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5 Reasons That Will Make You Go To The Lantern Festival at Udaipur

By Smit Katira on Oct 11, 2017
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This blog is regarding one of the best festivals taking place in India around the time of Diwali. Read on the blog to realize how awesome this fest really is and how underrated it is.

Diwali is a festival that is adored by almost everyone in India, regardless of what religion or caste they are of. The aura is totally different around the time of Diwali. Children are excited to burst crackers, the grownups are excited for the Diwali shopping and the elders are excited about their Diwali bonuses. Everyone has their own reason of happiness around this time apart from the excitement of the festival itself. This Diwali, plan on to go to the city of lakes in India and to witness one of the most spectacular events that has been taking place which still hasn’t batted an eye of the masses. It is the Lantern Festival of Udaipur on 15th October.


The Lantern Festival is taking place in Udaipur since the last few years and trust me, it is nothing less than magical. They “If you light a lantern for someone else, it automatically lights up your path too.” This event is organized on a huge ground where people get together to celebrate this auspicious festival in a little different, ecological and a sustainable way. We all are aware of the damage that is caused by the fireworks that are burnt across the time of Diwali, thus this is a new initiative taken up by the Udaipur Blog to convert people from burning crackers to rather light up a lantern to celebrate this festival of lights. This way it suffices the ultimate funda of this festival and also keeps the world a great place to live. Below are a few reasons that you must visit the Lantern Festival this year.

1. The Lanterns itself:


About thousands of lanterns floating up in the open sky make it a sight that is not at all worth missing. It gets so magical and unreal that you start to think if you’re in a dream or the real world.

2. A few fun filled games:


After the fest is commenced, there will be a lot games taking place around the fest to keep you entertained all the time so that the graph of your level of enjoyment only keeps on rising.

3. Mouth watering food:

If you’re a foodie like I am, you might already be worried about “what if I get hungry while all of this?” Don’t worry about that as they have a lot of tasty and unique food stalls lined up for people to go there and hog on as they start to get hungry.

4. A musical session by DJ Kavish and a fusion music event by the band Swaraag:


Both of these artists are from Rajasthan itself. DJ Kavish is known for his amazing self composed music mixes that will make you groove up on whereas, Swaraag is a fusion Folk-rock and Sufi band that is amazing in what they do, too.

5. Who wants to miss out the magical voice of Papon, Right?


Yes, you heard it right, this year the beloved and admired singer that is renowned for his heart touching soulful voice, Papon is coming in at the Lantern Festival to perform live! Don’t miss it!!

Flamingo Travels wishes you a happy holiday season and advises you to visit the Lantern Festival 2017 in Udaipur. Happy Holidays !!!

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