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Why is it important to insure your TRAVEL?

By Vishal Pandey on Aug 4, 2017
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Getting travel insurance is one of the most recommended things you will ever come across. Having the right level of travel insurance cover is one of the key things for security reasons while you are travelling.


Here is a list of reasons why you need to take travel insurance before setting out on any trip:

1.Getting help overseas:


There is some or the order kind of trouble that a tourist or a group of tourist experience while travelling. Having travel insurance ensures that you get covered and you are safe if there are any kinds of unforeseen circumstances taking place. If you are ill or you meet with an accident then the right level of travel insurance can help you out by making sure that you are treated well or you can be moved back to your home.

2. Protection of medical costs:


Travel Insurance provides you a protection from medical costs. When you are travelling, things are often unpredictable, and you never know what is next. If you are in need of medical attention while travelling then you are liable for the cost of your treatment if you do not have travel insurance. In most countries, the medical treatment and daily hospitalization for visitors turns out to be too expensive and medical care does not reimburse or pays for your medical expenses overseas, so it is the best to have travel insurance in such cases.

3. Covering the disruptions to a trip:


Travel insurance helps you to cover disruptions on your trip. In case wherein you need to rush back home quickly or the flight is delayed in case of an emergency, not having a travel insurance can end up costing you a fortune. In most of the cases you also lose out on the money you have already paid and you need to pay again for re-bookings too. There are a number of travel insurance packages wherein you cover for the incidents that are not in your control or you don’t have to spend your own money.

4. Reimbursement for your losses and expenses:


In instances wherein the luggage is stolen or lost or damaged overseas, it can create a huge loss to you if you haven’t got your travel insurance. Not having travel insurance makes you responsible for these losses. If you opt for the right kind of insurance then you would be saved from all these minor or major hiccups meaning that you will not have to lose out on money with the wrong doings of thieves or blunders of the hotel.

5. Documents and proof needed:


The documents and proof that are needed to claim a travel insurance include many things but some of the relevant ones include, original Medical bills/ reports, receipts, discharge summary, copy of passport, receipts for airfare, rail, sea etc. In case of a personal accident, Death Certificate – Medical Report – Autopsy & Toxicology Report – Police report & findings are always essential.

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