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Take A Romantic Stroll At Four Of These Beaches On Your Honeymoon

By Mangalika Shukla on Nov 4, 2017
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In the haste to make sure that all the preparations for the wedding are done well, you might have missed out on the true essence of a marriage. More important than any pompous celebration is the bond between the two individuals who are all set to pledge to spend the rest of their lives together.


Once the wedding is over and done with, it is time to enjoy each other’s company. What better way to do so than take a stroll on a romantic beach hand in hand. This is why we have shortlisted four of the most romantic beaches for you which you definitely must include in your honeymoon package.

1. Matira beach, Bora Bora

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As this beach is situated on the Bora Bora island, it is bound to be good. This is because the entire island is especially well known for its tropical beauty. To top it all, the Matira beach is the best among them. It is located at the south end of this beautiful island. The beach opens up to the Pacific Ocean, which offers endless water to please our eyes. Taking a swim here is the most relaxing thing you would have done in a long time. The Matira beach is also popularly known as the centre of the romantic universe.

2. EI NIDO, Philippines

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This beach is situated in Bacuit Bay, EI Nido, the northernmost tip of mainland Palawan. This beach is ranked fourth in the list of the most Beautiful Beaches in the World. This beach is blessed with its crystal clear water and beautiful white sand beaches. It is also famous for its water sports such as diving, snorkeling and kayaking. Its pristine waters offer beautiful coral reef. Other attractions of El Nido are its lagoons, coves and caves, springs and waterfalls. Apart from this, the Bacuit Bay consists of limestone islands which are like a cherry on the cake for EI Nido.

3. Sunset beach, Hawaii

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Hawaii… The name itself depicts the land of beautiful beaches. Sunset beach is located on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. It is considered to be a surfing Mecca and it is also one of the three surf breaks where the famed Triple Crown Surfing Contest is held, which is a part of world cup surfing. This is because during the winter time this beach experience big waves due to the trade winds and in summer the waters will be dead still just like a lake. It also has extensive coral formation. This is a fantastic spot for simple relaxation, beach combing and even snorkeling. The beauty of this place is hidden in its own name…yes sunset beach is famed for its breathtaking views during sunset and is also a place for best sunset in Hawaii.

4. Treasure beach, Jamaica

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Frenchman Bay, Billy Bay, Calabash Bay and Great Pedro Bay come under the Treasure beach situated in Jamaica. This place is an offbeat place from hustle and bustle of tourist towns. This place is famous for its four sandy beaches, coves and rocky shorelines. One can do swimming, body-surfing and even snorkeling. If you are planning to visit this place, you shouldn’t miss The Treasure Beach Triathlon held each year and one can swim, bike and hike through the scenic communities around Treasure Beach. This place is best suited for couples who want to explore the day to day life of the locals and share the bond with each other having local food and a walk to cafe which is most suitable for a romantic break for couples.

Flamingo Transworld wishes you all the happiness and luck for new beginnings. Book your honeymoon tour package soon!

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