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Things you can do on a Staycation

By Gopi Solia on Jun 8, 2017
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Taking some time off work and your busy schedule is always important. You cannot always go to some exotic vacation and spend leisure time. That’s when you resort to staycations. Staycations are usually indoors or in close vicinity and can prove to be great fun. Let’s see how?

Things to do on a Staycation:

Staycations can be full of fun and frolic, provided that you are with the right people. Make sure that when yo
u are on such a break, you try to keep away from phones. This will enable you to be with your family and friends at all points of times. Let’s take a look at things that we can do on Staycations:

1.Indulge In Games:

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Games are always a symbol of happiness. Stay-cations are awesome opportunities for you to indulge in games and such fun activities with your kids and friends. You can play indoor board games or you can resort to our favorite galli cricket or badminton. There are varied options, all of which only give you happiness. Ready for the match?

2. Have A Movie Marathon:

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Staycation can be a great time for exploration. You can explore cults that you have missed. Movie marathons can always be fun if you are screening movies that everybody prefers. Make sure that it does not get monotonous. It would be nice and convenient if you screen light movies which are not very hard hitting.

3. Swim!

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If you are taking staycation at a place near the beach or if your hotel or residence has a swimming pool, then it’s always a cheery on the top of the cake. You can have a family time by teaching your kids how to swim. A few laps will always be a great way to make sure you exert the extra calories.  If you are taking a dip in the sea, please make sure you are cautious.

4. Eat Good Food:

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Good food means good life. If you are keen on cooking and you have the facility, you can try your hand at some new exotic recipes and learn that experiments are always good, even if the food is not. If you are travelling to another land, you can try the local cuisine. It’s the right time to treat yourself!

5. Read:

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“That’s the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet.” said the Pulitzer Prize winner Jhumpa Lahiri. Books can make your Staycation very relaxed, full of learning and peaceful. With growing technology, you can carry various books in your kindle or you can even carry a few classics with yourself. Reading will certainly click the refresh button in you. Happy reading!

Happy travelling!

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