Azerbaijan Observes 80% Growth In Indian Tourists, Conducts Three-City Roadshow

Recently, Azerbaijan Tourism held a three day-three city roadshow in Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai respectively from 9th to 13th September. The major agenda behind this event was to bring together key leaders from the travel industry in this region and to build a notable bond between the countries. The major names to be part of the road-show were Ashraf Shikhaliyev, Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan to India, officials from the Azerbaijan Tourism Board, led by CEO, Florian Sengstschmid and Nazim Samadov, Deputy Director Executive of Azerbaijan Airlines/Buta Airways Director.

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The road-show was a great opportunity for all the Indian Trade Partners and Travel Agents to know about the vibrant experiences that Azerbaijan has to offer. The delegates all across the three cities interacted with more than 900 Indian retail partners that included tour operators, travel agents, cruise specialists, wedding planners and MICE representatives.

In 2019, with the help of simplified electronic visa procedures for Indian passport holders and a direct flight from Delhi, tourism took an increase by a total of 80%. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council Impact Report 2018, new initiatives are also planning to be executed that improves Azerbaijan’s ranking among-st the countries with a high tourism contribution towards the national GDP. If the forecast is to be believed, in the next 10 years, the ranking is set to be among-st the top 20 potential countries.With this, the launch of ATB’s marketing campaign- “Take another look” encourages the travelers to discover Azerbaijan’s hidden gems and at the same time, double the current inbound tourism by the year 2023.

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During the roadshow, the Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan to India said, “Azerbaijan is the ideal destination for numerous reasons. With excellent connectivity and a wide variety of experiences, Baku is an affluent city with modern infrastructure. It is still a relatively unexplored destination, which is a key selling point for Indian tourists who want a unique experience. We are seeing a surge in business events and wedding travel – Azerbaijan provides the perfect set up for weddings with world-class hotels and gorgeous indoor and outdoor locations. With over 15 million weddings each year, the Indian wedding, honeymoon and milestone celebrations market offers tremendous potential.”

Jebel Jais Zipline Tour: The Latest Introduction To Adventure Tourism Of Emirates

In an attempt to develop and expand the portfolio of adventure tourism in Emirates, Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority (RAKTDA) has announced the official launch of “Jebel Jais Zip-line Tour”, in partnership with Toro Verde. Toro Verde comes on board to complement the existing attractions such as Jebel Jais Via Ferrata and Jebel Jais Flight- which is considered to be the World’s Longest Zip-line.

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The Jebel Jais Zipline Tour features a total of seven zip-lines that fly over the grand cliffs and canyons of Jebel Jais, connected by nine platforms. A total distance of 5 kms is covered by the cluster of seven zip-lines that range to a total distance of 5 kms that ranges from 337 meters to 1 km in length. The process during the tour will be such that the flyers would have to navigate their way through air to reach the 15 kms long sky bridge which is the highest in UAE i.e 1250 meters above sea level and 300 meters above ground which they would have to cover to finish the remaining part of the zip-line tour.

Tour PackagesRaki Phillips, CEO of Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority said, “As Jebel Jais remains core to our overall tourism proposition in making Ras Al Khaimah a global destination, we recognize the importance of constantly evolving our outdoor offerings. We are incredibly excited to announce the launch of our latest adventure attraction on the UAE’s highest mountain peak, the ‘Jebel Jais Zip-line Tour’. As Ras Al Khaimah is widely considered the region’s nature-adventure hub, we strongly believe that the introduction of new, innovative products is essential to meet the demands of its rising visitor numbers, particularly among-st active adventures and sports enthusiasts. We’re confident that the Jebel Jais Zip-line Tour will draw and fascinate nature-adventure lovers of all ages from around the country and beyond.”

Jebel Jais Zipline Tour tickets can be booked on The rates are AED 295 per person on Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday, and AED 345 per person on Friday and Saturday.

Apart from this, one can also look forward to the new adventure tourism projects that are in line such as Bull Maze and other few which would be open for public by 2020.

Where To Find The Best Dessert In Hong Kong?

If you are in Hong Kong and in a mood to have some of the best desserts in town, then there are plenty of parlors and shops that offer you with the same. To satisfy your sweet buds, these dessert shops serve you with the best of local as well as international desserts which you would surely not like missing out on. Keeping that in mind, here are a few places that serve you with the best dessert in Hong Kong.

1. Via Tokyo

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Via Tokyo is one of the most popular Japanese dessert shop in Thailand that offers you with some desserts that would make you drool like never before. These popular Japanese dessert shops are flooded with long queues during weekends, so it is important that you reach this place in time before you are left in utter disappointment.

2. Oddies Foodies

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Oddies have managed to incorporate Hong Kong’s most beloved street food, egglette with soft serves and a host of other goodies. Brownie chunks, honeycomb and panna cotta are some of the toppings that would make you ga-ga! The crazy cool ice cream inventions that have limited edition flavors will make you come back for more and more every-time.

3. The Honeymoon Dessert

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The Honeymoon Dessert, also known as THE offers you with 1001 options for desserts that are pure drool-worthy. Here, the Chinese desserts are something that will leave you awe-struck. Out of all the desserts that are served here, the classic mango and pomelo sago are interestingly the highly recommended desserts you should gorge here.

4. Shari Shari

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Shari Shari is a little Japanese dessert shop that is tucked amidst the side street in Causeway Bay and offers you with the most fluffy shaved ice creations that are delicious on a different level. For the sake of hint, do not miss the famous sake flavored shaved ice.

5. Mammy Pancake

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Mammy Pancake is famous for waffles and has different stalls all across Hong Kong. The Hong Kong waffles are the most loved waffles that offer you with the right crunch and taste. Being crispy on outside and soft and spongy on inside, it is perfect as an after-meal.

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A First Timer’s Guide To Thailand

If you are planning a trip to Thailand, then here are a list of things which you need to keep in mind after availing the Thailand honeymoon packages. Thailand promises you with an amazing honeymoon, you surely would love to be a part of when you are on your Thailand tour. Here are some of the important aspects that you need to know while you are exploring the city with your partner.

Best time to visit Thailand

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Although the climate here varies very frequently from time to time, there is no certain period to visit Thailand. However, the most appropriate time to travel to Thailand would be between November and early April when the weather is cool and the season is pretty dry. During the winter months, the west coast becomes favorable enough for adventure activities.

Getting around

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Thailand is one of the most easiest places to get around, it is also one of the few countries in the region with a decent railway network. Covering 2796 miles railway is one of the best and cheapest ways to get around in the country. There are many places in Thailand where trains don’t go hence, buses are the widest form of transportation here. The connectivity and frequency of the buses are not at all hectic and you can travel to places cheaply. Ferry is another option that you can explore when you are travelling across islands.

The most indigenous method of commutation in Thailand, Tuk Tuks are the renowned 3-wheeled vehicles that you would have seen in many travel-related photographs of Southeast Asia. You should take at least one ride on a Tuk as it is an experience to remember that you won’t discover back home.

Simultaneously it is necessary to take note of that Tuk Tuks are a considerable amount more costly than your normal motorcycle taxi or Songthaew as it is a famous method of vehicle for visitors.

Other general modes of transport one can use here are buses, car taxi, motorcycle taxi, ferry and boats.

Things to do in Thailand

1. Island Hopping

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Thailand has a total coastline of 5000 miles which is waiting to be explored by the tourists. You can travel by a long tail boat and discover as many beaches and islands as possible. Every island has something or the other in store for every tourist who is visiting Thailand.

2. Festivals

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Thailand is always in a festive mood and spirit as it offers a unique insight into the local customs and traditions.

3. Nightlife

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Don’t forget to enjoy the amazing nightlife that Thailand has in store for you. The nightlife that you are going to experience here is not even close to any other city’s nightlife.

Places to visit in Thailand

1. Floating Markets

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Floating Markets are the top tourist attractions in Thailand. These floating markets are famous for groceries, souvenirs and other items that are needed for daily use.

2. Temples

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The vibrant temples of Thailand are going to make you go awe-struck with their structure and design. Pay homage to these glorifying temples when you are on your temple tour.

3. Bangkok

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Bangkok, the city of angels surely has to be on your list of places that you are planning to visit in Thailand. The experience of Bangkok is unmatched to any other place in the world.

Where to shop in Thailand

1. Chatuchak Weekend Market

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Chatuchak Weekend Market boasts of 8000 stalls and offers you with things like antiques, ceramics, home furniture and souvenirs.

2. Pratunam Market

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If you are a fashion lover, Pratunam Market is the best place where you can buy amazing clothes. Right from casual to fancy dresses, the variety of dresses that you are going to find here are completely exceptional.

3. MBK Centre

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MBK Centre is your one stop destination to find great deals on mobile phones, affordable fashion clothes of Thai brands and big fashion brands.

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The Very First Vertical Forest In Africa To Be Set Up In Egypt

Egypt is all set to the get the first vertical forest in Africa as the famous architect, Stefano Boeri has unveiled designs for the vertical forest that is going to be set up in the Sahara Desert. The vertical forest would comprise of three buildings, three pollution absorbing trees and plants as it would set a new look for Egypt’s coveted region, Cairo.

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Out of the three green buildings, one building would serve you as a hotel, while the other two would serve as apartment blocks. The cubes would be covered with more than 350 trees and 1400 evergreen shrubs from various species of plants. As per the reports, these cubes are self sufficient cubes and would produce approximately 8 tonnes of oxygen each year. The main idea behind setting up the vertical forest is for a greener Cairo by administration.

The famous architect said in a statement, “Cairo can become the first North African metropolis to take on the great challenge of climate change and ecological conversion.”  And the authorities are leaving no stone unturned in sketching various strategies for their vision of green Cairo as vertical forests is a part of their strategy. The other strategies include adapting flat roofs into green energy producers and constructing green buildings.

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The vertical forests are going to be a heaven for all the birds and insects, as thousands of square meters of greenery is going to be packed into a small space, thus forming a habitat for these creatures. The addition of trees and plants will produce oxygen and also filter out the dust that is present in the atmosphere, giving Cairo a special attraction.

The construction is set to kick-start from 2020 and tourists can now avail the Egypt Tour Packages and make the most of the destination.

Welcome 2020, Goa To Be Blessed With Heli-Tours!

Here comes as an exciting development in the tourism industry of Goa! From 2020 onwards Goa is all set to have a helipad for heli-tours in the state. Recently, the government commissioned the project to a private company for INR 3 crore as the work on the same project is about to begin from October 2019 and shall be completed by October 2020. If reports are to be believed, then the helipad is being built at Ela in Old Goa.

Under Swadesh Darshan Scheme of the Union Ministry of Tourism, the work to promote heli-tourism shall be done by GTDC. The Executive Engineer of GTDC, Allan Periera said that the helipad would be constructed in a plot that covers the total area of 20,920 sq kms that belongs to the state tourism department.

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Adding to that, he said that the primary work that needs to be carried out is creating a vacuumed de-watered flooring for the helipad, compound wall, hot mixing of the approach road, illumination etc. Although the helipad is owned by the government, it has not been used for a long time and needs severe maintenance.

Ela is an ideal location which is near to Panaji and is already a very famous tourist spot. Some advertisements and marketing gimmicks would be further planned to pull the crowd towards heli-tourism. The launch of helicopter rides shall surely add another feather in the portfolio of the state’s adventure tourism. The activity is going to be a big attraction for tourists as the proposed rides would offer the tourists with a sky-view of the state through various circuits.

So from 2020, add helicopter tours to your list of adventure tours while you plan your Goa Tour with Goa tour packages.

Experiences You Must Not Miss In Kerala!

God’s Own Country is one of the most enchanted places you will ever visit if you are planning a Kerala tour package anytime soon. The experiences there are not only one but plenty in store for you which will leave you nothing but spell-bound. Here are a list of experiences which you should surely indulge in if you are visiting Kerala on your honeymoon.

1. Theyyam Festival in Kannur

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Theyyam festival in Kannur is a popular form of worship wherein the dance performers have an important position in Theyyam. They say that they connect to god through their dance form. This grand dance festival is performed to honor the heroes and the ancestral spirits. The festival lasts for four days and attracts a huge amount of crowd.

2. Alleppey Backwaters

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Alleppey backwaters have a rich history apart from the nature that makes this place such a majestic place to be at. The backwaters of Alleppey are surely something you would never want to miss especially when you are on your honeymoon. These backwaters with amazing boathouses provide you with an opportunity to explore Kerala differently, in a more laid-back manner.

3. Munnar Tea Plantations

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Munnar tea plantations is surely one of the “must-visit” thing to do whenever you are in Kerala. Not only can you enjoy the tea when you are at Munnar but the overall setting of the tea plantations is a majestic sight in it’s own way. The village of Munnar apart from beautiful slopes of tea plantations gives you an opportunity to explore the village too, which is vibrant in it’s own ways.

4. Trekking in India’s Western Ghats

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If you and your partner are adventure seekers, then there is no place better than the western ghats where you can go out for trekking and challenge your limits. One of the best places to trek, there are surely a lot of things that you are going to come across while you are trekking your way up on the western ghats that offers you with amazing insights.

5. Tradtional Kathakali Performance

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Kathakali performance is one of the “must-do” things for anyone who is visiting Kerala. This beautiful art form is meant to be seen with patience and appreciated equally. If the dance form fascinates you, you can also be a part of the group dancing, if not you can always sit and enjoy the show.

If you are planning a honeymoon then avail the Kerala Honeymoon Packages and make your honeymoon surreal.

Important Facts You Need To Know About The First Hindu Temple In Abu-Dhabi

The first Hindu temple in Abu-Dhabi was inaugurated on 20th April to all faiths. Currently, there are more than 60000 Hindu residents in Abu Dhabi and opening of this temple means that they won’t have to take the hassle of travelling to a different region to offer prayers to their deities.

The temple has been designed like the Akshardham Temple in New Delhi and here are some of the most important facts which you need to know about this first Hindu Temple in Abu-Dhabi

  • Pramukh Swami Maharaj, the president of BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha was taken to a dessert in Sharjah way back in 1987. He wished for a couple of things, one among them was that there should be a temple built in Abu Dhabi. Over the years, the devotees from the BAPS community and government leaders have seek permission for land to build this temple.
  • It was in the year 2015 when the crown prince of Abu Dhabi, Zayed Al Nahyan donated 13.5 acres of land to the BAPS organization.
  • The temple was officially announced at the Presidential Palace as Golden Amrut Kalash in the presence of Sadhus of the BAPS community and after PM Narendra Modi and the Crown Prince signed eight MOU’s.

  • The founding stone of the temple was laid out by Modi in 2018.
  • It is said that this temple is a replica of the BAPS temple in New Jersey and a replica of the Akshardham Hindu Temple.
  • This new temple sports every single feature of a traditional Temple and was built according to the Hindu scriptures. This temple also has UAE’s seven emirates and five ornate domes.
  • Each and every corner and crevice is made up of pink stones from Rajasthan and the marble from Macedonia have been hand craved by Indian artisans. The pieces of these temples were shipped to the UAE and then assembled there.
  • The cultural and spiritual center of this temple boasts of a total of six to seven prayer rooms, play areas for children, vegetarian food courts, a library, exhibition halls etc.

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World’s First Underwater Villa Has Officially Opened In Maldives

If you have been staying in villas all this while on your vacation, then your Maldives tour is definitely going to be an amazing affair, because your villa experience would just get a majestic turn-around. Maldives is now home to the first underwater villa which is definitely more than a dream come true. All you need to do is, avail the Maldives tour packages from Ahmedabad and set out on this beautiful journey.

The villa has been named as “Muraka” which means coral and is a two level structure. The upper level which is above water is the living area while the main bedroom is under the water. The suites provide you crystal clear panoramic views of the ocean and the marine wildlife. The king size bed allows you to live a king size life where you can be in the company of various differently colored fishes.

The upper level is equally luxurious and is connected by a spiral staircase and you can also find your comfort in two other bedrooms, a living room, bathroom, kitchen, bar and a relaxation deck which gives you the best views of the sunrise. As dreamy as it might sound, the Conrad has gone an extra mile by adding a Butler’s Corner which promises as a perfect fit for the family where up to nine people can fit into the Muraka.

The total cost of this project was $15 million and although the rates might be fairly high at the time of booking, if you are looking for an experience, there is no better stay-cation experience than checking in at Muraka. Their in-house restaurant is also a thing for all the foodies out there and if you are a party lover or someone who enjoys serenity, Muraka has you covered with all kinds of amenities.

If you are a couple looking forward to an amazing honeymoon experience then it is advisable to avail the Maldives Honeymoon Packages.

Popular Denmark Festivals To Experience The Warmth Of Europe

Denmark is one of the liveliest country you would come across in Europe. The festivals in Denmark range from religious rituals to royal celebrations, sports events and much more. In Denmark, music is one of those things which connects everybody hence the music festivals in Denmark are also something that one needs to attend. All you need to do is choose your Scandinavia Package. Here we tell you about the popular Denmark festivals which you should make yourself a part of on Scandinavia tour packages.

1. The Rock Festival

The Rock Festival is regarded as the country’s biggest public event where more than 80,000 people come together to celebrate joy and music. More than 170 domestic and global bands head to the rock festival which takes part in Rosklide which lies at a distance of 35 kms from Copenhagen. All the money that is collected in this festival goes into the charity.

2. Copenhagen Jazz Festival

Copenhagen Jazz Festival is one of the most stunning and inspirational time in Europe which takes place in the month of July. This capital of Denmark is very scenic and there are special performances which you can see on the streets which make Denmark look even more beautiful.

3. Smukest Festival

Smukfest Festival is one of the major rock events in Denmark and the concerts here are held by the lake in thick forests and near the town of Skanderborg. Smukfest Festival too, attracts many fans from round the world but apart from the big brands, there are local musicians too, who get a chance to showcase their skills.

4. Aarhus Festuge

Aarhus is home to the biggest yearly festival in the world where visitors enjoy the best of wide attractions and various other cultural shows such as local bands, dance, documentaries, cultural workshops and delicious cuisines which go on from a period of August to September. In this fest, the festivities include parks, civil halls, churches and various other community buildings which are throughout the city of Aarhus.

These are some of the best Denmark festivals which you can be a part of with the International Tour Packages.