering plants.

Most of the Bali honeymoon packages include these temples for nature, spiritual, lakes and to see the mountainous beauty of Bali. Tourists of any religion and sects can enter Balinese Hindu Temples in Bali.

Famous Markets To Visit In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a paradise for shoppers and tourists as you can explore several tourist spots, explore multi-culture western life and Chinese customs. In addition, you can also enjoy a wide range of cuisines and know more about Buddhist religion. If you are looking for Hong Kong tour package then this post will be of interest to you.

A Hong Kong tour without shopping will be incomplete. This is because most of the tourists go with bigger luggage while they return to their country from Hong Kong. This is because; Hong Kong is the cheapest place to shop for branded products at a lower price. There are fabrics, electronics, antiquities, and toys. Here, we have discussed the top 5 famous shopping market to visit in your Hong Kong holiday packages.

1. Tai Yuen Street Toy Market

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Who does not love toys? The toys available in Tai Yuen Street are of export quality. The tourists can buy a permissible limit of toys and carry in their baggage too. These toys are of an electronic and mechanical type of working mechanism. You can also find toys for babies and kids. They are safe to play and non-toxic one. There are thousands of varieties of toys meant for boys and girls. Your bargain power will work to come down on price too. Most of the tour packages include this Toy Market as shopping in Hong Kong.

2. Yau Ma Tei Jade Market

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The tourists with love for jade can visit this Jade market in Yau Ma Tai. The use of jade has many social and cultural values. Yet, one can find the best jade artifacts of Chinese tradition. They are the colorful and original one. You can buy some jade accessories for your loved ones from this market. However, you must be selective of jade colors as they symbolize luck, love, and favor and remove negative energies.  Hong Kong tour packages from Mumbai is best to book online.

3. Cat Street Antique Market

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Once in Hong Kong trip, one can buy authentic Chinese antiques from this market. You must reach Sheung Wan to buy a rear collection of antiques. If you are particular to bay an antique worth high-value, you must consult with an antique expert and buy from this market. However, they do not sell any duplicate antiques of the classic period. You can find many Chinese vintage collections, which are much affordable to bargain and buy from this market. A week-long Hong Kong packages are the best to book for shopping.

4. Apliu Street Electronics Market

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The tourists must reach Sham Shui Po to shop cheap electronic products and accessories. If you are looking for the latest Smartphone at a cheaper price, this is the best market to shop. You can also find many Smartphone accessories at an unbelievable price. If you wish to buy consumer electronic products, it has many second sale items in working conditions. Most of the Hong Kong Packages for electronic shopping include this market in the list of shopping places.

5. Ladies’ Market

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The name itself says it is something special for ladies only. Females can find many clothing accessories, which are never seen before in their nation. Yes, this is the best market to shop. This is the best place to buy women footwear to top hair accessories in one place. When it comes to cosmetics, you will get the top brands at affordable price. A solo woman can book Hong Kong tour packages from Ahmedabad.

International travel agent for Hong Kong trip is the best to avail from online travel channels. Hong Kong is a safe place to travel by a solo woman. It is a tourist-friendly place too.

Art Forms You Can Witness In Kerala!

Kerala is known as the God’s own country for a reason because of the natural beauty that it has been blessed with. Apart from natural beauty, the state is also known for various dance forms in India and across the world. If you are looking Kerala tour package then this post will be of interest to you.

Kerala is known for its colorful performance art forms than Gods Own Country. The Theiyam, Kathakali, Mohinattam, and Oppana dances are sponsored by KTDC and private tour operators in many of the touristic places in Kerala Tour Packages. Here, we have discussed their origin, importance, and occasion to see those performance art forms one can experience in the Kerala State, India. One must not miss seeing these dances forms during a Kerala Honeymoon Packages.

1. Mohini Attam

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Mohiniattam is one of the classical dance forms, which is more popular in Kerala.  This performance art is practiced since the Vedic Era. Mohini is an incarnate of Lord Vishnu as per the Sama Veda or Vedic Text of the Hinduism. Here attam or dance did pull the attention of the demons. In this way, they were destroyed in various places. However, this dance form is meant for woman dancers only. Kerala Holiday Packages with cultural importance do arrange a Mohini dance for tourists.

Mohiniattam Costumes

The Mohini Attam dancers wear a white cotton sari with silk borders. This is a drape attire of the royal women in Kerala. In recent times, the silk borders are with fertile colors. It has a top with silk lining on the hands. The style of wearing this dance attire is similar to a Sari (Drape Clothing). However, they look beautiful with folds and turns.

Performance Occasions

This dance is performed during all Hindu festival occasions. It has a history of Devadasi or prostitution culture for those women attached to this dance form in Kerala. However, the British stopped such dance practices. In the present days, it is a part of welcoming foreign tourists in Kerala. There are many dance schools, who tech this dance for their girl students to take part in various dance competitions in Kerala.

2. Theiyam & Kathakali

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The Theiyam and Kathakali are related to temple dance art form in Kerala. Both the dance forms use the same attire. Theiyam is performed by males only. However, Kathakali is a form of storytelling, which includes female in woman characters. These dance forms are practiced since the ancient terms in Kerala.

Theiyam & Kathakali Costumes

The Theiyam and Kathakali costumes are of colorful cotton clothes. They use bamboo sticks to support and fix the head crown and pant part. They use natural colors for face painting. It takes 3 to 4 hours to wear the entire costume of Theiyam and Kathakali.

Performance Occasion

The Theiyam and Kathakali dance is a part of Hindu temple festival cultural programs. However, many Hindu families call them to their home to bring good fortune. In recent times, they are even called to perform inside or outside a home during family get to gather. One must not miss this dance while on Kerala trip.

3. Oppana

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This dance form originated in Kerala with Muslim communities since medieval times. It is performed by females mostly on the marriage reception. They used to surround the bride and does a clap dance by singing.

Oppana Dance Costumes

There is no special costume for the Oppana dance. However, Muslim women wear their regular dress, which is with a full top and a down drape. In the present days, Muslim women wear churidars and Sari too.

Performance Occasion

One can see this dance form on the reception day of marriage at the bride’s home. These days females from other religion do learn this dance to perform during their Muslim friend’s marriage, school competitions and state level dance competitions.

An all-inclusive Kerala Packages with cultural importance is best to book online. This will cover all performance art forms of Kerala. The destination is tourist-friendly and an all-season tourist place in South India.

Famous Adventure Locations in Australia and New Zealand

There are millions of places in the world and Australia is one of the famous across the world but New Zealand is one hidden gem that most people miss. If you are looking for some place where you can enjoy the nature and natural wonders then book Australia New Zealand tour package which you can cover in single visit. This post describes the most adventurous locations in Australia and New Zealand that you should visit.

Australia New Zealand Tour in combined is most sought for adventure activities. This is because these two nations boast beachfront of Oceania and the Pacific Ocean makes them a busy place for seawater adventure activities. The Southern Alps and the desert region is the best fit for snow and desert adventures. Here, we have mentioned the top 5 places to visit for various adventure activities in the Aotearoa and Kangaroo nation.

1. Scuba Diving at Great Barrier Reef, Australia

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Witness one of the rarest places on this planet Earth to see the marine beauty of Mother Nature once in Australia. The Great Barrier Reef is the finest place to go for scuba diving and see the exotic marine life unlimited. You can explore this sea reef under crystal clear seawater. You can find colorful coral species everywhere. Scuba diving in this place is recommended for the solo, couples, and group of people. August to December is the best time to visit for scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef on the East Coast of Australia.

2. Outback Tour at Uluru, Australia

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Uluru is one of the famous places to go for an outback tour in Australia. A jeep safari is the best to take by a group of people. On the way, one can find many reptile species along with the Kangaroos. It will look fine while traveling through the marshland. However, one will feel lost in the desert once you reach the outback area. You can find a giant monolith stone with changing colors. There is a hot spring in this region. It is worth taking a bath here as a natural spa. April to September is the cool season to take an outback adventure tour in Uluru, Australia. You must check your Australia New Zealand Tour combined package include this place for desert adventure activities.

3. Yacht Sailing at Airlie Beach, Australia

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One must land in Airlie Beach for yacht sailing and island hopping in Whitsunday Island. It is a cool beach to go swimming and snorkeling too. Yacht sailing from this scenic beach to this island is an adventure activity. Once you land in this Island, its bush-walk trails is a popular one among the adventure tourist. The beachfront is also one of the stopping places is East Coast scenic driveway or ocean driveway in Australia. April to December is the best time to visit here for sea adventure sports activities.

4. Sky Diving at Queenstown, New Zealand

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The high altitude adventure seekers must visit Queenstown for a breathtaking sky diving. It is one of the preferred places for sky diving in the Southern hemisphere. One can see the beauty of the Southern Alps, Snowy Mountains, and scenic grassland as you descend through sky diving. The plane will take you up to 15,000-ft AMSL. You will freefall for a minute at the rate of 200-km/h.  An all-inclusive Australia New Zealand Tour Package from Mumbai is the best to book online.

5. Heli Skiing at Harris Mountains, New Zealand

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Heli-skiing in the Harris Mountains is the best for intermediate and professional skiers. The helicopter will take you to the top as such one will get the best views of the snowy Southern Alps. From the top, one can safely land and do skiing on the virgin snow. It is advisable to go in a group to enjoy the heli-skiing adventure activity once in New Zealand holidaying. September to October is the best season to visit here for heli-skiing. Australia New Zealand Tour Package from Ahmedabad is the best to book for heli-skiing in Harris Mountains.

Australia New Zealand Tours Packages are available with all kind of adventure activities. It is advisable to check online and book according to your budget. Australia and New Zealand are tourist-friendly nations and has excellent touristic facilities and amenities.

Top 5 Best Experiences In Norway

As part of the Scandinavian country, Norway is known for exploring the most remote locations and incredibly beautiful places. If you are looking for Scandinavia tour package then here are some of the most interesting things to do here.

Norway is the most preferred destination among the Scandinavia Tour Packages. This is because it boasts enigmatic Fjords, mesmerizing islands, blue seafront, ice mountain vistas, and picturesque grasslands. It is a scenic country too. Here, we have discussed the top 5 interesting places to visit on your Norway tour.

1. Geirangerfjord

Once in Geirangerfjord, you must take a boat ride to feel the enigma of massive Fjords in Norway. There are many breathtaking scenic places as you travel through its seawater inlet. A day trip is enough to explore its Fjord, waterfalls and scenic villages. It is the best place for honeymooners, nature lovers and all age of people to see this aquatic and rolling hill beauty in Norway. June to August is the best season to visit Geirangerfjord.

2. Arctic Norway

Arctic Norway comes under the north Arctic Circle. The places like Mainland Norway, Svalbard, Bear Island, and Jan Mayen are the Arctic region in Norway. These are the best places to visit to see the midnight sun and the Northern Aurora. You will be in a different land to see where the sun nerve sleeps in certain months of a year. It will be enigmatic to see the northern lights waving like anything in the night sky. Scandinavia Tour Packages from Mumbai does include the attraction of the northern lights.

3. Atlantic Ocean Road

AOR is a scenic ocean drive in Norway. Things to do on this scenic drive are to see the beauty of the Norwegian Sea and its small reefs. There are many sea viewpoints, where you can park your car and enjoy the sea wave’s splashing on you and cool sea breeze. You will travel from Eide to More og Romsdal for a stretch of 8.3-km. One can see the sea on both sides and from the front. It will be a memorable ocean road drive once in your Norway tour.

4. Lyngen Alps

One must reach the Troms County to enjoy the ski slopes of Lyngen Alps. Skiing in Norway is a recreational and sporting activity. The skiing enthusiast must visit here to enjoy its thrill. Others can do Scandinavia style snow safari by dog sledding. During the night, one can find the colorful aurora in the night sky. Once you reach here, you will be at an altitude between 5,000-ft to 6,000-ft AMSL. These high-altitude ranges are covered with snow in all seasons.  Majority of the Scandinavia Tour Packages include this place for things to do a dog sledding in Norway.

5. Fjellheisen

It is a scenic viewpoint in Norway. One can reach here in tram during the summer season. A Rope-way is available in the winter season. Rope-way ascend and descend on this mount will give you a scenic view of the Tromso City, Island, and waterways. There are a vantage point and restaurant for the tourists. You can see the aurora during the night. It has trail routs to go by walk and enjoy its vistas. You will be at 1,378-ft AMSL when you reach the top peak. The rope-way takes 4-minutes to reach the top viewpoint.

An all-inclusive Scandinavia Tour Package is the best to book online. Norway is a tourist-friendly nation. It is the preferred place for solo women to travel safely and enjoy the things to do in Norway. It has modern facilities and amenities for tourists.

7 Popular Tourist Attractions in China

China is a vast nation with diversified topography. Here, we have selected popular lakes, hill station, river, city, cultural and heritage sites as major attractions. The all-inclusive China tour packages are the best to book for an individual and groups as well.

If you are looking for a destination that is full of exotic places, power packed with variety of activities to experience and enjoy some of best natural wonders in the world, then welcome to China! Exploring China is not just like exploring any country but a mix of culture, ancient history, heritage, cuisines, wild life and much more!

1. Mount Emei

Mount Emei (10,167-ft AMSL) is a cultural heritage place in China. You can find the first Buddhist temple built on its summit. You will get the views of Sichuan Basin, where you can see the confluence of three rivers. You must trek through pine forest and stone steps adjoining its Cliffside. It will be breathtaking to see the mountain mist and the panoramic view of the Sichuan Province. It is also a pilgrim place in China. Most of the China Packages include this place as hilltop temple attractions.

2. Badaling

Once in Beijing, you must not miss seeing the Great Wall of China at Badaling. This is the only well-preserved part of this wall in China. You can hike up to 50-miles on this majestic structure in China. This is a cultural heritage site in China. You can see the evergreen valleys on both the side of these great walls. You can visit here as a day-trip in all seasons. China-Japan group Tour is a great combination to explore together and is best to book through online travel channels.

3. Mount Kailash

This is a pilgrim place and a high-altitude mountain trekking site on the Himalayas present in China. You will be enchanted by its heavenly surrounding and silence. It is 21,778-ft AMSL, where people with high-altitude sickness must not travel. You can find snow throughout the year. You must visit Lake Mansarovar. You can see the reflection of Mount Kailash peak on the lake water.

4. Shanghai

You must visit this most happening city in China once you land in China. It is known for its skyscrapers. The tallest building and freestanding structures are the Shanghai World Financial Centre and the Oriental Pearl Tower. You can see this city from the observation deck (1555-ft AMSL) from the financial tower. You can stay in its hotel, eat in the restaurant and do shopping too. The China tour packages from Mumbai include this place as a global city tour.

5. Terracotta Army

This is a mysterious place and the site of Emperor Qinshihuang’s Mausoleum which is also one of the UNESCO’s heritage site. You will be mesmerized to see the large life-size terracotta army in this museum. As per mythic belief, these soldiers are guarding this king. This is a part of ancient funerary art depiction, which dates backs to 210-BC. This terracotta army will stun you where ever you go inside this museum. This is the best place for history buffs. You must check China group tour packages include this historic and a heritage site.

6. Li River

This is a popular river attraction in China with Karst Mountains on the side of the river. The tourist must take a Li River cruise to explore its enchanting beauty. You can see the river surrounding with rolling hills, meadows and caves. You must see the Elephant-Trunk Hill, which is a natural rock formation in this shape of an elephant drinking this river water from its trunk. Most of the China Packages include this place as inland water cruise tour.

7. West Lake

This is the exotic lake in China, which you can visit in all seasons. It is the best recreational place to take a boat cruise and enjoy its attractions. You must visit its lakeside attraction like the Qian King Temple, Bamboo Grove, Misty Trees, Tiger Spring, and West Lake Museum. The lake-shore will glitter with lights during the night. It is the best lake to see the mirroring of the sun and moon on clam water. Most of the China packages include this lake for family and group tours.

China tour packages are the best to book in advance. This is because these places are all-season tourist place in China.

Glacier Okjokull Becomes The First Victim Of The Climate Change

Located in the North Atlantic region, Iceland is a popular Nordic island country and is widely known as “The Land of Ice and Fire.” This beautiful country is home to some of the largest and popular glaciers in Europe and many of the world’s most active volcanoes. But unfortunately, the otherwise also known as the “Land of the Northern Light” has recently hold a funeral for one of its most prestigious glacier, Okjokull when the world marked the warmest July ever on record. Okjokull had succumbed to the climate change in the year 2014. It was a 700 years old glacier and was Iceland’s first glacier lost to the alarming climate change and once covered thriving glacial mass spanning 16 square kilometers. It was the Icelandic Meteorological Office (IMO) declared the glacier officially as dead when the glacier was no longer big and thick enough to move downhill and flow on its own. The nation commemorated their once huge Okjokull glacier with a bronze plague which is the first ever monument to be a lost glacier.

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It was the Rice University anthropologists in Texas who came up with the idea of holding a funeral for the Okjokull glacier when making a documentary about its death last year, i.e. 2018. People in Iceland really took this up and came together to commemorate the loss of Okjokull glacier. People attending the ceremony had walked up to the volcano northeast of capital Reykjavik to place a bronze plaque which carries a letter to future and warns action is needed to prevent climate change.  Even the Prime Minister of Iceland Katrin Jakobsdottir was present in the commemoration ceremony of the glacier.

The plague has been mounted on a bare rock in a ceremony on barren terrain which was once covered by Okjokull glacier in the western Iceland. Plaque has also been labelled as ‘415 ppm CO2’, which refers to the records level of the carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere this May. In other words, the monument acknowledges that the people are aware of the climate thing that is happening and what is needed to be done. The plague also serves as a letter to the future generation expressing deep grief in the inevitable fact that all of Iceland’s 400-plus glaciers are in danger of getting extinct.

Iceland tour packages

After the ceremony was over the documentary director, Dominic Boyer with his Rice University colleague Cymene Howe said, “Part of the ceremony felt like a funeral, in which many expressed their grief, sadness and concern during the hike to the mountain and also at the ceremony itself.” Their documentary about the passing of the glacier has been titled as “Not Ok”. Okjokull was also otherwise used to be called as OK.

Anthropologists Boyer also tells about the Snaefellsjokull glacier. He says that from Reykjavik one can see Snaefeelsjokull which is arguably the most popular glacier in Iceland. This glacier is also an important part of the Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth. Boyer further stated, “The glacier is gone, but now Iceland has its highest glacial lake- which is interesting. Otherwise, it’s quite barren at the top.”

People are saddened over the fact that which was once upon a time, a glacier for a period of 700 years has now been reduced to a small patch of ice on top of a volcano. While people have been raising their concern on the global issue which is climate change, even scientists have come forward and raised a warning that hundreds of other subarctic island are under the same risky fate. In fact, Iceland has been losing about 11 billion tonnes of ice every year. And going by this Iceland might lose every other main glaciers in the next 200 years while by 2200 all island countries can lose up to 400-plus glaciers.

Therefore, it’s important to create a mass awareness about Climate Change and educating them while the governments of every nation must have to come together and find out measures to counter or balance climate change. Otherwise, it’s barely just a matter of time the inevitable melts down glaciers after glaciers while probably causing a global catastrophe.

Let us all be responsible and initiate steps to save the earth from loosing important monuments like these. Travel with Flamingo Iceland tour packages!

Photoholic? Check Out The Most Colorful Streets in Europe

Any Europe tour package will be incomplete without exploring the below mentioned  colorful streets. Europe is a treasure stash of colorful locations waiting to be explored. It is loaded with prettiest towns and remote villages, uncommon buildings, fisherman’s unique houses and more.

Travelling to Europe offers an option to wide range of experiences because even in a short trip to Europe you can visit multiple countries, explore different culture, languages, cuisines, places, natural wonders and much more. In addition to that, the architecture of Europe, city planning, building constructions, ancient heritage sites, etc. are beautifully constructed that you will be just amazed. If you are planning to book Europe Package then here are some of colorful and most beautiful streets that you should not miss to visit during your travel.

1. Colmar, France

Colmar has the best streets to see colorful renaissance buildings alongside the Colmar’s Lauch River. It is also popular as a little Venice in France. You can see the below-mentioned attractions once in Colmar streets.

  • Adolph House
  • Christmas Market
  • Dominican Church
  • Eglise St Matthieu Protestante
  • Maison Pfister
  • Musee Bartholdi
  • St Martin’s Church
  • Unterlinden Museum

These colorfully painted medieval time buildings are eye-soothing. You can find budget accommodation, street foods, and wines. You must do shopping with your bargaining power once in its crowded market places. Most of the Europe group tours include this place for shopping and cultural heritage place to visit once in France.

2. Burano, Italy

Burano in Italy is popular for its colorful houses alongside canal streets. They are much appealing to look as they have a pattern and color representation with a timeline. You can see the below-mentioned attractions once in Burano.

  • Bepi’s House
  • Burano Canals
  • Localita Burano
  • San Martino Church
  • Terranova Sestiere
  • The leaning campanile

These are the best place to wine and dine alongside the canals. You can book a Europe tour package from Mumbai through online travel channels at an affordable cost.

3. Stortorget, Stockholm

Stortoget is an important square with colorful streets. One must walk from street number 1 – 25 to see bright color structure of this old town. It is the best place for shopping and tasting foods. The below-mentioned are notable colorful buildings.

  • Christmas Market
  • Gamla Stan
  • Kopmangatan
  • Nobel Museum
  • Stock Exchange Building
  • Stockholm Palace
  • The Grill House

These buildings are classic structures. They are painted in different colors. The Europe group tours from India do include this place in Sweden Attractions.

4. Nyhaven, Copenhagen

Nyhaven has one of the colorful facades of medieval time structures. These are now serving bars, restaurant and shopping places. You must not miss seeing its cultural heritage. These are as follows.

  • Canal Harbour
  • Charlottenborg Palace
  • Hans Christian Andersen House
  • Nyhavn Canal
  • Royal Playhouse

Most of the International tour packages include this place as an important attraction in Denmark. Walking through the canal side is the best to see the veteran and old ships.

5. Vernazza, Italy

This is a four-century-old village with colorful buildings. You cannot find the car traffic due to its small streets on a small sea cliff. The notable structures to see are as follows. This is a small town mostly serving tourism.

  • Church of Santa Margherita d’Antiochia
  • Doria Castle
  • Belforte bastion

It is the best place to relax with seafront hotels. You must check your Europe holiday packages include this place as one of the attractions in Italy.

Europe tour packages with cultural heritage places are worth exploring. You must book online to get some discounts and seasonal offers with Flamingo Transworld.

Adventurous Places In New Zealand That Will Give You an Adrenaline Rush

New Zealand is a dream destination for several travelers. The beauty of New Zealand is like heaven on earth and it is blessed with so many tourist locations to explore. If you are planning to book New Zealand tour package then this post will be of interest to you.

New Zealand tour packages

New Zealand (NZ) is one of the most beautiful and scenic places on earth with the Southern Alps, lakes, islands and forest cover. These places do boast adventurous things to do once in New Zealand. The best season to visit NZ for adventure activities is from December to February. Here, we have discussed the top 5 adventure places to visit in New Zealand for an adrenaline rush. If you are planning to book New Zealand Tour Packages online then do ensure that the below places are included in the itinerary for adventure activities.

1. Queenstown

New Zealand tours

The Lake Wakatipu and the Southern Alps make the Queenstown an adrenaline rush place to visit in New Zealand. The Coronet Peak area is the place to visit for skiing in the winter season. During summer, it is the best place for mountain trekking and camping. The bungee jumping enthusiast must reach the Kawarau Gorge Suspension Bridge to jump down with a high adrenaline rush to drop and hang its 141-ft deep in the George. You can find streak water just down your head. The Dart River is the place to land for water adventure sports. Jet boating is a popular adventure activity on this river. The adventure seekers can book New Zealand Tour Packages from Ahmedabad online.

2. Auckland

New Zealand packages

Sky Tower is a 60-story building for bungee jumping lovers in Auckland. You can also visit Waitemata Harbour, where you can go for bungee jumping with the sea view. You must visit AJ Hackett Skywalk & Sky Jump for an adventure cum adrenaline rush once in Auckland, NZ. You can go for sky walk and sky jump from an altitude of 764-ft AMSL from this sky-high tower. Rangitoto Island and Motutapu Island are the best places for romantic people to go for hiking trails in remote places. New Zealand Tour Packages from Mumbai includes Auckland as a major adventurous destination.

3. Wanaka

New Zealand tour packages from India

The Lake Wanaka is an exotic place for tourists seeking recreation and adventure. It is the remote place for boat riding, catching fish and swimming. You can hike the Roys Peak to see this lake from 5177-ft AMSL. The skiing enthusiast and professional seekers must visit Treble Cone Ski Area, Snow Farm NZ and Cardrona Alpine Resort for mountain snow skiing. You can seek adrenaline rush by Parachuting above the Wanaka Lake. The honeymoon goers can book New Zealand Honeymoon Packages with these ski resorts.

4. Rotorua

New Zealand tour packages from Ahmedabad

Rainbow Springs Nature Park is the place to land for wildlife encounters once in Rotorua. You must also try its Gondola and zip line for a thrill see the attractions down beyond. The Lake Rotorua is the cool place for boating and fishing. The adventure seekers must try the Mount Tarawera trails. The water skiing enthusiast must visit Lake Rotoiti to enjoy its lake surroundings with the dramatic mountain backdrop. New Zealand group Tour Packages are best to book in advance to beat the rush.

5. South Island

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The Mount Cook and Milford Track are the best places for mountain trekking once in the South Island. These places are one of the snow beauties of the Southern Alps. You will get the cool view of lakes and streams and valley throughout your trekking trial on this mountainous region of South Land. The New Zealand Honeymoon Packages are the best to book for newly married couples to seek adventure.

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Top 8 Bucket-list Attractions in Canada

Canada’s cities and towns offer a wide range of sight visit options to explorers. Whether you are travelling for the first time or you are frequent traveler, you should not miss the main places covered in this post. If you are planning to book Canada tour package then this post will be of interest to you.

Canada’s heart of the part is Toronto where most of the population of the country is located. It is known for the most immigrant friendly country in the world after United States. Being a neighboring country to Canada, travelers also have the option to extend their trip to US along with Canada. However, there are separate visa requirements for US and Canada. The country of Canada is all about maritime cities, mountain resorts, beautiful building and skyscrapers with modern amenities. If you are planning to book Canada package for your next vacay then here are some of the important places that you must consider in your itinerary.

1. Quebec City

Canada has two parts, one part has more dominated by the French population and other is English speaking population residing towards the United States zone. So, if you would like to get a feel of French and European culture as well as architecture then you should visit Quebec city. Known for historical places from 1600s and cobbled streets city planning, Quebec City attracts large crowds each year from different parts of the world. Some of the important locations to explore in Quebec includes Place Royale, La Citadelle de Quebec, Plains of Abraham, and Parliament Building.

2. Notre Dame Basilica, Montreal

The name of the city is based on the French language which is part of the Quebec province. The Notre Dame Basilica is known for the historical places and ancient churches. Established in 17th century, the basilica has been declared as minor basilica by the Pope John Paul II in 1982. The closest subway station to the location is Metro Place d’Armes. There are many places to visit in Notre Dame Basilica like Aura Basilique, Old Montreal, Centaur Theatre and many more.

3. Long Beach, Vancover Island, BC

Located in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, Long Beach is named after its length and size which is largest in entire region. The beautiful beach is around 16 kilometers and offers amazing beach life experiences. You can take a long walk for days across the Radar beach, combers beach and long beach. The long beach is located between the Tofino and Ucluelet villages where you can also enjoy authentic village cuisines.

4. Lake Louise, Alberta

Lake Louise is one of the most beautiful places in Canada with amazing turquoise colored lake with Victoria glacier and mountains in the background. It is also home to some of the best restaurants in the world to enjoy the local cuisines. Take a tour around the emerald green water with beautiful glacier peaks surroundings. Enjoy snowboarding, explore villages and attend Ice festival that is organized in Lake Louise.

5. Niagara Falls

If you travel to Canada and if you have not visited Niagara Falls in Canada then your trip is incomplete. Half of the Niagara Falls is in the Canadian province and in the Toronto city. The bridge which is built on the falls is known as the Rainbow Bridge. Beautiful arrangements of the lights, colorful neon billboards, museums, souvenir shops, casinos, indoor parks, etc. are must visit in this location. So just go and enjoy the natural wonder of the world.

6. Skylon Tower

If you have been looking for a wonderful and exciting place to propose your loved one then Skylon Tower is a good choice. It has revolving dining room, spectacular Niagara Falls background and observatory up to 80 miles from the tower. The height of the tower above the Niagara falls is 775 feet. Located in the same region of Niagara falls, Skylon tower is one must visit tourist location to explore without fail.

7. Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario is an interesting place, half of which is in Canadian province and rest half is in United States. It is the 14th largest lake in the world and one of the five Great Lakes of North America. The average depth of the lake Ontario is 86 meters. It is one of the most famous tourist locations in Ontario to enjoy the day time picnic and outdoor attractions.

8. Banff Town

Located in Alberta, Banff Town is an ideal location to spend your vacation with family and friends. There are several sports options to enjoy like the biking, hiking, scrambling and skiing. Surrounded by mountains and natural scenic beauty, this town has perfect atmosphere and climatic condition to enjoy full day out vacay. There are many festivals organized in Banff like World Television Festival, Banff Mountain Festival, Rocky Mountain Festival and Bike Fest. With several places to explore in Banff Town you will never get bored.

These are some of the major locations in Canada that should be in your itinerary. If you are looking for best Canada tour package then get in touch with Flamingo Transworld.