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La Sagrada Familia In Barcelona : A Journey Through Gaudi’s Imagination

By Vyoma Dandwala on Apr 12, 2023
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Spain Tourism showcases an architectural wonder that is tricky to explain in words – La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is the most glittering gem of the city’s skyline. This classic masterpiece designed by the renowned Antoni Gaudi continues to fascinate people all over the world. One of the must-see tourist sites in Spain is the Basilica of Sagrada Familia, which is standing tall with its intricately carved façade and lovely spires.

To assist you in making the most out of your visit to this architectural charm with our Spain tour packages, I am presenting a quick guide with all the required info to know everything about the basilica. From the right time to visit it to all about its fascinating history, you will find it all here.

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History of La Sagrada Familia

The history of La Sagrada Familia is quite an interesting one. In 1877, St. Joseph worshippers decided to build a temple in his honor – this led to the construction of La Sagrada Familia. Initially, the project was designed in gothic style by another architect, then in 1884, renowned architect Antoni Gaudi was in charge of the project. He changed the original plans of a neo-Gothic church which changed the city skyline forever.

La Sagrada Familia Barcelona History

Gaudi was working on the project, but in 1926 he died unexpectedly. Only 15 to 25 % of the work was over by then. Gaudi’s assistant took over the project when he passed away. Gaudi created all detailed plans, which were useful in the coming years. You would be surprised to know that the construction is still incomplete and is a work in progress. Interestingly it is assumed that it will be completed with Antoni Gaudi’s death anniversary in 2026. It is not only one of the most famous churches in Spain but also one of the most popular places to visit in Europe.

How to Reach La Sagrada Familia

By Train

The closest metro station to this church is the Sagrada Familia Station. Take the L2 (purple) line from Paral Lel and alight at the Sagrada Familia Station. Alternatively, you can also take the metro from Barecelona-Sants – opt for the L5 – blue line to reach Sagrada Familia Station.

By Road

From Plaza Catalunya – proceed towards Gran Via de Les Corts Catalanes to reach La Sagrada Familia. The duration of the drive is around ten minutes.

Best Time to Visit La Sagrada Familia

The opening hours of La Sagrada Familia are from 0900 to 2000 hours on all weekdays except Sundays. On Sundays, the opening hours are 1030 to 2000 hours. Do note that morning hours from 0900 to 1100 hours; are comparatively free than the rest of the day. The best time to visit La Sagrada Familia is during the sunset hours – especially from 1700 to 1800 hours to capture beautiful pictures of interiors and exteriors as well.

Most tourist attractions in the city are closed on Mondays, thus, people assume that this church would be closed too, but it is not – thus, Monday is the best bet to visit Sagrada Familia.

Places to visit near La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is one of the famous tourist sites attracting more than a million tourists each year, but this church isn’t the only thing worth exploring, there are many more attractions near Sagrada Familia for you to explore.

La Sagrada Familia Barcelona

  • Park Güell

Antoni Gaudi designed Public Park on a hill overlooking the city. The park features colorful sculptures and mosaics.

  • Sant Pau

One of the modernist architectural structures In Europe – Sant Pau is a hospital built on an incredible idea to aid in healing ill people with its beauty.

  • La Rambla

One of Barcelona’s most well-known streets is La Rambla. It’s a bustling street lined with street performers, restaurants, retail stores, and cafes.

  • Passeig de Gràcia

Stroll through this neighborhood of Gracia – check out the other Gaudi masterpieces – Casa Batlló and La Pedrera. It is one of the busiest streets in the city, with trendy shops and fashionable cafes.

Tips before visiting La Sagrada Familia

  • Purchase tickets for La Sagrada Familia online well in advance. It is because they have fixed entry times, and the quantity of tickets is limited.
  • Opt for guided tours – as they cover every detail of this site.
  • Remember, this structure is a church, and thus you will have to dress modestly, without any revealing clothes.
  • Do carry your camera for some insta-worthy pics for your reels.
  • It is best to wear comfortable footwear and attire, as you will have to do a lot of walking here.
  • There are some rules and regulations at La Sagrada Familia. Respect and follow these rules to maintain the essence and sanctity of this renowned landmark.


Summing up, visiting La Sagrada Familia will be an unforgettable experience. Once the construction of the Basilica is complete, the structure will be the tallest place of worship on the continent. With its rich history, marvelous architecture, and stunning views, visiting this site is a must. Do include it in your spain tour packages offered by Flamingo Transworld.

FAQs regarding la Sagrada Familia

Why is La Sagrada Familia so famous?

La Sagrada Familia is renowned as an architectural masterpiece thanks to its iconic architecture, intricate detailing, extensive dimension, and symbolism. One of Antoni Gaudi’s most well-known creations, it is a true gem glittering on the city skyline.

What is the dress code for Sagrada Familia?

La Sagrada Familia is a church thus, you must respect and adhere to the rules and regulations in this location.

Do not wear hats

  • You cannot enter the site barefoot.
  • Dress modestly – do not wear revealing clothes.

How much does the La Sagrada Familia ticket cost?

The individual ticket cost for La Sagrada Familia is around 27 Euros per person. Children under eleven years and disabled people can enter free of charge.

How long can you stay inside Sagrada Familia?

At least two to three hours will be required to explore La Sagrada Familia. There are many areas with intriguing details inside the basilica.

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