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Europe Nightlife – All in One Guide for Party Lovers

By Vishal Pandey on Sep 28, 2017
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If you love partying then Europe is “the” destination for you to go partying at all the places which do proper justice to this word.


While there are a lot of places to go partying if you consider yourself to be a party animal, there are certain places which are just the best to not miss out on. Beautiful Europe is one such destination where people love to enjoy and party, therefore there are some stand out nightlife attractions you need to hit right away if you are planning your trip to Europe with our Europe Holiday Tour packages , which are as follows :

1. Ibiza, Spain


Ibiza in Spain is considered to be as the party capital of the world and has attracted many famous personalities from round the world. If you want to stay in the best of hotel in Europe then you need to be at Ibiza and then watch the sunset from the restaurant terrace which just looks serene and then go crazy partying. Legendary clubs like Space and Pacha are the clubs wherein the party continues even till early morning. You just cannot get enough of this place. There are experimental events as well which take place here like the Zoo Project wherein you party inside an abandoned zoo.

2. Prague, Czech Republic


Prague which is called as City of Hundred Spires offers a well rounded and affordable night life which is indeed one of the best nights that you can ever experience in your life. The Karlovy Lazne Club hosts five stories, each being different in theme and purpose and making it as the largest club in the region. This indeed the best place to party for college students and backpackers.

3. Reykjavic, Iceland


Reykjavic is a capital city with a small town vibe and that is one of the primary reasons why nightlife here is all about bar crawl. Parties here start late and even end late. You can always join a local and stumble from one venue to the other venue, grabbing a beverage and enjoying the music. Vegamot is a hip- bar in the city and always attracts a number of dj’s who come up to make the place interesting and happening.

4. Mykonos, Greece


Mykonos in Greece is a sunny little island with an extra-ordinary extravagant night-life. This place is regarded as one of the less famous place in Europe and is one of the best places to have a round-o-clock good time with Mediterranean venues to welcome people who come to this place. You can spend your days partying at a number of beach clubs and later when the sun settles down you can head down to Mykonos clubs all night.

5. Stockholm, Sweden

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Sweden is home to some of the best world-famous dj’s like Avicii and Steve Angelo and that is one of the reason why Stockholm holds the name for the best party places in the world. The vibrant nightlife here is the most exquisite kind of nightlife you might ever experience somewhere and the party stops by 3 am usually; the people here party right till the end with the same level of energy. There are a couple of budget friendly activities for you to indulge yourself in.

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