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Five Amazing Getaways For A Solo, Self DiscoveryTrip

By Vishal Pandey on Jun 14, 2017
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Sometimes a Solo Trip to a far off land is all that you need to get your thoughts on track. No matter how long and how far you roam around with your friends and family, no matter how beautiful and amazing places you get to see in their company and no matter how much you love their company.


A solo trip is one such trip which cannot be compared to any other thing in this entire world. That is the reason; the number of people who love going on solo trips has increased as it turns you out into a story teller and teaches you a lot about life. Also, there are some special Tour Packages  which help you out with the self discovery trip of yours. Here is a list of five such places in India which are just meant for solo travellers:

1. Zanskar:


Zanskar is the most isolated valleys out of all the Himalayan valleys. This is one such destination which demands to be covered on a road trip to Leh-Ladakh. The untouched and pristine beauty that Zanskar offers can be termed as the experience of a lifetime. The many Buddhist monasteries that are lined up here are worth the visit of this place. April- August is the perfect time to visit Zanskar.

2. Lahaul-Spiti:


One of the most under-rated and unexplored places of India has to be Lahaul-Spiti which calls for the trip of a lifetime. The beautiful monasteries and mountains await your visit here.  You can make a road trip while passing Manali or Leh and visit this paradise which Spiti is. The people here are extra kind and that is one of the reasons why you need not worry about your accommodation as you can easily stay with them and have the time of your life and click some beautiful pictures and write stories.

3. Sandhan Valley:


Sandhan Valley is located in Maharashtra and is also called as the Great Canyon of Maharashtra. The combination of the valley and a canyon is the perfect company you could ever ask yourself for. This water carved valley has Ratnagad and Ajoba mountain ranges around it. Accommodate yourself in the tents that lie in the campsites and cook your own food on the woods which you might have to collect.

4. Gokarna:


Gokarana calls for one of the most chilled out experiences that you are looking ahead to. Even though this place is a temple town the beaches here are just too amazing to fill up your demands. The beautiful beaches here are truly mesmerizing, one turning out to be greater than the other lying in quick succession. Out of the many cottages laid out, stay in any one them like a real bag-packer.

5. Varanasi:


Last but in no ways the least is the ancient place of India which has its roots still connected to the Hindu mythology. It is said that coming to this place is easy but going from this place is quite difficult. Out of the many Ghats that are lined up here, each having their own religious significance, you need to visit the Manikarnika Ghat and the Assi Ghat as they teach you everything about life. The street food culture of Varanasi is possibly the best you can get.

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